The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 255

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Chapter 255: Internal Conflict

Jiang Yun came to Grand Medicine Sect with a request.

After all, the hope of curing the poison in the body of the Third Martial Brother lay with Grand Medicine Sect. Therefore, he did not want to offend them at all.

However, feeling the strong killing intent emanating from the over ten martial artists around him at that moment, Jiang Yun could be sure that they were truly determined to kill him.

"I cannot allow myself to be captured, but I also cannot kill them all, otherwise, I will truly become an enemy of Grand Medicine Sect!"

"It seems that I can only try to leave here without hurting them, then find my older brother Xiao Zheng to understand the situation!"

Although these over ten martial artists are all in the Blessed Land realm, the strongest among them is only at the third level of Blessed Land.

Even though there were many people, it was still not realistic to catch Jiang Yun.

As more than ten people rushed forward, Jiang Yun's figure suddenly disappeared from where he was.

The speed was so fast that there were several afterimages around.

And the next moment, muffled sounds of groaning were heard one after another.

By the time Jiang Yun returned to where he was, only about ten breaths had passed.

Just as the more than ten practitioners were about to attack him, they all fell to the ground unconscious.

Although they were not seriously injured, they had all been knocked out by Jiang Yun and would not wake up for a short time.

Seeing this, whether it was the onlookers or the other practitioners of the Grand Medicine Sect, all showed a look of shock.

At this point, they all understood what had happened.

When they entered Heavenly Pill City, suddenly there was a new rule to investigate, all to find this person named Jiang Yun!

Honestly, most people still have a hard time believing the claim that Jiang Yun killed a disciple from the Grand Medicine Sect.

However, as outsiders, they couldn't really say or help Jiang Yun, so they just stood by and watched.

The man in heavy armor's expression turned ugly as he stared at Jiang Yun, thinking to himself, "I heard that this kid is quite powerful and even has a Dao body, but he's only at the Meridians Unclogged realm!"

"But now, it seems like he has clearly stepped into the Blessed Land realm!"

"However, what does the Blessed Land realm matter!"

Thinking about this, the man in heavy armor chuckled coldly and said, "Jiang Yun, are all the disciples taught by your Seeking-Tao Sect so bold and reckless?"

"In my Grand Medicine Sect's territory, in front of so many people, how dare you injure our sect's disciple. Let me tell you, just based on this, you have committed a capital offense!"

"Everyone, go after him, catch him no matter what!"

As soon as the man finished speaking, about a hundred practitioners from the Grand Medicine Sect rushed forward and surrounded Jiang Yun once again.

Jiang Yun's expression became even more cold and indifferent.

Although his situation seemed very dangerous at the moment, most of the nearly one hundred practitioners were at the Meridians Unclogged level. The strongest among them were only at the Blessed Land third or fourth level, posing no real threat to him.

Not even the heavily armored man at the Blessed Land fifth level was a concern for Jiang Yun.

However, as the heavily armored man stated, this area belonged to the Grand Medicine Sect.

In such a big city like the Heavenly Pill City, it was impossible for there not to be skilled individuals protecting it.

Especially since Jiang Yun couldn't use force against these people, it would be difficult for him to leave the Heavenly Pill City unscathed.

Just as the nearly one hundred practitioners were slowly approaching Jiang Yun in a surrounding formation, a sudden shout rang out!

"Stop all of you!"

A thin figure floated gently from the sky and appeared in front of everyone.

This was an old man in his fifties. After scanning around sharply, his gaze finally landed on the heavily armored man.

The old man coldly said, "Guo Si, capturing Jiang Yun was a decision made by Li the pharmacist's lineage, it has little to do with my Grand Medicine Sect!"

"If you want to please Li the pharmacist, then go catch Jiang Yun yourself. Do not involve other disciples of our sect who are unaware of the truth!"

Obviously, this old man was also from the Grand Medicine Sect. Some people present understood his words.

Even Jiang Yun, with a pensive expression, seemed to have some understanding.

"Zhou Dongqing, what do you mean by that?" Guo Si looked displeased, glaring fiercely at the old man.

"Even though it was a decision made by Li the pharmacist's lineage, we have informed the sect master, and the sect master did not oppose it. It seems that we have the sect master's tacit approval for capturing Jiang Yun!"

"By standing up now to openly protect Jiang Yun, do you have some kind of relationship with him?"

Zhou Dongqing didn't pay attention to Guo Si anymore. Instead, he looked at Jiang Yun with a friendly smile on his face.

After nodding at Jiang Yun, Zhou Dongqing said, "So you're Jiang Yun! Haha, not bad. You're the first one to knock out a disciple of my Grand Medicine Sect in front of Heavenly Pill City!"

Jiang Yun was unsure how to respond to these words, whether they were praising or criticizing him.

However, Jiang Yun could tell that Zhou Dongqing did not have any hostility towards him.

True to his guess, Zhou Dongqing's next words confirmed Jiang Yun's suspicion.

"Xiao Zheng has spoken highly of you to me before, and meeting you in person today did not disappoint me!"

Clearly, the 'Xiao Zheng' mentioned by the other person was Xiao Zheng!

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun politely bowed his head and said, "Thank you, Taoist friend!"

"You don't need to thank me just yet!"

Zhou Dongqing waved his hand and said, "No matter what, my cousin Liu Hao's death is related to you. Therefore, as Liu Hao's cousin, Pharmacist Lee ordered to capture you, which is understandable."

"If you can safely leave from Guo Si today, then I will decide to let you enter Heavenly Pill City!"

"However, you must personally go to my sect and explain this matter!"

The meaning in Zhou Dongqing's words was already clear, how could Jiang Yun not understand.

The so-called Pharmacist Lee turned out to be Liu Hao's cousin in the Grand Medicine Sect, and his status should be quite high.

Blaming himself for Liu Hao's death, intentionally claiming to be the culprit, and ordering his own arrest.

The current Guo Si obviously wanted to please that Pharmacist Lee by dealing with him so diligently.

As for Zhou Dongqing, due to his relationship with Xiao Zheng, he had no hostility towards him, and even intended to let him enter the Grand Medicine Sect.

However, he did not dare to protect him too much, for fear of offending that Pharmacist Lee, so he had to defeat Guo Si first.

After understanding the whole situation, Jiang Yun couldn't help but think to himself, "It seems that the internal conflicts within the Grand Medicine Sect are quite complicated!"

Any group, no matter big or small, will always have various internal disputes.

As the biggest medicine sect in the whole Mountain-Sea World, it's very normal for the Grand Medicine Sect to face such situations.

However, Jiang Yun didn't pay much attention to these things.

The only thing he worried about was whether seeking the antidote for his Third Martial Brother would be affected by this.

Finally, Jiang Yun coldly looked at Guo Si and said, "Guo, my friend, if you want to catch me, then go ahead!"


Guo Si glared at Zhou Dongqing again, then smirked coldly at Jiang Yun, "Don't think you can relax just because someone is speaking up for you."

"Today, I will capture you and personally bring you back to the Grand Medicine Sect to face judgment from Pharmacist Li!"

"Let everyone know, if you dare to offend my Grand Medicine Sect, you must pay the price!"


As the words fell, Guo Si suddenly lifted his foot and stomped hard on the ground, turning into a shadow and shooting towards Jiang Yun like an arrow.

Watching Guo Si's figure, a slight smirk appeared on Jiang Yun's lips.

This Guo Si seems to be a skilled body cultivator!