The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Art Must Serve the People

Headless Sculpture is indeed a great treasure.

Their strength and intelligence are not inferior to adults, and they are agile, hardworking, and don't need food, clothing, insurance, or retirement funds. They can be used in mining, service, construction, and even the adult entertainment industry...

Uesugi Kiyoshi and the delegation made up of plaster statues discussed repeatedly and finally determined the compensation: one out of every hundred of them would be randomly selected to be hanged each year on average.

"So, even the unluckiest among you would only need a hundred years to end your labor and achieve fulfillment!" he announced to the statues.

"Hooray!" the plaster statues cheered loudly.

After reaching an agreement, Uesugi Kiyoshi shifted his attention to the elderly man beside him.

"Teacher Wangbu, are you okay?"

"Not at all!" Teacher Wangbu pulled at his hair forcefully, in extreme pain, "My art, my lifelong pursuit, it's all over!"

"Teacher Wangbu, you're wrong! Very wrong!"

"Huh?" Teacher Wangbu looked up in astonishment, gazing at Uesugi Kiyoshi's serious expression.

"David's statue is art, 'Titanic' is also art, 'The Scream' is art, so isn't 'My Eternal Heart' art as well?"

"Art is not just about being displayed in galleries for the wealthy and powerful to appreciate. Art that comes from the people, to the people, serving the general public, is also art! Therefore, I believe that your art and career are not ending, but just beginning!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi continued to passionately persuade, speaking eloquently.

"Imagine if your statue could enter every household, do the laundry, cooking, make the bed, clean the house, and at the return of the owner, say 'thank you for your hard work,' stand by your side quietly when you can't sleep at night..."

Imagining this scene, both of them shivered at the same time.

"Perhaps it's better not to..." Teacher Wangbu chuckled awkwardly.

Uesugi Kiyoshi cleared his throat and continued. Of course, it may be too early for household use now, but at least we can enter the production line, helping humanity to escape the pressure of heavy work!

"It's said that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is about artificial intelligence and clean energy. And your work is both intelligent and clean. It seems that you will be the leader of this revolution, just like Watt, leaving a mark in history for eternity!"

All of Teacher Wangbu's worries disappeared, and his head involuntarily nodded along, immersed in Uesugi Kiyoshi's words.

"So, should I continue practicing my art?"

"It's only natural!" Uesugi Kiyoshi firmly grasped his hand. "I wonder if my company is fortunate enough to hire such a great artist like you? A monthly salary of one million yen, plus bonuses per piece."

Teacher Wangbu nodded dizzily, but soon looked troubled again, "But I can only make one, at most two sculptures per week?"

"Well, there are ways."

Uesugi Kiyoshi was not satisfied with the small workshop and a few hundred sculptures were not worth the effort.

He called for Hiroshi Noda.

"Arrange for some experts to come here and follow Teacher Wangbu to understand the reason behind the Headless Sculpture activity."

Hiroshi Noda hesitated and said, "I am a physics professor. Shouldn't we invite experts in biology?"

"I don't need you to understand the principles. I just want to know if the strange events are due to the location or the skills of the individuals. If it's the former, can we replace handmade production with industrial production? If it's the latter, we need to break down Teacher Wangbu's steps and figure out which step can be introduced to the production line."

Hiroshi Noda wrote quickly while looking at Uesugi Kiyoshi admiringly.

"You truly are a visionary president, with deep thoughts, innovation, and building on past successes..."

"Okay, that's enough."

Uesugi Kiyoshi sent Hiroshi Noda away and then turned to take Nakasone Kazuko's hand.

"It's getting late, we should go back now."

But Nakasone Kazuko didn't move, she just looked at him with pursed lips.

"What's wrong, Kazuko?"

"It's Watanabe Goro!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi looked at the only sculpture in the group wearing clothes, it had a lively air about it, looking very excited as it chatted with its companions about the future.

"It's the one on the ground!" Nakasone Kazuko pointed at the abandoned head of Watanabe Goro in the corner, "Are we just going to leave like this, without a care? He looks so pitiful!"

"Oh, I forgot..."

"You forgot?"

"I forgot to tell you." Uesugi Kiyoshi remained calm, "Actually, I was prepared long ago, Watanabe Goro!"

The plaster statue ran over, pointing to the new number on its body and said. "Mr. Uesugi, please call me Number 233 from now on. I'm not really Watanabe Goro."

"Okay, Watanabe Goro," Uesugi Kiyoshi nodded. Now pick up your head and follow me.


A new barbecue restaurant recently opened in Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo.

Although it's in a remote location, the environment is messy, with tea-yellow oil stains on the tables and pillars, and smoke swirling around. However, it quickly became famous, attracting numerous gourmets.

Because the food is just too delicious!

Among the pink muscles are tiny pieces of milky white fat. From the kitchen to the table, the meat is juicy and sizzling on the charcoal fire. The aroma of fat, woody fragrance, sweet fruit scent, and various indescribable fragrances blend together, refreshing.

Putting the meat in the mouth, gently chewing, letting it melt on the tongue, the fat bursting in the mouth, the tender and smooth texture lingering between the lips and teeth. From their mouths to their stomachs, diners are filled with happiness.

How could such delicious food not attract people from far and wide?

Even when the Head Balloon attacked again, the customers in the shop were briefly flustered but then lowered their heads and continued grilling the meat on their tables.

"Boss, give me another serving of meat!"

"And me too, boss!"

The chubby boss responded expressionlessly, then limped towards the kitchen.

Just then, the door of the barbecue shop was rudely pushed open, and a large group of people rushed in. Among them were well-dressed scholars, elegant young ladies, and even two police officers in uniforms with bizarre expressions.

As they entered the barbecue shop, the scent that filled the air made everyone involuntarily take a deep breath, but then they suddenly turned pale and started vomiting.

The customers in the shop were very displeased.

"This is too disgusting of you!"

"We were still eating barbecue!"

"The worst is yet to come!" After clearing the contents of his stomach, Uesugi Kiyoshi took a deep breath and said to his boss, who was staring at him intently, "Mr. Watanabe, right? You're in trouble!"

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