The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 256

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Chapter 256: Becoming Famous

Although Jiang Yun was puzzled why the Grand Medicine Sect, known for medicine, had a disciple who was a body cultivator, he wanted to tell Guo Si that his physical strength was also strong.

Having witnessed Jiang Yun effortlessly stunning more than ten cultivators in an instant, Guo Si knew better than to underestimate Jiang Yun, so he used all his strength right away.

It must be said, his speed was indeed very fast, moving next to Jiang Yun as soon as he made a move.

At this moment, Jiang Yun had a blank expression, seeming to not notice anything.


With a roar from Guo Si, his fist covered in heavy armor brought forth a black glow, smashing fiercely towards Jiang Yun's head.

Just then, a cold light flashed in Jiang Yun's eyes.

Even though Guo Si had been deliberately making things difficult for Jiang Yun all along, Jiang Yun didn't intend to embarrass him too much; at most, he planned to make him back off.

After all, there was no grudge between them, just some misunderstandings caused by Liu Hao's death.

However, Jiang Yun, who had long since locked onto Guo Si's every move with his divine sense, could clearly feel that not only was Guo Si incredibly strong.

Furthermore, the heavy armor he wore was a decent magic tool that increased his strength.

This blow was full force, and most importantly, the part Guo Si attacked was Jiang Yun's head!

Clearly, he came ready to deal a decisive blow from the start.

Without any grudge, simply due to a misunderstanding, he was willing to risk his life, which sparked a sense of aggression in Jiang Yun's heart too!

"I may not be able to kill you, but it's necessary to teach you a lesson and make you remember!"

Thinking about this, Jiang Yun didn't dodge at all, but instead suddenly raised his head and actively met Guo Si's fist, slamming back with equal force.

This scene immediately caused an exclamation among the onlookers.

In their eyes, Jiang Yun was clearly asking for trouble himself.

Even Zhou Dongqing, who was standing by, frowned slightly, thinking that Jiang Yun's actions were overly arrogant.

At the same time, he was considering whether to step in and help.

In this moment, the happiest person was undoubtedly Guo Si.

He never expected that this Jiang Yun would be so reckless, not only challenging him in strength but also using his head against his fists.

He was practically setting himself up for failure!


Finally, under the gaze of countless eyes, Jiang Yun's head and Guo Si's armored fist violently collided, making a dull thud sound!

Just hearing this sound made some people close their eyes in pity.

Then, a sharp and miserable scream suddenly resounded.

Following the scream, there were continuous gasps of shock.

Because, the one screaming in pain was not Jiang Yun, but Guo Si!

After the collision, Guo Si lay on the ground, constantly moaning in agony.

And his fist, which collided with Jiang Yun's head, along with the heavy armor on it, and even the whole arm, had been completely shattered!

At that moment, apart from Guo Si's screams, no other sound could be heard.

Everyone was staring at Jiang Yun like they were looking at a monster, gazing at his shiny bald head!

The heavy impact shattered both Guo Si's fist and armor.

However, there was not even a mark left on Jiang Yun's head.

This made them really hard to believe!

"Could it be that he's also a body cultivator and specializes in Iron Head technique?"

"When he knocked out those ten-plus cultivators earlier, his speed was too fast, I didn't see clearly, did anyone see if he used his head too?"

Amidst the discussions of the crowd, Jiang Yun did not even glance at Guo Si again but instead, he clasped his fists and greeted Zhou Dongqing, who also looked shocked, saying, "Dear Taoist friend, may I enter the city now?"

After hearing Jiang Yun's voice, Zhou Dongqing finally regained his senses.

Taking another look at Guo Si, who clearly had no strength to fight again, Zhou Dongqing nodded and said, "Of course, there is a teleportation array in the city that leads directly to my Grand Medicine Sect. With this token, no one will trouble you anymore!"

As he spoke, Zhou Dongqing took out a token and handed it to Jiang Yun, also telling him the way to the teleportation array.

Jiang Yun took the token graciously and said, "Thank you!"

Taking the token, Jiang Yun confidently walked into the city gates, leaving behind countless onlookers still in shock outside the gates.

Even Jiang Yun did not expect that, although he only intended to give Guo Si a memorable lesson, his fierce attack also made those onlookers firmly remember his name.

It can be said that he became famous instantly!

Watching Jiang Yun's figure gradually disappear, Zhou Dongqing turned his gaze back to Guo Si lying on the ground, waving to a few disciples beside him, "Carry him away, let's not embarrass ourselves here!"


Jiang Yun finally entered Heavenly Pill City. Although this place surpassed South Star City in every way, Jiang Yun was not in the mood to enjoy the sightseeing now.

Now, there is less than a year left before the two-year agreement his master made. Adding to that, there is also a pharmacist named Li within the Grand Medicine Sect who holds hostility towards him.

The thing Jiang Yun most wants to do now is to quickly find Xiao Zheng and ask clearly whether his master could still help him develop an antidote for Third Martial Brother.

Following the route pointed out by Zhou Dongqing, Jiang Yun soon found the teleportation array. After handing over the Token, he was allowed to enter the array without any hindrance and was teleported to Grand Medicine Sect.

Grand Medicine Sect is located on Grand Medicine Mountain.

Although Grand Medicine Mountain is only composed of two high mountains, the vast area exceeds anyone's imagination, making Jiang Yun feel as if he's in the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

The two high mountains, one shaped like an alchemical furnace situated between heaven and earth; and the other like a person sitting in front of the alchemical furnace in a meditation pose, as if refining elixirs. Therefore, later generations merged these two mountains and called them Grand Medicine Mountain.

Jiang Yun was now transported to the foot of the mountain shaped like a human figure, not far ahead was the entrance to Grand Medicine Sect.

Grand Medicine Sect is renowned far and wide, and the mountain gate also has a unique charm.

Although there were two alchemical furnaces placed on the left and right sides, there was blue smoke rising above them, gathering and intertwining in the air, forming what seemed like a big gate.

The sunlight shining on them made the smoke appear colorful, looking dreamlike.

The current Jiang Yun, whether it be his cultivation level, spiritual sense, or even his insight, was outstanding. With just one look, he noticed that the gate formed by the smoke actually contained a formation.

If someone entered the mountain without permission, they would be trapped inside the formation.

Beside the two alchemical furnaces, there stood a young disciple on each side, seemingly in a welcoming position.

Jiang Yun did not dare to be negligent. He walked up to the two disciples, handing over the Token given by Zhou Dongqing, and politely greeted, "I am Jiang Yun, here to pay respects to Master Xiao Zheng Xiao."

Before revealing his name, Jiang Yun hesitated for a moment, but ultimately decided to tell the truth.

Because even if he concealed it now, he would definitely be exposed after entering the Grand Medicine Sect, so it was better to be upfront.

One disciple was about to take the Token, but when he heard Jiang Yun's name, his hand suddenly hung in the air.

After exchanging a cold glance with another person, they sneered and said, "If someone else were to present this token, they would be welcomed into my Grand Medicine Sect. But not you, Jiang Yun!"