The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 254

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Chapter 254: Sudden Attack

Thinking about this, Jiang Yun paid even more attention to the conversation between the two men in front of him.

Although the two men did not share any useful information afterwards, Jiang Yun at least learned that entering Heavenly Pill City used to be completely free before without any checks.

As for why the rule changed so drastically about six months ago, nobody knew the reason.

Curious but not dwelling on the matter, Jiang Yun casually used his divine sense to scan the crowd queuing around him.

Upon scanning, he couldn't help but be slightly surprised.

Because most of these people are cultivators, and there are also many demon race members among them.

Even several cultivators at the Sky Reaching Realm level were waiting in line patiently.

You see, in the whole Mountain-Sea World, the Sky Reaching Realm cultivators are considered strong, and they are a backbone force among various sects and powers.

In the Seeking-Tao Sect, Sky Reaching Realm cultivators are Peak Lords. When they appear, it may not cause a big stir, but it will definitely attract attention.

Surprisingly, even the cultivators from the Secret Realm have to wait in line for inspection like everyone else outside the Heavenly Pill City.

This discovery naturally deepened Jiang Yun's understanding of the strength of the Grand Medicine Sect.

Actually, Jiang Yun was overthinking it!

Although the Grand Medicine Sect is indeed powerful and no one dares to offend it, it's not powerful enough to make cultivators from the Secret Realm line up to enter the city.

After all, the Grand Medicine Sect also has its needs and may seek help from other sects and powers, so they wouldn't act so arrogantly.

At this moment, the monks Jiang Yun saw were all wanderers without powerful backgrounds, so they had to undergo inspection.

If real monks from sects like Seeking-Tao Sect come here, they don't need to wait in line at all. The Grand Medicine Sect might even send someone to welcome them.

Although there were many people entering the city, the monks responsible for inspections at the city gates were very efficient, so the queues kept getting shorter.

As Jiang Yun got closer to the city gate, he noticed that the inspection process only involved two monks at the Blessed Land level looking you up and down before letting you pass.

They didn't even check the things you were carrying with you.

Up to now, Jiang Yun hadn't seen anyone being stopped.

"They look like they are searching for someone. Could it be that someone has offended the Grand Medicine Sect?"

"Who would have the audacity to offend the Grand Medicine Sect? But I guess that person wouldn't come to this Heavenly Pill City, right?"

With these doubts in mind, Jiang Yun finally arrived at the city gate, standing there and facing the scrutiny of two monks at the Blessed Land level tri-realm.

At the same time, Jiang Yun could clearly feel a special kind of feeling, sweeping through his body.

But then, Jiang Yun suddenly sensed a hint of hostility within this special feeling.

This made Jiang Yun's heart skip a beat. Years of fighting experience made him quickly retreat, disappearing from where he stood.


Almost at the same time Jiang Yun disappeared, a loud noise erupted.

Among the dust, where Jiang Yun had been standing, was now a large hole.

Clearly, someone had suddenly attacked Jiang Yun!

If Jiang Yun had reacted even slightly slower, the attacker's strike would have hit him accurately.

The commotion immediately alerted everyone nearby.

Especially those who were about to enter the city looked confused, not understanding what was happening.

The hundreds of inspectors responsible for checking reacted fairly quickly.

In an instant, more than ten people swiftly moved and pushed the surrounding crowd aside, forming a circle about twenty yards in diameter.

Right in the center of the circle stood Jiang Yun!

This made everyone realize that the person these inspectors were going to deal with was Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun, too, was confused, but his face showed a hint of coldness.

After waiting in line for so long to enter the city, being unexpectedly attacked before getting in would not make anyone happy.

Seeing the group of more than ten inspectors surrounding him, Jiang Yun just glanced at them before shifting his gaze up to a middle-aged man in heavy armor standing on the city tower, and coldly said, "Do you have a valid reason for attacking me?"


The man in heavy armor snorted coldly and leaped down from the city tower with a loud bang.

As he landed, everyone felt the ground tremble heavily beneath their feet.

It was clear that this man was very powerful.

The man stood outside the circle, with a fierce look in his eyes, staring at Jiang Yun. Suddenly, he raised his hand holding a piece of paper with a portrait on it, asking, "Is this you in the picture?"

Jiang Yun looked closely and confirmed that the portrait on the paper was indeed him. He narrowed his eyes in confusion but nodded, saying, "Yes, it's me."

The man in heavy armor continued, "So, are you Jiang Yun from the Seeking-Tao Sect?"

Jiang Yun nodded again, saying, "Yes, I am."

"Then there is no mistake."

The man in heavy armor smirked coldly and said, "Jiang Yun, oh Jiang Yun, you have some nerve. Not only did you kill a disciple of my Grand Medicine Sect half a year ago, but now you dare to swagger into Heavenly Pill City."

"Could it be that you really think I am easy to bully as a member of the Grand Medicine Sect?"

After saying this, everyone watching was shocked, even Jiang Yun.

Because Jiang Yun couldn't remember when he had ever killed a disciple of the Grand Medicine Sect!

At this moment, everyone's gazes naturally focused on Jiang Yun, pointing and whispering constantly.

Clearly, they never expected this seemingly unremarkable young man to dare to kill disciples of the Grand Medicine Sect, showing great courage.

Although Jiang Yun had gained some reputation in Luo family and North Mountain, in the vast Wushan Island and within Zhongshan Province, hardly anyone had heard of him, let alone his past deeds.

The man in heavy armor continued, "We have waited for you for half a year, thinking you wouldn't dare to come, but luckily you did!"

Jiang Yun frowned, saying, "Sir, I think there might be a misunderstanding. I have always admired your sect and been friendly with some of your disciples. I have never killed any of your sect's disciples!"

"Still trying to argue!"

"I wonder, which disciple from your sect did I kill?"

"Liu Hao!"

Upon hearing this name, Jiang Yun was stunned once again!

Of course, he remembered Liu Hao, who had gone with Xiao Zheng and Xie Xiaoyong to the Grand Medicine Sect to celebrate the Luo family's birthday. Unfortunately, Liu Hao ended up dying at the hands of the Hundred Herbs Valley.

Even though Jiang Yun knew he had some responsibility for his death, it wasn't directly caused by him.

However, now the Grand Medicine Sect was blaming him entirely for Liu Hao's death, even accusing him of being the killer.

"Something doesn't seem right about this!"

Jiang Yun shook his head and said, "I didn't kill Liu Hao. Your Grand Medicine Sect disciples can testify for me!"

"Testify! Hmph, once I bring you back to the sect, then you can find someone to testify for you!"

"Up, catch him!"

The heavily armored man had no intention of giving Jiang Yun a chance to explain. With a command, over ten martial artists immediately rushed towards Jiang Yun.