The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 251

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Chapter 251: First Transmission

Jiang Yun had a safer way to break the formation, similar to how he broke the first small formation, by sitting outside the formation, continuing to study the insights left by Xue Mucheng, and then breaking all the changes one by one.

However, this method takes too much time.

To break the formation in the shortest time possible, the best way is to directly enter the formation, personally feel the changes within the formation, and strive to survive under these changes.

Everyone has untapped potential, and often the best way to explore this potential is to face adversity.

Fight to the death and then be born anew!

As Jiang Yun stepped into the second small formation, everything suddenly darkened before his eyes.

Although he could still see the sea outside through the snowflakes, it felt as if he was in a completely different world.

The space around him had noticeably expanded, and inexplicably there were numerous gray lines constantly flowing around, densely packed and in large quantities.

Although these thin and short grey lines did not look dangerous at all, when one of the lines got close to Jiang Yun, he suddenly felt a chilling sensation.

He had a strong feeling that if he were to be touched by these grey lines, even if he didn't die, he would lose a layer of skin.

"Each line here should represent a different change in the formation, although there seem to be many lines, there are actually only two hundred and sixty-one!"

"My goal is to use basic knowledge of formations to evade the attacks of the lines and break through the formation."

With this thought in his mind, in the next moment, Jiang Yun released all his divine sense, entering a mysterious state.

His body seemed to turn into a leaf, and the grey lines were like a gentle breeze.

Whenever a breeze approached, the leaves would float lightly, dancing around, but never touching the breeze.

And so, Jiang Yun began his journey to break the formation!

In the blink of an eye, three months had passed.

Three months passed slowly for the ten thousand members of the demon race living underground, every moment was extremely difficult and filled with anxiety.

Luckily, they managed to stay hidden as many demon races passed through the area during this time without being discovered.

But for Jiang Yun, three months went by in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, he stood outside the second small array, with a pale face and torn clothes, but his clear eyes were shining.

Obviously, he not only successfully broke through this small array, but also discovered a new Blessed Land in his dantian - the Beast Forest!

The Blessed Land doubled!

Throughout the three months, Jiang Yun remained highly focused at all times.

Besides observing the changes in the array and pondering the ways of the array, his spirit qi and divine sense were also constantly at work.

This led to the advancement of his cultivation realm.

"Now, let's try setting up the teleportation array!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Yun rushed out of the deep sea, without alerting the demon race, and quietly left the ice cave, arriving at an open space.

With a wave of his hand, nine snowflakes floated down and landed in nine different spots, forming nine piles of snow.

Jiang Yun then casually threw nine one-grade spiritual stones, embedding them in the center of the snow piles.

As the spiritual stones were embedded, a strong spiritual energy emerged, drawing a powerful force that filled the area surrounded by the nine snow piles.

The teleportation array took shape!

Following that, Jiang Yun's divine sense suddenly spread out, rapidly extending as far as stopping under a snow-covered pine tree nearly five hundred miles away.

"This is the limit of my divine sense, so let's brand it here!"

While leaving his mark with divine sense on the pine tree, Jiang Yun also stepped into the center of the nine snow piles.

With nine magical stones glowing together, Jiang Yun suddenly disappeared from where he stood and reappeared at a snowy cedar forest five hundred miles away.

"I did it!"

Jiang Yun's eyes sparkled as he gently brushed against the cedar tree. His first attempt at setting up a teleportation spell successfully carried him across the five hundred-mile distance.

It must be said, this achievement was truly astonishing.

However, Jiang Yun knew that compared to the large-scale teleportation he was about to undertake, traversing five hundred miles was insignificant.

"No wonder, the stronger my magical intuition becomes, the more powerful the spell formations are. If my magical intuition can reach outside North Mountain directly, then I won't need to physically travel there in advance to set up the corresponding teleportation spell!"

In the next moment, Jiang Yun's hand finally held the magical stone given to him by his grandfather, and he squeezed it.

This was also his first time using the magical stone, so as it shattered, he firmly sensed the surrounding energies and subtle changes in the air with his magical intuition.

In a blink of an eye, Jiang Yun found himself in the midst of a dense forest.

Looking at the green trees around him and the night sky filled with stars, Jiang Yun couldn't help but take a deep breath. He knew he must have arrived near Heavenly Pill City.

Even though he didn't sense any humans or demons within a five hundred-mile radius, the Snow clan belonged to the demon race, and demons and humans were like water and fire.

Therefore, when Grandfather came to Heavenly Pill City, he didn't dare to set up a teleportation array too close to the city. He deliberately chose such a remote place.

"But, it's still best to double-check. We wouldn't want to end up in the wrong place and regret it later!"

To confirm his guess, Jiang Yun flew nearly a thousand miles and finally saw a huge city nestled between heaven and earth.

Even with his divine sense, Jiang Yun could see two large words hanging above the city gate - "Heavenly Pill!"

"Indeed, this is Heavenly Pill City! I'm in the right place!"

Excited, Jiang Yun immediately turned around and headed back towards the dense forest.

If his divine sense could look up at the city gate tower, he would have seen a burly man in heavy armor holding a piece of white paper.

On the paper, there was a picture of Jiang Yun!

After returning to the depths of the jungle, Jiang Yun searched around and decided to leave his special mark underground.

"Now I can go back and set up the teleportation device. However, the device I set up before cannot accommodate so many people due to the limited power of nature it attracts. Also, to reach such a far distance, we will need a lot of high-quality spiritual stones!"

Jiang Yun took out the ring given to him by the Cold Dark-winged Bat and used his special sense to scan all the storage devices inside. He sighed with relief as he found a large quantity of spiritual stones, including some high-grade ones, which should be just enough.

Although demons do not need spirit energy or spiritual stones, they still have a great demand for them when trading with human cultivators for convenience. They also exchange their demon stones for spiritual stones.

Moreover, the eighteen demon races must have collected a significant amount of spiritual stones over the years.

"Finally, one wish can be fulfilled now!"

Jiang Yun reached out and took out the formation stone given to him by "Xue Mucheng," then crushed it firmly again.