The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 259

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Chapter 259: The Golden Boy and the Jade Girl

It's important to know that Jiang Yun is now in the Law Enforcement Hall of the Grand Medicine Sect, facing experts within the sect and an elder!

While no one could determine his level of cultivation, it was likely at the Blessed Land level at most.

The fact that he could say such words surprised everyone.

Xiao Zheng was extremely scared and kept making eye contact with Jiang Yun, signaling him not to be so impulsive.

However, Jiang Yun ignored him and continued to stare intensely at the middle-aged man.

"Such audacity!"

After coming back to his senses, the middle-aged man, enraged yet amused, said, "Come on, let me see how audacious you can be!"

With those words, the man rolled up his sleeves and fiercely swung at Jiang Yun once again.


The air violently trembled and ignited, creating a substantial spirit tripod that crashed towards Jiang Yun.

In that moment, the cold glint in Jiang Yun's eyes was replaced by a strong sense of hostility!

The only one who could stop the middle-aged man's attack now was Master Hui.

But Master Hui seemed to have no intention to stop, calmly sitting there without saying a word.

Xiao Zheng's face had turned pale. In his mind, he thought Jiang Yun was just bluffing, believing that the middle-aged man wouldn't dare to act.

But now, the man had made his move, Jiang Yun would be seriously injured even if he didn't die!

He had no idea that Jiang Yun was not bluffing.

Jiang Yun could roughly assess that although the middle-aged man was at the Sky Reaching Realm, he was at most at the first level.

Even though he was not currently a match for him, with the Cold Dark-winged Bat also at the Sky Reaching Realm by his side, he should be able to handle him!

Just as the imposing spirit tripod was about to crash onto Jiang Yun, and Jiang Yun was preparing to summon the Cold Dark-winged Bat.

Outside the hall door, a cold snort suddenly rang out!

With the sound of the cold snort, the tripod that had almost reached Jiang Yun came to a sudden stop.

Soon after, everything collapsed silently and turned into nothingness.

Upon hearing the sound, Xiao Zheng's face showed excitement and he couldn't help but shout, "Master!"

At the same time, the middle-aged man's face darkened suddenly, but he did not continue to act, instead, he focused his gaze on the Law Enforcement Hall outside.

As for Jiang Yun, he naturally knew that it was Xiao Zheng's master who appeared in time and saved him.

However, he had a big doubt in his mind.

Because the cold snort just now sounded somewhat like a little girl's voice.

Just then, Jiang Yun clearly felt someone stepping into the hall behind him.

He quickly put away his doubts, respectfully bowed, and greeted the figure that had already arrived in front of him, "Seeking-Tao Sect's Jiang Yun, paying respects to the elder!"

Even if the other party did not help him just now, Jiang Yun still wanted to be polite to him.

Because the person in front is not only Xiao Zheng's master but also the key to unlocking the poison in Third Martial Brother's body.

However, just after Jiang Yun finished bowing, stood up straight, and finally saw the person in front of him, he was shocked like being struck by lightning and stood there dumbfounded.

His eyes were fixed on the other person without blinking!

At this moment, the person standing in front of him turned out to be a girl who looked only about eleven or twelve years old, very charming with rosy cheeks and white teeth.

What stunned Jiang Yun was not the appearance of the other person, but because when he saw her, he couldn't help but think of his master Gu Bulao!

Most of the time, his master maintained a youthful appearance, just like his name, seeming to be an eternal youth.

But Jiang Yun knew that his master's actual age definitely did not match his appearance.

Although the girl in front of him looked like a young girl, as Xiao Zheng's master, her real age would not be too young.

Looking at this young girl and thinking of his master, the words "golden boy and jade girl" couldn't help but pop into Jiang Yun's mind!

These two people would make a perfect pair if they stood side by side!

But just then, Jiang Yun started to have a doubt in his mind. Both of these strong people look like children despite being powerful.

Is this just a coincidence or is there another reason?

This doubt was immediately answered in Xiao Zheng's next explanation.

"Brother Jiang, this is our teacher, Mei Bugu!"

Mei Bugu, Gu Bulao!

Not only do both of them look like children, their names are also very similar. This made Jiang Yun almost certain that his teacher definitely knows this Mei Bugu!

In fact, the reason why his teacher did not come to the Grand Medicine Sect to seek a cure for Third Martial Brother, and instead sent him, may be because there is some hidden connection between him and this Mei Bugu!

Although Jiang Yun's mind quickly went through these thoughts, he did not dare to show any expression on his face, and stood there calmly.

Although Mei Bugu had just saved Jiang Yun, his face was cold as he asked, "Who is your master?"


Jiang Yun wanted to tell the truth, but he remembered his master's warning before he left the sect – not to mention that he was his master outside.

But staying silent seemed impolite, leaving Jiang Yun in a dilemma.

Mei Bugu gave a cold smile and said, "No need to say, I already know!"

After speaking, Mei Bugu ignored Jiang Yun and walked straight towards the main hall.

As she approached, Li Changlin, who had been silent, quickly bowed and greeted, "Disciple greets Sister Mei!"

The middle-aged man forced a smile and said, "Martial sister Mei, long time no see!"

However, Mei Bugu completely ignored them and passed by, causing a hint of hostility to flash in the middle-aged man's eyes.

Mei Bugu walked up to Master Hui and greeted him respectfully, saying, "Elder Hui!"

Normally with his eyes half-closed, Master Hui opened his eyes wide and smiled, saying, "Please sit!"

Just from that one word, it was clear that Master Hui really liked Mei Bugu.

The middle-aged man and Mei Bugu were clearly of the same generation, but inside the Law Enforcement Hall, only Mei Bugu could sit down while the man had to stand, showing a clear difference in treatment.

"Thank you, Elder Hui!"

After thanking Master Hui, Mei Bugu sat on the chair to his left without hesitation and then turned to Jiang Yun, saying, "I heard from Xiao Zheng about your situation. Do you want a cure for your senior brother?"

Jiang Yun was surprised that Mei Bugu was so straightforward about his purpose, but it was exactly what he had hoped to hear, so he quickly nodded and said, "Yes!"

Mei Bugu glanced at Xiao Zheng and said, "Explain it to him!"


Xiao Zheng respectfully agreed and then turned to look at Jiang Yun, saying, "Brother Jiang, if anyone comes to our Grand Medicine Sect seeking medicine, they have three options. Each option has five checkpoints, and you can choose any one!"