The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: It's Good to Rest in the Shade of a Big Tree

After two days of advertising bombardment, the next step was a physical tour.

Two hundred muscular men in sleeveless shirts were operating protective walking machines, divided into ten teams, slowly moving along various roads in Tokyo, showcasing their functions from morning till night in real time.

Sales are also happening at the same time.

The Protective Walking Machine, which costs around thirty thousand yen to produce, is still priced at one million yen by Uesugi Kiyoshi. Nevertheless, outside the factory, it is already crowded with purchasers and wealthy officials waving banknotes.

The total sum of orders with advance payments alone has reached a staggering one hundred billion yen, just in Tokyo alone.

The power of advertising is so powerful!

Just as he was getting overwhelmed with the amount of money he was collecting, Yumura Hideyoshi's secretary Kenichi Koike personally visited and invited Uesugi Kiyoshi to have lunch with Yumura Hideyoshi, at the Yumura Society headquarters building.

Cameras installed outside the company building transmit clear street images to screens inside the restaurant.

In the bustling crowd, during the first batch of Protective Walking Machines shuttle, the operators stood proudly among them, looking around, with people around casting admiring glances.

Seeing this scene, Yumura Hideyoshi nodded slightly towards Uesugi Kiyoshi, emitting a word of praise.

"It truly is an amazing invention - and not even under protective gear!"

"You're too kind!" Uesugi Kiyoshi wiped his mouth and smiled back.

Once having a complete monopoly, now faced with competitors offering higher-end products, Yumura Hideyoshi could relate to the feeling.

It's like your wife suddenly saying to you that the neighbor, Mr. Wang, is much better at something than you, despite her reassurance that she still loves you.

"Mr. Uesugi, I want the patent for the protective walking machine!" Yumura Hideyoshi got straight to the point, "But considering our close partnership before, the price can be set by you!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi casually raised his glass and took a sip, "Let's make it five hundred billion yen then."

"Wow, you sure know how to ask for a lot." Yumura Hideyoshi's smile turned cold instantly.

"You know my word is final!" Uesugi Kiyoshi looked innocent, "And I must mention upfront, this five hundred billion yen only covers seventy percent of the profits from the protective walking machine patent."

"What about the remaining thirty percent?"

"I've promised to donate that portion as a gift to the Aisha family – yes, the prestigious Aisha family in Tokyo!"

When Yumura Hideyoshi accidentally spilled his soup, Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly ate a dessert to hide his smile.

Aisha family is a powerful political family in Japan. The current head, Aisha Ichiro, is a famous politician whose actions can influence Japanese politics.

Despite this, receiving thirty percent of the profits from the Protective Walking Machine patent made them extremely happy, welcoming Uesugi Kiyoshi warmly. Aisha Ichiro even pushed through his illness to have a long conversation with him.

With this relationship and their reputation, even Yumura Co., Ltd. couldn't easily boss them around.

Yumura Hideyoshi looked pale and strained, unable to speak a threat.

Finally, he closed his eyes, breathed heavily, and weakly said. It's a pity. Why insist on seventy percent when ten percent is enough…

"Would you consider settling for seventy percent?"

"Of course, of course!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi's prediction about Yumura Hideyoshi's response was spot on.

After all, buying the patent for the protective walking machine for 500 billion yen, even if only seventy percent, would still be a great deal. The company CEOs willing to make this deal could queue from Tokyo Bay to Osaka.

Uesugi Kiyoshi was enamored with the Yumura Society.

Yumura Hideyoshi, however, showed a conflicted expression, his hands involuntarily fidgeting, until Uesugi Kiyoshi began to doubt his own judgment and asked. Mr. Uesugi, are you interested in real estate and cars?

Is it time to discuss this now?

Uesugi Kiyoshi was about to evade the question when suddenly a light bulb went off in his head.

Could this old man be… wanting to keep the patent for himself?

The more he thought about it, the more he believed it was possible.

Although he was the president, Yumura Hideyoshi only owned less than ten percent of the company's shares. Rather than acquiring it in the company's name, it would be better to buy it himself and then license it to the company.

This way can make a lot more profit compared to buying in the name of the company!

Yumura Society easily came up with ¥500 billion, but he himself was struggling. Unable to cash in on bonds, stocks, and funds at once, he had to focus on real estate and vehicles.

Since he understood the other party's intentions, Uesugi Kiyoshi naturally wouldn't refuse.

"With my current status, it's also time to acquire some assets, but given the current situation, you know prices need to be re-evaluated!"

He snapped his fingers, and the man in a suit and glasses who had been silently standing behind him stepped forward.

"I am Mr. Uesugi's lawyer, regarding the assessment of assets…"

This meal lasted for a full three hours, and both parties finally reached a trade agreement at the dining table.

As he signed his name, Yumura Hideyoshi also regained his friendly smile—at least on the surface.

"Based solely on these two invaluable patents, I can say, Uesugi, you are the new century's Nikola Tesla, Japan’s Edison!"

Yumura Hideyoshi brought a bunch of rewards without asking for money, and also complained about his own people.

"Think about all my experts, professors, and doctors, they are all useless, incompetent people, stealing their salaries! Until now, they haven't achieved anything useful, not even one thing!"


Uesugi Kiyoshi calculated the time, it had been twenty days since the beginning, and having no results in twenty days seemed a bit exaggerated.

"Are there any achievements from other places, such as government research institutions, or foreign research forces?" he asked again.

After thinking for a while, Yumura Hideyoshi shook his head and said. No, but if Noda wants to use this as an excuse, I won't agree!

Uesugi Kiyoshi couldn't figure it out after thinking for a long time, but in the end, couldn't hold back his curiosity and asked. Mr. Yumura, I would like to visit your company's research institute, is that possible?

"Of course, it's convenient!"

After a slight hesitation, Yumura Hideyoshi agreed. He gestured and whispered a few words in Kenichi Koike's ear, then smiled at Uesugi Kiyoshi, "Since I'm going to meet the Minister of Education, unable to go in person, Koike will accompany you this time, is that okay?"

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