The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 249

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Chapter 249: The Goblin Clan

While Bai Ze covered these demons with his divine sense, Jiang Yun also scanned them with his own divine sense.

Although there are thousands of monsters, the strongest ones are only at a level of about Triple Cave Realm, and most of them are in the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

Among these monsters, there are old and young, men and women. When they see Jiang Yun, most of them show excitement on their faces.

Even though they don't speak, the desire on their faces and in their eyes clearly shows the trust they have in Jiang Yun.

It seems that just by seeing Jiang Yun, they see hope of leaving the North Mountain and escaping from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave to survive.

At this moment, even though Jiang Yun wants to refuse, looking at these faces, especially those of children and elderly, he can't bring himself to speak.

However, with over ten thousand monsters, most of which can't fly and can only walk on two legs, it's impossible to avoid the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and leave the vast North Mountain on foot.

There's no need for the Ten Thousand Demons Cave to search deliberately; such a large group of monsters in the snowy North Mountain is already a very obvious target.

At that moment, Jiang Yun once again realized his own weakness.

If he were a strong warrior in the Earth Protection Realm or the Sky Blessed Realm, he wouldn't need to go through all this trouble. He could just go straight to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and eliminate it once and for all.

Unfortunately, it's not me!

Even though he was someone who needed to hide and wanted to leave the Blessed Land of North Mountain monks quietly as soon as possible.

Jiang Yun also knew very well that the demon race had really reached a desperate and hopeless situation.

Otherwise, why would they place the entire tribe's hope in the hands of just one human?

If he really ignored them and heartlessly turned away, what awaited them would surely be death and enslavement!

Once this outcome came true, not only would his conscience be troubled.

This matter would also become a knot in his heart that might never be untied.

In helplessness, Jiang Yun had to ask Bai Ze for help, "Bai Ze, do you have any advice?"

Bai Ze's sharp voice almost immediately rang out, "Save, we must save!"

Bai Ze's attitude made Jiang Yun quite surprised as he asked, "Why are you so excited?"

"Excited? Am I excited? This is just how I am, you should have been used to it by now!"

Bai Ze chuckled nervously and said, "Let me tell you, Jiang Yun, these monsters, you must save them, because, you see, they are all living beings!"

"How can you bear to watch them walk towards death, towards extinction right in front of your eyes?"

"Moreover, if you save them, they will surely be grateful to you, consider you their benefactor, their savior, wherever you go in the future..."

Before Bai Ze could finish speaking, Jiang Yun interrupted with a wry smile, "There's no need to say these words! I'm not saving them for their gratitude, it's just that, even though I want to save them, how can I do it?"

After a moment of silence, Bai Ze spoke again, "It's a pity! If you were an accomplished Demon Refiner, then you would have a way!"

"What can an accomplished Demon Refiner do?"

"Do you still remember the Demonic Life-Death Seal?"

Jiang Yun definitely remembers that, it's the final and strongest technique in the Demon-Refining Nine Seals.

This seal is called Life-Death because, as Bai Ze explained, it can both defeat demons and also help them.

Defeat a demon, it dies. Help a demon, it lives!

"If you use the Demonic Life-Death Seal, by putting a life seal into their body, it can immediately increase their strength by several levels, significantly boosting their power."

"If they become stronger, their chances of surviving naturally increase."

"However, with your current strength, even if you can use the Demonic Life-Death Seal, at most you can only help them improve by one or two levels, it's just a drop in the bucket, not very useful!"

If all that's needed is mastering the Demonic Life-Death Seal, then maybe Jiang Yun has a way, because the Demonic Life-Death Seal is on the third level of the Tao Sea transformed from stone!

By continuously opening the Tao Sea with the Meaning of the Tao, just like understanding Sword Intent, constantly pondering the Demonic Life-Death Seal, then Jiang Yun believes he might just be able to use it.

But since the power of the Demonic Life-Death Seal is related to his own cultivation, there's nothing he can do about it, he definitely cannot quickly improve his cultivation.

At that moment, an old man with white hair, leaning on a cane, was helped by a child to walk unsteadily to Jiang Yun's side.

He bowed deeply to Jiang Yun, who quickly reached out to help him up, asking, "Sir, is there something you need?"

"I am Earth Spirit, the chief of the goblin clan. We all know that it is not easy for taoist friend to take us, demons, away from here."

Goblin clan!

Jiang Yun had never heard of this group, but Bai Ze covered her mouth again, trying hard to resist the urge to scream.

She could only keep murmuring to herself, "Goblin clan, one of the ancient demon races, strongest demon race in the deserted Dao Realm!"

"Who would have thought that here in the Mountain-Sea World, they have become so weak that they need human help!"

"Oh Jiang Yun, if you save the goblin clan and they give you a goblin heart, you can easily harness the power of the earth and protection of the land!"

Earth Spirit, of course, did not hear Bai Ze's murmuring and continued, "So, we do not really expect taoist friend to be able to keep all our monsters safe."

"Our Taoist friend was willing to help, and we were extremely grateful."

"If we were really in great danger, our Taoist friend could have just left without caring about us."

"Also, our family has been living underground for a long time and discovered some teleportation arrays beneath this land."

"Even though most of them are no longer working, if we're lucky enough to find one or two that still work, maybe we can use the teleportation array to leave North Mountain!"

"Teleportation array!"

These three words made Jiang Yun's eyes light up instantly.

Because he remembered that the Snow clan had used a teleportation array to leave!

If he could set up a teleportation array himself, he could successfully take these demon race creatures away from North Mountain.

However, this idea that just came up was quickly rejected by Jiang Yun himself.

Because the teleportation array can only send you to a place you have been to before and left your mark, or set up a receiving formation to create a connection, so that the teleportation array can work.

A teleportation array connected by a mark is one-way, you can go but can't come back, while a teleportation array connected by a receiving formation is two-way.

For example, the Snow clan's teleportation array leaving the Mountain-Sea World contains a drop of Xue Mucheng's blood, which acts like a mark.

As long as Xue Mucheng leaves a mark or sets up a receiving formation in another world, the blood drop will connect them, allowing the teleportation array to send the Snow clan to where the mark is.

However, Jiang Yun only recently learned about formations this month and never left any marks anywhere before, let alone set up a receiving formation in advance.

Also, the Snow clan has only around a thousand people, but their transportation required a lot of preparation from their grandfather.

They even sacrificed some of their lifespan for this, and used the Li FireSnow Palace as a medium to barely make it work.

Even if Jiang Yun can set up a teleportation array now, it's nearly impossible to transport over ten thousand demon race members all at once.

Just when Jiang Yun was still figuring things out, Bai Ze suddenly said, "Using a teleportation array is a feasible solution!"