The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 698

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Chapter 698: The Three Deputy Palace Masters!

Su Yi followed the sound and looked towards the side of the hall, where three figures emerged slowly.

As the first person approached, his figure appeared elderly, with a slightly unsteady gait. However, what made him particularly unique was his round, plump body. Despite his short stature, his form almost resembled a ball.

Looking at such an old man, Su Yi couldn't help but think of Fatty Wang. This was definitely the elderly version of Fatty Wang.

There were two more individuals, both of them elderly. One was dressed in a long dark red robe, while the other wore a long gray coat. They appeared slightly younger than the first elderly man.

Just as Su Yi felt the indiscernible aura emanating from the three elderly men, his expression immediately turned solemn.

The aura emanating from these three individuals faintly shimmered, causing a slight blockage in his inner energy and a subtle tremble in his mind and soul.


Especially the first elderly man, Su Yi couldn't help but marvel secretly.

This elderly man was absolutely formidable, perhaps even surpassing the strength of Xi Wuqing.

And on the plain robe of the first elderly man, a nearly identical emblem was hanging on his chest. It too had four corners and emitted a pure golden glow, shining brilliantly.

This level of radiance was even more dazzling than the emblem on Xi Wuqing's body.

However, inside the emblem, there were only six weak arcs of electricity, with the sixth one barely visible, glowing very dimly.

The emblem on the red-robed elderly man's body also had four corners and a silvery-white color. Inside the emblem, five lightning patterns shone brightly.

The emblem of the elderly man in a gray robe, on the other hand, had an antique bronze color, with four corners. Inside the emblem, the same five lightning rays shone brilliantly.

"I have seen the three Deputy Palace Masters," replied the young man politely.

As these three elderly men stepped forward, guiding Su Yi, Xi Wuqing, and the Green Emperor, the middle-aged man immediately bowed respectfully.

"Guan Lan, Yan Lu, Yun Ding, it is so good to see all three of you safe and sound!"

Seeing the arrival of the three elderly men, Elder Suyun of the Qingyun Sect couldn't help but smile, nodding and bowing respectfully with great reverence.

"Nice to meet you, Guan Lan, Yan Lu, and Palace Master Yun Ding," Bai Mingshan immediately bowed, his expression slightly embarrassed.

"Guan Lan, Yan Lu, and Palace Master Yun Ding, please accept my respects," Jian Wannian also appeared somewhat embarrassed, lowering his head slightly and completely devoid of arrogance in front of these three elders.

The young disciples of the Qingyun Sect, Tianxuan Sect, and the Divine Sword School, at this moment, stood before the three elderly men and all bowed down, their gazes filled with awe and respect.

These are the three Deputy Palace Masters of Yutian Palace. What remarkable individuals they are! Their purpose in this journey is solely to pass the tests of Yutian Palace, filled with awe and longing in their hearts.

"Thank you for your courteous visit, esteemed elders. We are merely deputy palace masters here."

Among the three elderly men, the first one with a slightly unsteady figure spoke up. His voice was tinged with age and deepened, nodding to Elder Suyun as a sign. However, he paid little attention to Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian. It was evident that this elderly man was the one who had just spoken.

The other two elderly men simply nodded slightly in acknowledgment of Elder Suyun. However, their attitudes and expressions immediately became displeased towards Jian Wannian and Bai Mingshan. It seemed that the words of Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian had already reached the ears of this particularly stern Deputy Palace Master.

As soon as the words fell, the elderly man with a slightly unsteady figure immediately cast his gaze upon Xi Wuqing, Su Yi, and the Green Emperor. He lingered his gaze a little longer on the Green Emperor, with a hint of emotions flickering in his eyes. Soon after, the eyes of the three elderly men focused collectively on Xi Wuqing.

The gaze of the three elderly men swept across the emblem on Xi Wuqing's chest, causing an instant change in their expressions. Their faces all displayed a noticeable shift in color.

"I am Guan Lan, the Deputy Palace Master of Yutian Palace in the Central Region. This is Yan Lu and Yun Ding, who are also Deputy Palace Masters of the Central Region. May I know how should I address you, sir?"

The old man who led the way took a few steps forward and soon stood in front of Xi Wuqing. His steps were slightly unsteady, but his expression was extremely respectful. Compared to when facing Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian just now, his facial expression appeared much more relaxed and gentle.

The other two elderly men also followed closely behind, nodding and gesturing with a smile towards Xi Wuqing. Their attitude towards him was completely different compared to how they treated Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian, as if they were two entirely different people.

Three elderly men, the three Deputy Palace Masters of Yutian Palace, were even capable of showing displeasure towards the elders of the Divine Sword School and Tianxuan Sect. Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian dared not show any dissatisfaction, but at this moment, they were extremely courteous towards Xi Wuqing. This immediately surprised everyone in the room.

Especially Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian, each of their faces showed surprise and confusion. They couldn't understand what was happening and once again looked closely at Xi Wuqing.

Soon, Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian's gaze finally landed on the emblem on Xi Wuqing's chest. When they looked at the emblem, both Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian were even more astonished.

"Palace Masters" said respectfully, "Please forgive us for any inconvenience we may have caused."

Xi Wuqing also clasped his hands in a respectful salute to the three Palace Masters and spoke, "Today, I have brought a young person here for a simple examination along the way, nothing more."

"No worries, please wait a moment."

Deputy Palace Master Guan Lan didn't ask further questions, as Yutian Palace was not known for questioning everything. After nodding to Xi Wuqing, she slowly walked towards the grand hall.

Seeing this, the middle-aged guide nodded subtly and quietly took his leave.

Guan Lan, Deputy Palace Master Yan Lu, and Deputy Palace Master Yun Ding all walked together to the center of the grand hall. With a slightly unsteady posture, Guan Lan stood in the middle, Deputy Palace Master Yan Lu to the left, and Deputy Palace Master Yun Ding to the right, all standing side by side.

At this moment, the gazes of everyone in the grand hall fell upon the three Deputy Palace Masters.

"Is it time for the examination?"

In Su Yi's heart, he had an inexplicable feeling of nervousness. After making a promise with Xi Wuqing, he had already spoken the words confidently. If he couldn't pass the examination of Yutian Palace, it would be quite embarrassing.

"Alright, it's time to begin the testing. Everyone who is not involved, please step back. Those who need to be tested, please step forward."

This time, it was Deputy Palace Master Yun Ding who spoke. He gazed at the young people in front of him and his expression softened quite a bit.

Upon hearing this, Bai Mingshan, Jian Wannian, and Elder Suyun immediately nodded and gave some instructions to their disciples by their side. Then, they stepped back a little.

"The test is very easy. It will tell you what to do. Just relax and do your best. Some people might look down on you, but don't let that embarrass you!"

Xi Wuqing didn't transmit his voice this time. A faint voice sounded, as if it had a hidden meaning.

Su Yi glanced at Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian from Tianxuan Sect and understood the meaning behind Xi Wuqing's words.

Jian Wannian and Bai Mingshan also understood, but at this moment, it was different from before. It seemed that after seeing Xi Wuqing's emblem, they clearly became more cautious, especially with three Deputy Palace Masters present.

However, as they listened to Xi Wuqing's words, Bai Mingshan and Jian Wannian's expressions darkened considerably. They cast a covert glance at Xi Wuqing, and then their eyes caught a chilly glimpse, which swept over Su Yi's figure.