The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 250

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Chapter 250: Working Together

Jiang Yun asked in confusion, "How can we do that?"

"Don't you have two teleportation array stones on you?"

"You can go to Heavenly Pill City first, leave a mark there with one stone, then return to this ice cave with the other stone."

"Then you can figure out how to set up a teleportation array. Once successful, you can send yourself and the demon race to Heavenly Pill City!"

Bai Ze's suggestion intrigued Jiang Yun because it was indeed a good idea.

"However, there are two things to consider. Firstly, can you set up the teleportation array in time when needed."

"Secondly, can you ensure the safety of the demon race during your research on teleportation array."

After listening to Bai Ze's advice, Jiang Yun started pondering seriously.

Although this way is quite hard, it has to be said that it is indeed the most feasible way at the moment.

After a long time, he finally made his decision, "Let's give it a try!"

Jiang Yun gathered all the demon race together, gazing at the crowd and said, "Thank you for trusting me. However, with so many of you, I am not confident that we can safely pass through the North Mountain."

"But, I do have another way!"

Upon hearing this, the eyes of all the demon race lit up, looking at Jiang Yun with even more anticipation.

"I will try to set up a teleportation array leading to another place. If successful, we can leave the North Mountain in batches."

"But, to be honest, I am not very skilled in array formations, and it will take some time for me to research and experiment. I cannot guarantee that the teleportation array can be successfully set up."

"Also, during the time I prepare the teleportation array, I cannot take responsibility for your safety."

"If you can accept that, then let's find a way together. If not, then I will have to bid farewell!"

Jiang Yun shared his thoughts and plans in detail with the demons, and left the decision of whether to continue seeking his help in their hands.

After a brief discussion, all eighteen demon races chose to stay.

They all knew deep down that staying meant waiting for Jiang Yun to set up the teleportation array, giving them a slight chance of survival.

But if they left, they would truly have no hope of survival.

Since they decided to stay, they needed to figure out a way to arrange everyone's survival, making sure they wouldn't be found by the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Jiang Yun thought it would be safer to stay nearby.

Although it seemed the most dangerous, the most dangerous place was actually the safest.

Plus, the demons mentioned that in the past month, there were indeed a few groups of people who came to check on this place.

They even specifically inspected the ice cave, but apparently found nothing and left.

Thinking about it in Ten Thousand Demons Cave, Jiang Yun probably left with the Snow clan, so he may not come back for a while.

However, even if they decide to stay in this area, gathering over ten thousand people together can still easily attract attention.

The only way Jiang Yun could think of is setting up some simple isolation formations to separate the demon race from the outside world.

However, the isolation formations must be hidden, or else they will be detected by powerful divine senses.

Earth Spirit came up with a good idea.

Because their goblin clan often lives underground, they can easily create a large space deep in the earth and then use isolation formations to possibly remain undetected.

With Earth Spirit's suggestion, other groups also had bright ideas and proposed some improvements.

This also amazed Jiang Yun, making him realize for the first time the powerful talents of the demon race.

Although these groups may not be strong, each has unique talents, some of which can even be described as magical.

Like the goblin tribe's ability to sneak underground, the delicate tribe's ability to transform, the snow lotus tribe's healing ability, and so on.

Perhaps these abilities, when they exist alone in a group, do not appear very powerful. But when groups with these abilities come together, work openly and cooperatively, the power of these abilities becomes evident.

In just three days, tens of thousands of demon race members dug out cave after cave around a hundred feet underground.

Each cave exists independently but is connected by passages, complementing each other.

There are no clues on the surface, but if one could see through the ground, they would find thousands of caves.

The people of the eighteen tribes are scattered, with tens of thousands of them temporarily living in nearly five hundred caves, leaving the rest empty.

During these three days, Jiang Yun thought of a simple isolation formation and shared it with them to set up in each cave.

Although the effect wasn't great, it was better than nothing.

After all this preparation, both Jiang Yun and the eighteen tribes were very satisfied.

Because of this, unless someone deliberately uses divine sense to conduct a thorough search, it's practically impossible to discover their existence.

Besides, even if a cave is discovered, as soon as an attack is launched, the people in other caves will be informed immediately and evacuate at the fastest speed.

They might even collapse the cave themselves and relocate to another empty cave.

Of course, if they encounter super strong individuals like Jin Yifei and Xue Ranyi, all these arrangements would be in vain, and they would have to accept their fate!

In conclusion, although this environment is not completely safe, it's much better than their previous situation of living and escaping alone, and it's the best they can do.

Through this initial cooperation, the relationships between the eighteen tribes have improved significantly.

Especially when they realize that working together is much stronger than fighting alone, many demons have thought about forming an alliance with the demon race.

With everything ready, Jiang Yun no longer delays, "Alright, everyone, you will temporarily reside here. I will now start researching the teleportation array. If you need anything during this time, you can inform me using the messaging stone."

"If Ten Thousand Demons Cave attacks, hide if possible, but never directly confront them!"

After explaining to eighteen different groups, Jiang Yun entered the ice cave again.

Even though the Nine Snow Loop Array did not have a teleportation array, Jiang Yun needed to start from the basics before setting up the teleportation array.

Breaking the Nine Snow Loop Array was undoubtedly his best choice and method at the moment.

Diving deep once again, Jiang Yun was quite familiar with the route.

As he reached the first small array, Jiang Yun intentionally released a wave of energy to see if he could trigger Xue Mucheng's divine thought, but there was no response.

Watching the nine snowflakes dancing before him, Jiang Yun couldn't believe how quickly he had returned here.

The first small array posed no threat to him anymore. After crossing it, he traveled nearly a hundred miles and finally saw the second small array.

In the dark sea, twenty-seven shimmering snowflakes fluttered up and down, creating a unique scenery. However, who could imagine that there were over two hundred hidden variations within.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes briefly, then took a step forward and unexpectedly stepped into the second small array directly.