The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: This Wave in the Atmosphere

Sato Kin's failure was not surprising to Mikami Akira.

"Old man, in today's world, it's impossible to succeed just based on past relationships."

As the heir to Japan's top financial conglomerate, he had the right to boss around Sato Kin and make sarcastic remarks.

"Young people like Uesugi Kiyoshi, what connections do they have? What influence? He depends on one thing, money! M-O-N-E-Y!"

"Well, this time it's your turn to go!" Sato Kin said in a disgruntled manner.

"Of course, I'll shoulder the responsibility, but I can't fund it alone!"

Mikami Akira had his sights set on the Minister of Industry in Japan's government, having dealt with them before, so he was confident.

The Strange Industry is still an industry, and if the Minister of Industry is willing to help, then things will go smoothly.

Because of their previous successful cooperation, he met the minister smoothly and talked about his request.

"You're putting me in a difficult position!" The minister looked troubled after hearing his request. "Mr. Uesugi is a patriotic industrialist. Taking restrictive measures rashly will cause public outcry!"

Mikami Akira had anticipated this. Seeing that the meeting room door was tightly locked, he dipped his finger in tea and wrote a number on the desk.

"I can be patriotic too!"

The minister glanced at the number and shook his head.

"But he is even more patriotic than you!"

"How about this then?" Mikami Akira clenched his teeth, added all the parts he had prepared to hold back, and also supplemented a lot more.

"...Your patriotism now is not even half as high as Mr. Uesugi's!"

Disappointed, the minister stood up, walked to the door, then turned back.

"By the way, in my department, all the civil servants know that Mr. Uesugi is a patriot, so now Mr. Uesugi should also know that you want to be patriotic, so take care of yourself."

Mikami Akira left with a heavy heart and sneaked back to the secret room of the Yumura family.

"Where did he get so much money from?"

Yumura Hideyoshi snorted coldly and asked, "If he didn't have so much money, why did you come here?"

"That's true..."

"So what should we do now?"

"I have an idea." Yumura Hideyoshi pushed himself up from his seat and looked around, "Have you heard of Yamauchi Yokohama?"

Everyone nodded.

The youngest prosecutor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Special Search Department, known for his integrity, has given everyone here a hard time.

"Uesugi Kiyoshi openly gave money to government officials, there is clear evidence, as long as the evidence is presented to him, he will definitely not ignore it!"

The Special Investigation Department can even investigate the Prime Minister, so why bother about Uesugi Kiyoshi?

Yumura Hideyoshi showed great sincerity, personally visited three times, and finally caught up with Yamauchi Yokohama outside his office.

"What a rare visitor!" Yamauchi Yokohama said sarcastically, "Mr. Yumura came here in person, I wonder what his purpose is, is he here to confess his crimes?"

"Yamauchi Yokohama made a joke, I am just a respectable businessman."

"A businessman? Ha, it's rare to see a businessman like you who disregards the country's laws!"

Yamauchi Yokohama showed no mercy, pointing to the Autumn Frost and Summer Sun badge on his chest, speaking sternly.

"As a prosecutor, my heart is like the cold frost of autumn and the scorching sun of summer, I only support the weak and punish the strong, I won't show favoritism for personal gain, trying to plead or bribe is just wishful thinking!"

"You misunderstand!" Seeing the other party's attitude, Yumura Hideyoshi felt relieved, "I came here this time to seek justice and help the weak!"

He carefully delivered the materials he collected.

Yamauchi Yoko was about to take it, but when he saw the name on the file folder, he quickly withdrew his hand as if shocked.

"I have a few more cases to work on first before I can..."

As he spoke and tried to leave, he was forced to stop shortly after walking a few steps, unexpectedly being embraced by Yumura Hideyoshi.

"Mr. Yumura, please let go!"

"Prosecutor Yamauchi, what are you doing? Weren't you supposed to help the weak?"

"But, but he's too powerful..."

After Yumura Hideyoshi returned in defeat, everyone gathered again in the secret room with pale faces.

"Is there really no way to punish him?" asked Sato Kin angrily, clenching his fists.

Everyone knows the answer without needing to say it.

After gathering information from different sources, they discovered that as the richest man in Japan, Uesugi Kiyoshi made thirty percent of his profits by paying salaries to relatives of Japanese government officials.

Can they still win this fight?

After an awkward silence, Yumura Hideyoshi stood up slowly with a determined look in his eyes.

"With a three-foot sword in our hands, we are ready to cleanse the world of evil!"

Upon hearing his words, everyone was shocked and stood up from their seats.

"Mr. Yumura, what are you..."

"No way, this is unacceptable!"

"Oh, I just remembered I have some business to attend to at home, you all carry on without me!"

"My mom just gave birth to a baby brother, I want to go back and take care of him, goodbye!"


The crowd quickly scattered, leaving only Yumura Hideyoshi sitting alone in the dark.

"Shiraishi!" he called out to his new secretary, "Is it getting light outside?"

"We still have half an hour to go, sir."

"Has it been a month already?"

"Once it gets light, it will be a month, sir."

"That's good." Yumura Hideyoshi sighed, leaned back in his chair, closed his eyes, "I will be here waiting for your good news."

He ended up waiting for two days.


"Why hasn't Head Balloon arrived yet?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi was very worried because his delivery business only made huge profits during disasters, and was barely breaking even with Yumura's transportation during normal times.

As the month passed by, everyone was eagerly waiting, hoping for progress, but Head Balloon still hadn't arrived.

Upon reflection, it had only been three months since the operation began, it was just one cycle. It was unreasonable to expect them to act according to his assumptions.

Perhaps the second return wouldn't be after a month, but after two months, four months, or maybe never?

Thinking about this made him even more anxious.

"President~~, President~~"

Uesugi Kiyoshi shivered as he watched the office door being pushed open, and to his surprise, it was Hiroshi Noda who entered.

"Can't we talk nicely... What's going on?"

Leaning against the door frame, Hiroshi Noda took a while to catch his breath before saying, "We... we've found the Head Balloon!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi was overjoyed and looked out of the window. It was a beautiful day with clear skies and no clouds for miles.

"Where is it? Why didn't I see it?"

"In the stratosphere..." Hiroshi Noda said with a strange expression, "It was discovered by our colleagues in the astronomy department. They, they seem unwilling to come down..."

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