The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: The Food-Loving Bat

A ice cave connected to the Boundary Sea, deep inside, surprisingly there is a formation made up of nine snowflakes.

This made Jiang Yun really hard to believe.

Needless to say, this formation must be arranged by the Snow clan!

However, Jiang Yun's heart has a very strong feeling.

The existence of this formation, I'm afraid even the Snow clan people, including grandfather, do not know!

Setting up a formation in this place is definitely not a random act, it should have a very special purpose.

If the Snow clan knew, then when they left the Mountain-Sea World, even if they didn't have time to deal with it, they should have told themselves.

But they never said anything about it.

And Jiang Yun vividly remembers that when his grandfather mentioned this ice cave originally, he did so casually, seeming indifferent.

Even the Snow clan doesn't know that their own clan set up the formation here, so this formation must have been arranged by Xue Mucheng.

Furthermore, only he has the ability to set up this formation in this kind of environment.

Jiang Yun even couldn't help but wonder if this ice cave was intentionally created by Xue Mucheng too.

Only he knows why he's keeping his clan in the dark and doing these things.

Seeing Jiang Yun, the little face of the Cold Dark-winged Bat finally showed joy.

Jiang Yun seemed worried that it would scold it, but before Jiang Yun could speak, it opened its mouth like offering a treasure, spat something out, unaffectedly passed through the nine snowflakes and landed in Jiang Yun's hand.

By the light emitted from the snowflakes, Jiang Yun saw that the Cold Dark-winged Bat had given him a small ring.

When he scanned with his divine sense, Jiang Yun was once again stunned.

Because inside the ring, there were piles of storage devices, judging by the number, there were at least five to six hundred, maybe even more!

Although Jiang Yun had not yet carefully examined what was inside each storage device, he knew without thinking.

All these things added together were definitely a considerable wealth!

With a quick thought, Jiang Yun soon realized that these storage devices should be from the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave who died here.

During the two attacks on the Snow clan by the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, over a thousand demon soldiers were sent and almost all were wiped out.

Jiang Yun just hadn't expected that these storage devices of the dead demon soldiers would end up in the Cold Dark-winged Bat's mouth.

"Where did you get this from?"

Upon hearing Jiang Yun's words, Cold Dark-winged Bat's face lit up with pride, saying, "There's something strange in this cave. During the big battle, none of you noticed, all the magical tools that fell were sucked into this ice cave."

"So after you fainted, I saw the Snow clan protecting you, so I sneaked in here and indeed found these things!"

Indeed, during the big battle, whether it was Jiang Yun or the Snow clan, all attention was focused on Xue Ranyi and a few other strong warriors from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Even almost losing his life, there was barely any thought left for caring about magical tools.

Unexpectedly, Cold Dark-winged Bat noticed.

"So you entered here just to pick up these magical tools?"

When he asked this question, Jiang Yun felt somewhat touched.

In his mind, Cold Dark-winged Bat must have ventured into this ice cave to collect these magical tools for himself!

However, in the next moment, his feelings disappeared and were replaced with confusion.

Because Cold Dark-winged Bat shook its head honestly, saying, "No, these are just things I found along the way."

"I feed on the cold and dark energy, and I sensed a very tempting cold energy hidden in this cave. So, I came in to have a good meal, but I accidentally stumbled into this barrier,"

Jiang Yun was speechless!

This Cold Dark-winged Bat went deep into the unknown ice cave just to eat, truly a big eater.

"You should be kept here a bit longer!" Jiang Yun said, feeling both annoyed and amused. "Just wait, I need some time to see if I can break through this barrier!"

Jiang Yun didn't understand anything about barriers.

Luckily, Xue Mucheng's divine thought gave him a jade slip containing insights into barriers.

Jiang Yun thought that since the snowflake barrier in front of him was set up by Xue Mucheng and only consisted of nine snowflakes, it shouldn't be too complicated. By studying the insights left by Xue Mucheng, he might find a way to break it.

Grandpa always said, "Life is full of unknowns! And indeed, who would have thought that one day I would be studying formations in such a place!"

With a bitter smile and a shake of his head, Jiang Yun sat cross-legged next to the formation, first putting away the ring and then taking out a jade slip. He focused his divine sense into it and carefully examined it.

Initially, Jiang Yun thought he wouldn't spend too much time on this. But to his surprise, as soon as he looked at it, his mind became completely immersed in the insights of the formation, unable to break free.

From that moment on, a magical door suddenly opened before Jiang Yun, leading him to another completely new world – the world of formations!

Formations are extremely mysterious, with the ability to turn decay into wonders, all because the ways of formations are vast and profound, as vast as the sea.

Although many people can easily learn and set up formations, it's just scratching the surface. Without grasping the essence of formations, one cannot unleash their full power.

The true path of formations is like alchemy or refining, just like cultivation. It requires a considerable amount of time for study, numerous practices, and countless failures.

While learning formations doesn't have strict requirements, there is one key element – divine sense!

The stronger the divine sense, the more intricate formations can be arranged, and the more terrifying their power becomes.

In Xue Mucheng's mind, he came to the conclusion that he could set up formations using the sun, the moon, the stars, and the rivers and mountains.

But for Jiang Yun, these things were unimaginable to him at the moment.

Even though he had some exposure to the world of formations, he didn't even know where to start, let alone where the entrance was.

Fortunately, his current goal wasn't too high; he just hoped to find the key to unraveling the formation in front of him.

While Jiang Yun was immersed in the formation, he was unaware of something else.

At this moment, thousands of miles away from the snowflake formation in front of him, there existed a snow grave made up of countless snowflakes!

Sitting cross-legged on this snow grave was a young man with an illusory figure about the size of a palm.

Despite his illusory appearance and ordinary looks, the young man was wearing a silver daoist robe that stood out.

The daoist robe was embroidered with countless stars, each emitting a faint light. When they intertwined, they formed strange symbols that seemed to appear and disappear like words.

And the man's figure was covered by this symbol.

This man was holding his chin, with an interested look on his face, his gaze seemed to penetrate the vast distance, and he was looking at Jiang Yun, murmuring to himself, "Interesting, the one who came is not from the Snow clan, but a human!"

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