The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 253

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Chapter 253: The Eighteen Demon Alliance

In a dense forest thousands of miles away from Heavenly Pill City, if someone were to pass by now, they would be extremely surprised.

Because this place, where people rarely visit on ordinary days, was now filled with countless ragged figures, each person's face showing excitement and disbelief.

Naturally, gathered here were tens of thousands of members of the eighteen demon races from North Mountain.

After nearly thirty teleportations, Jiang Yun finally successfully led all these demons to leave North Mountain.

Standing at the forefront of the demon crowd, Jiang Yun smiled and politely bowed to the demons, saying, "Everyone, thank you for your trust. Let's part ways here, and hopefully meet again in the future! Take care and goodbye!"


Just as Jiang Yun was about to leave, two voices sounded almost simultaneously!

One is from Bai Ze, and the other is from the leader of the goblin tribe, Earth Spirit.

Jiang Yun completely ignored Bai Ze and instead looked at Earth Spirit, asking, "Elder, is there anything else?"

At this moment, excitement filled Earth Spirit's old face.

Without needing any help, he walked a few steps to Jiang Yun and held out a ring, saying, "Our taoist friend has not accepted our gratitude yet!"

Jiang Yun smiled faintly and replied, "No need, you can keep these things for your own protection!"

Although Bai Ze had told Jiang Yun about the ancient demon race and many treasures within these tribes, Jiang Yun was not tempted at all and did not ask for anything directly.

He couldn't bring himself to do such a thing.

However, his actions were seen as unbelievable and incomprehensible to many demon races.

After going through so much trouble and risking his life to help them, he didn't want anything in return.

They didn't know that Jiang Yun had done this kind of thing before.

In South Star City, he unconditionally treated many practitioners and detoxified them.

Earth Spirit still refused to give up and said, "Taoist friend, you have saved us. If you don't accept our gratitude, we will feel uneasy!"

"It's really not necessary, take care, goodbye!"

As he finished speaking, without giving the demon race a chance to speak, Jiang Yun took a step and was already several miles away.

After a few more steps, he completely disappeared from the view of the demon race.

Watching Jiang Yun disappear, thousands of demon race members stood there dumbfounded, until a "plop" brought them back to their senses.

The old Earth Spirit knelt directly to the ground, and behind him, all the goblins also knelt down.

Following this, without exception, all the thousands of demon race members also knelt down, bowing deeply in the direction Jiang Yun had left.

Even though Jiang Yun couldn't see them at the moment, they felt grateful for saving his life and could only express their thanks in this way.

After three bows, Earth Spirit shaky stood up and said to his fellow goblins, "Remember this, from now on, Jiang Yun, our Taoist friend, is our goblin tribe's eternal benefactor, let this be a rule for our tribe!"

"In the future, if our Taoist friend Jiang Yun is in trouble or finds us, just one word and our goblin tribe will help with all our might, no regrets!"

"Anyone who goes against this rule will be considered a traitor and will be killed without mercy!"

Thousands of goblin tribe members all agreed in unison, "Yes!"

The chiefs of the other seventeen tribes followed Earth Spirit's example, willingly pledging their support without any reluctance.

At that moment, chiefs from other tribes approached Earth Spirit, bowing respectfully and asking, "Senior Earth Spirit, though we have left North Mountain, we are unsure of our next destination. Do you have any plans?"

Among all the demon races, Earth Spirit was the oldest, and the other demons looked up to him.

After some thought, Earth Spirit said, "To be honest, several years ago, our tribe tried to reach out to our kin in other worlds, hoping they could come to our aid."

"Although we are not sure if they have received our call for help, this is our tribe's only hope. So my plan is to find a safe place and patiently wait."

Some nodded in agreement, "Yes, we have all sent out distress signals. We just don't know if any of our kind will come to rescue us."

Earth Spirit continued, "Before that, I suggest that our eighteen tribes temporarily unite. This way, in these chaotic times, we can increase our strength for self-preservation."

As soon as this proposal was made, it was immediately supported by the other tribes, as they had long been thinking the same.

Moreover, living together for three months had greatly improved their relationships, making an alliance beneficial for all.

"Our lives were gifted by Jiang Yuntaoist friend, so let's name this alliance 'Ginger Demon Alliance' for our eighteen demon races."

"This will remind our people to always remember Jiang Yuntaoist friend's kindness of saving us."

So, in the remote dense forests of the Mountain-Sea World, each of the eighteen demon races brought out a drop of their essence blood, truly forming an alliance by blood oath, thus creating the Ginger Demon Alliance!

After forming the alliance, the relationships among the people naturally grew closer. An elderly man looked directly at Earth Spirit and asked, "My dear Earth, can you tell us which places in this Mountain-Sea World are relatively safe now?"

"I've heard other monsters talk about a place in South Mountain State that's similar to our North Mountain. It's inhabited by demons. Maybe we can go there and seek shelter."

"I've heard about that place, it's called the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains!"

"I'm not sure if they will accept us though, we demons can be more exclusive than humans."

"Well, let's give it a try, we can decide once we're there!"

"In that case, we shouldn't delay, let's leave immediately."

"But since we're too many and human monks are hostile towards us, we can't go together. Let's split up and meet outside the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains."

After reaching an agreement, the eighteen demon tribes separated into many groups and quietly left the dense forest, heading towards the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains from different directions.

At the same time, amidst Bai Ze's complaints, Jiang Yun arrived at the city gate of Heavenly Pill City.

Seeing the magnificent and endless huge city, Jiang Yun couldn't help but exclaim in amazement.

Jiang Yun didn't visit many cities, but the one he remembers most is South Star City, where he stayed for half a year.

Compared to the city he's seeing now, Heavenly Pill City, South Star City is just a small town.

From this, it's easy to see how strong the Grand Medicine Sect is behind Heavenly Pill City.

Besides the size of the cities, Jiang Yun also noticed that the gates of Heavenly Pill City are half open, with over a hundred practitioners emitting energy, carefully checking those entering the city.

As the largest city in Zhongshan Province, and under the control of the Grand Medicine Sect, Heavenly Pill City is one of the busiest cities in the entire Mountain-Sea World. The number of people entering and leaving the city every day is unimaginable.

The people entering the city at this moment have formed nine lines that stretch for at least hundreds of meters, each undergoing inspections.

"The security in Heavenly Pill City is really strict. With the power of the Grand Medicine Sect, are they afraid of troublemakers in the city?"

Honestly, Jiang Yun didn't quite understand why Heavenly Pill City had such tight security, but he didn't dwell on it too much. He casually chose a line and started waiting.

"Since when do we need inspections to enter Heavenly Pill City?"

"It looks like you haven't been here for a while. The rule started about six months ago."

At that moment, the conversation between two middle-aged men in front of Jiang Yun caught his attention. He thought to himself.

"It seems like it was half a year ago when I met Brother Xiao Zheng!"

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