The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Forgive Me for Living Wild and Free

In reality or in cartoons, the Head Balloon only targets its original owner.

As for other exposed targets, even if their heads are offered up, they can't be bothered to swing their steel cables.

But why did it attack the remote control car this time?

Uesugi Kiyoshi suddenly had a bright idea.

"Is there something in the car?"

Hiroshi Noda glanced at Uesugi Kiyoshi, looking somewhat surprised, but didn't reply. Instead, he continued his own experiment.

When the researchers turned on the lights in the experimental area and disabled the one-way transparency of the glass wall, the Head Balloon immediately turned towards Shimizu again.

When she disappeared again, Head Balloon kept hitting the glass wall and ignored the small car.

Hiroshi Noda turned to Uesugi Kiyoshi provocatively and asked. What do you think, Mr. Uesugi?

"The remote-controlled car is big enough to fit Miss Shimizu, so as long as we can disrupt Head Balloon's recognition ability, we can make it mistake the object under the black cloth for Miss Shimizu. Of course, both cannot appear at the same time, after all, balloons also have some logic and judgment ability."

Uesugi Kiyoshi thought carefully and then looked at Kenichi Koike, "So, how does Head Balloon recognize its original owner? And how do you interfere with it?"

"I can't say..."

Kenichi Koike stopped Hiroshi Noda with a sharp look and smiled at Uesugi Kiyoshi, "Please wait a moment, the experiment is still ongoing."

This time, a curtain slowly opened on the dome, covering the sky, and then the previous experiment was repeated.

Head Balloon seemed not to have learned any lessons, continuing its previous actions. However, when the one-way perspective function of the glass wall was turned off, it didn't immediately turn its head like before.

In fact, if Miss Shimizu had not knocked on the glass, Head Balloon, which was completely focused on its battle with the black cloth, would not have noticed her presence.

"Can balloons share information with each other?"

Hiroshi Noda's disappointed expression told Uesugi Kiyoshi that his guess was correct.

"Indeed!" Kenichi Koike respectfully replied. Head Balloons can sense people's positions through vision, hearing, and smell, and can share information with each other, so simply fleeing is useless unless you never show up again.

He took an open-necked glass bottle from the returning car and shook it, making a splashing sound.

"This should be Noda's only achievement so far, it can deceive balloons and influence their judgment."

"What a remarkable invention!" Uesugi Kiyoshi exclaimed.

Such a thing couldn't be accomplished by him alone, experts with proper training really have skills.

"Mr. Uesugi, please advise on how this invention can be applied?" Kenichi Koike asked promptly.

Hiroshi Noda also looked eager.

The reason for inviting him is to get some ideas from him?

Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't mind, he lowered his head and thought carefully for a moment.

"Maybe we can use it as bait to catch balloons? For example, we can replace the car with a magnet."

He was also planning to capture both himself and Nakasone Kazuko's balloons, tie them up, after all, having something dangerous on top of your head is a bit unsettling.

"Great idea!"

Hiroshi Noda clapped his hands, looking more spirited, he looked at Kenichi Koike, but didn't see any joy on his face.

"Hey, Mr. Kenichi?"

"This doesn't have any commercial value!" Kenichi Koike sighed, with a worried look on his face, "The production line for protective suits has just been set up, it's a crucial time for making profits. Mr. Yumura definitely won't agree to introduce this service!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi had a different opinion, "We can operate it without commercializing it - as a valuable gift to friends in the political and business circles, what do you think?"

"But those people are famous, if they are found without Head Balloons, the public will get upset too!"

"Well..." Uesugi Kiyoshi frowned, then came up with an idea, "How about this, you can fake the Head Balloons using nylon, put a drone inside, and let them control it remotely, would that work?"

Kenichi Koike rubbed his chin, thinking seriously, his face slowly breaking into a smile.

"Mr. Uesugi is truly remarkable, I will report to Mr. Yumura!"

"Then please do!"

Hiroshi Noda let out a breath, with a big smile on his face. Others also relaxed visibly, the whole laboratory was filled with a joyful atmosphere, as without valuable results, they would all face being fired.

Amidst the laughter, a slightly trembling voice was heard.

"Hmm, something seems off..."

"What's wrong, Shimizu?!"

Hiroshi Noda turned impatiently and followed Shimizu's shaky finger.

It was the Head Balloon that had not been retrieved from the testing site.

At some point, the balloon stopped flapping, its gray, lifeless eyes glued to the glass wall as if still searching for its original owner.

Hiroshi Noda suddenly realized and tapped his head, apologetically saying, "Oh, right, we forgot to retrieve it! Matsumoto, Sakaki, you guys..."

Just as he was about to give orders, Shimizu grabbed his finger and urged. "Professor, quickly, open the door!"

"How could this be?" Hiroshi Noda looked worried. "According to the procedure, we should..."

He couldn't continue as the Head Balloon started pressing against the glass wall. Although it couldn't break through the barrier, it underwent deformations due to the reaction force.

The once delicate face seemed like dough in a waffle iron, circles expanding and the prominent nose flattening slowly under pressure until merging with the widening eyes.

"Quick, open the door!!"

As soon as Uesugi Kiyoshi spoke, there was a light sound and the Head Balloon burst open.

Inside the room, Shimizu's frightened face also shattered into pieces, flying in all directions. The fragments hung in various corners of the laboratory, and the headless body twitched before collapsing on the ground.

"How could this happen...?"

Hiroshi Noda touched his cheek, then looked bewildered at the red pieces in his hand. The bright red lips from earlier had now turned into wrinkled fabric strips.

"What's going on?"

"Why did the balloon suddenly explode?"

"Did you not follow the procedure correctly?"

Hiroshi Noda was momentarily dazed, not even responding to Kenichi Koike's rapid questioning. It was Uesugi Kiyoshi who spoke up, "It seems like the balloon committed suicide!"

"Suicide? By a balloon? How is that possible?!!"

Whether Kenichi Koike believed it or not, Uesugi Kiyoshi did. He just saw it with his own eyes!

But why?

For freedom?

As he pondered, he looked around with his eyes. Everyone looked confused, except for the old man who was hired.

Besides confusion, he felt more fear.

"Old man, you..."

Uesugi Kiyoshi started to ask, but then closed his mouth because the old man's head also shattered.

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