The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 258

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Chapter 258: Ignoring Directly

When Xiao Zheng told Jiang Yun what to do, Jiang Yun nodded and smiled, making it seem like he agreed, but he actually had his own plans.

Although he did knock out over ten disciples from the Grand Medicine Sect and even injured Guo Si, they had attacked him first, so he didn't do anything wrong.

If Li Changlin kept holding onto this matter, Jiang Yun knew he would have to step forward to protect Xiao Zheng and not let him get into trouble.

Inside the Grand Medicine Sect, there were teleportation arrays everywhere, and no disciples guarding them. Following Xiao Zheng, Jiang Yun soon arrived at the Law Enforcement Hall.

The Law Enforcement Hall, as the place where the Grand Medicine Sect enforced its rules, was grand and imposing in its construction.

At the doors of the hall stood eight disciples of the Grand Medicine Sect, wearing heavy armor like Guo Si.

They all had cold, serious expressions, radiating a powerful aura without showing anger.

When they noticed Jiang Yun, their eyes glinted with hostility.

Each of them emitted a strong presence, like a towering mountain, pressing down on Jiang Yun.

Looking at Xiao Zheng who seemed completely relaxed and unaffected by the pressure, Jiang Yun knew that the disciples from the Grand Medicine Sect were trying to intimidate him.

However, he was not ashamed of himself!

Facing the overwhelming pressure, Jiang Yun showed no signs of fear on his face.

With his body and mind quietly operating, he stood tall and walked slowly behind Xiao Zheng into the Law Enforcement Hall.

The eight disciples were all slightly surprised and looked at each other, seeing astonishment in each other's eyes.

Upon entering the hall, Jiang Yun immediately felt three divine senses focusing on him.

Jiang Yun knew that he had a seal set by his grandfather, making his cultivation level unreadable even to his master, so he remained calm.

He even raised his head and looked at the three individuals seated above the hall.

There were five seats above the hall, but currently, only the one in the center was occupied by an old lady with white hair, her eyes closed as if in a light slumber, concealing her true strength.

On the right side, there was a middle-aged man wearing a yellow robe, with a proud look on his face, looking up at the sky as if he didn't notice the arrival of Xiao Zheng and Jiang Yun.

Below him, there was a young man in his twenties glaring angrily at Jiang Yun.

If Jiang Yun had been present when the Grand Medicine Sect sent people to the Luo family, he would have recognized the elderly lady sitting in the middle as the leader - Master Hui!

Elder of the Grand Medicine Sect Law Enforcement Hall!

Xiao Zheng quickly took two steps forward and knelt down in front of the three, saying, "Disciple Xiao Zheng pays respects to Elder Hui and Uncle Yang."

Before Master Hui could react, the middle-aged man spoke first, "Xiao Zheng, who is the person following you?"

Although knowing the question was obvious, Xiao Zheng had to answer.

"In response to Uncle, he is Jiang Yun, a friend from the Seeking-Tao Sect, invited by me to visit our Grand Medicine Sect!"

"Visit?" The middle-aged man sneered, "He hasn't even entered our Grand Medicine Sect yet, but has already injured over ten of our disciples. This is not a visit, but a troublemaker!"

Although Jiang Yun had never seen these three men before, from their attitude and skills, he could easily guess that the middle-aged man must be Li Changlin's master!

As for the one who always glared at himself with a look of hostility, it was naturally Liu Hao's cousin, Li Changlin!

Xiao Zheng quickly said, "Uncle Yang, there is a misunderstanding about this!"

The middle-aged man waved his hand and said, "We'll talk about the misunderstanding later!"

"Since he is your friend, now that he has come to our Law Enforcement Hall, and seen me and Elder Hui, as a junior, he should show respect."

The middle-aged man deliberately paused for a moment, then suddenly raised his voice, saying, "Could it be that disciples from the Seeking-Tao Sect are all so disrespectful and ignorant of manners?"


Xiao Zheng didn't know how to respond to this accusation.

Luckily, Jiang Yun had already taken a step forward, standing beside him, clasping his hands together and bowing deeply to Master Hui in the middle, saying, "Disciple Jiang Yun of the Seeking-Tao Sect, pays respects to Elder Hui!"

"It's not that I don't respect my elders or lack manners. It's just that I was criticized as soon as I came in and didn't have a chance to bow. Please forgive me, Elder Hui!"

In fact, since entering the Law Enforcement Hall, Jiang Yun hasn't had a chance to speak at all.

After speaking, Jiang Yun stood up and walked to the side without even looking at the middle-aged man throughout.

Completely ignored!

Both Jiang Yun's attitude and words made the middle-aged man immediately furious.

With his status, no matter where he was, he was always treated like a star, never ignored!

The middle-aged man pointed at Jiang Yun and said, "Sharp-tongued little brat!"

"Setting aside everything else, you injured a disciple of my sect. That's a fact, and you should be punished for it."

The middle-aged man bowed to Master Hui in the middle and said, "Elder Hui, please give the order to capture this person first!"

Master Hui always stayed silent, not even opening his eyes.

Only then did he softly speak, "Jiang Yun, do you have something to say?"


Jiang Yun took a step forward, bowed to Master Hui again, then explained what had happened in detail.

"I admit I bear responsibility for the death of your disciple Liu Hao, but I am not to blame for injuring another disciple of yours!"

"It was Guo Si who attacked me first and kept provoking me, so I had to defend myself!"

"If you don't believe me, you can send someone to investigate. Zhou Dongqing, a Taoist friend, and everyone present can testify for me!"

After hearing Jiang Yun's words, the middle-aged man smirked and said, "Not your fault? Are you implying that it's the fault of our Grand Medicine Sect then?"

Jiang Yun looked deeply at the middle-aged man and replied, "No, it's not Grand Medicine Sect's fault either, but rather those who cannot distinguish right from wrong and go after innocent people!"


The middle-aged man finally stood up suddenly, raised his hand and pointed, a strong wind shot out from his fingertips, heading towards Jiang Yun.

A cold light flashed in Jiang Yun's eyes.

Even though he knew the other person was a skilled expert, Jiang Yun stood still without dodging, letting the strong wind hit his body.


With a muffled sound, Jiang Yun's figure immediately became unstable, staggering backwards.

He kept retreating until he reached near the palace gate, barely stabilizing his figure, his face pale, tightly closed lips, biting down hard, swallowing a mouthful of fresh blood.

Despite his strong physical body, it was impossible to remain unharmed when directly receiving an attack from a skilled expert.

"Indeed quite skilled!"

When Jiang Yun was hit by the middle-aged man and acted as if nothing happened, the man felt a bit angry and was about to attack again with a wave of his sleeve.

But then, Jiang Yun suddenly said, "I didn't fight back after being hit just now because I wanted to make up for Liu Hao's death, the responsibility I should bear!"

"I have repaid what I owe to your sect now!"

"If anyone from your sect dares to attack me again, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

Upon hearing this, everyone in the hall, including Master Hui, was surprised. Master Hui even opened his eyes a little to look at Jiang Yun.