The Divine Elements

Hello Everyone,

I thought of just adding this message to my normal chapter post, but decided to make a separate one just to underline how much this means to me....

Hello Everyone,

To be honest, I really didn't want to make a post about this but decided that I had to for the sake of the readers on GT....

Hiya Everyone!

Lots of stuff happening within gravitytales right now and hopefully the storm will slowly pass away. It doesn't affect TDE as of the moment, so rest easy :)

I just finished my first midterm half an hour ago and I'll probably go to sleep in a bit (pulled an all nighter so extremely exhausted lol). 


Hiya Everyone!

I decided to add a lightning bolt symbol to TDE posts from now on, and I think it looks a lot cooler now :P

Another news is that I have finally commissioned the art for the third book and it should be finished around next week \(^^)/


Hiya Everyone!

I always hate making these types of posts but I hate to :(      

My midterms are starting next week so I need to start studying for them and not be distracted. For that reason, I will be decreasing the 3 weekly chapters to 2 weekly temporarily. The chapters will be posted on Mondays and Thursdays. 

Don't worry, this week's Friday release will on schedule but starting next week, the chapters will be decreased to 2 for a few weeks.

On the bright side, 7 of the 10 exclusive spots on the special Patreon tier have been taken and now only three are left lol. I will be writing a lot this week so I am not distracted for my midterms next week, so expect a bunch of extra chapters for that special tier

So if you want join this exclusive tier, go ahead on TDE's Patreon and make your pledge now and get access to the next SEVEN chapters instantly!

Also, if our official website reaches 200 subscribers, I will release an extra chapter! Don't forget to vote for us here

Anyways, here is the chapter:

The Divine Elements Chapter 135!


Hiya Everyone!...