The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 246

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Chapter 246: Nine Snow Rings

The reason why Jiang Yun thought that the array in front of him was not complicated was because there were only nine snowflakes that made up the array.

Some arrays that he had seen before, even the isolation array casually set up by the Snow clan's grandfather, required more than a hundred snowflakes.

However, when he truly gained a rough understanding of the array path, he realized how childish and laughable his idea was.

The complexity and power of an array have no relation to the number of items that make up the array.

The power of an array does not depend on the quantity of items used in the array, but on the number of transformations contained in the formed array and the amount of power that can be borrowed.

An array is about borrowing the power of heaven and earth to give it a certain function, so this power does not belong to the individual cultivator, but to all things in heaven and earth.

For example, the isolation formation set up by Snow Clan's grandfather borrowed the power of hundreds of snowflakes. It looked very beautiful, but its power was not very strong.

There are no more than three different changes included in it.

When Jiang Yun finally learned the name of the formation after spending three days and three nights, he couldn't help but take a deep breath.

This formation is called Nine Snow Chain Formation!

It is named this way because it is a chained formation.

The complete formation includes a total of nine small formations.

As long as two or more small formations are combined, they can form another separate formation.

Formations within formations, formations chaining together, intertwined in a continuous loop!

And the formation where the Cold Dark-winged Bat is trapped is just the first small formation in the chained formation.

However, this first small array may seem to have only nine snowflakes, but in fact, each snowflake contains nine different changes.

In short, this first small array contains eighty-one variations.

To unravel it, you need to unlock all these variations one by one.

And after this small array, there are eight more small arrays!

However, the number of snowflakes in each small array that follows is not nine, but based on nine, continuously adding up.

For example, the second small array is made up of twenty-seven snowflakes, with two hundred and sixty-one variations within.

The third small array, made up of eighty-one snowflakes, contains as many as seven hundred and twenty-nine variations, and so on.

To the point where Jiang Yun couldn't even calculate how many snowflakes the ninth small array method consisted of, and its variations can almost be described as astronomical figures.

And these nine small arrays combined to form a complete Nine Snow Loop Array!

It can be imagined that such a complex formation, with such a wide variety of changes, must borrow immense power.

This formation borrows the power of the entire Boundary Sea!

It is said that the area of the Boundary Sea is endless, and its power can even engulf the entire Wushan Island, leaving countless cultivators helpless. One can imagine the terrifying power it possesses.

What's even more terrifying is that the Boundary Sea is not in a still state, but constantly in motion, therefore its power is endless and never stops.

Therefore, no matter what the purpose of this Nine Snow Loop Array is.

Its strength is absolutely astonishing and hard to imagine for anyone.

This Nine Snow Loop Array is the culmination of Xue Mucheng's knowledge of formations!

He even modestly said in his insight that if someone could decipher this formation by mastering the ways of formations.

Then that person's mastery in formations, even if not surpassing his own, would still be much lower than his.

Although the Nine Snow Loop Array was much more complicated than Jiang Yun had expected, it sparked his determination to overcome challenges.

Besides, he couldn't just leave the Cold Dark-winged Bat behind and go away. So, he decided to at least try to unravel the first small formation.

Moreover, unraveling the Nine Snow Loop Array was a great opportunity for him to learn about formations.

Therefore, Jiang Yun calmed down completely and started studying from the most basic formation knowledge.

In the deep ice cave, Jiang Yun forgot about time and everything else, completely engrossed in understanding the formation, even forgetting to eat and sleep.

With a whole month of hard work, Jiang Yun finally made some progress in deciphering the first small formation of the Nine Snow Loop Array.

Thanks to his great attitude and humility.

With over ten years of experience in studying alchemy, he applied a method of simplifying complexity and tracing the origin in his formation research.

He carefully analyzed each part of the formation, broke down the nine variations of each snowflake, researching and deciphering one change at a time.

At the beginning, the research was very slow.

But as he got more and more familiar, the speed increased, and eventually he managed to break through all eighty-one variations in such a short time.

However, even so, when Jiang Yun finally tried to break the formation himself, he failed seven times in a row.

In fact, there were two occasions when he accidentally triggered some powerful attacks within the formation due to other changes, leading to dangerous situations.

Thanks to Cold Dark-winged Bat's high cultivation in Sky Reaching Realm, he barely endured it.

If it were ordinary monsters like the Gold-armored demon ape, they would probably have died at Jiang Yun's hands before he could break the formation.

With the first formation broken, Cold Dark-winged Bat finally escaped, and Jiang Yun breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the now fully restored formation in front of him, he had a look of lingering fear on his face.

Meanwhile, Cold Dark-winged Bat kept staring ahead intently, even licking his lips and saying, "Master, shall we explore further inside? The cold aura there is really delicious!"

Jiang Yun firmly refused the request without any politeness.

He still didn't know why Xue Mucheng set up the Nine Snow Loop Array here.

It took him a month to crack the first and simplest small array, which almost killed Cold Dark-winged Bat.

If he continued and accidentally got trapped in the second or third array, he might not even have a chance to crack it and could be killed directly by the changes within the array.

More importantly, time was running out for him.

He had planned to go to Heavenly Pill City immediately after the Snow clan left, but unexpectedly, he had wasted another month here.

However, Jiang Yun was also a little reluctant to leave the Nine Snow Loop Array before him.

Despite the dangers, this place was also an excellent location to enhance his array skills.

Just as Xue Mucheng had said, fully cracking the Nine Snow Loop Array would greatly improve his skills in array formations.

After mastering the art of formations, his strength naturally increased.

"If we have the chance and time in the future, we will come back here."

"By then, I will try to break the Nine Snow Loop Array completely and make you suffer!"

Although Jiang Yun's idea was good, he knew it was unlikely to happen.

After all, the distance was too far, and the imminent catastrophe in the Mountain-Sea World made it impossible for him to return here.

"Let's go!"

Holding the Cold Dark-winged Bat, who was reluctant to part, Jiang Yun turned to leave.

However, at that moment, there was a sudden "crack" sound, causing Jiang Yun's body to tremble slightly.

Because he clearly felt something hit him, then fall to the ground.