The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Beneath the Ice Cave

Even though his injuries had not fully healed yet, Jiang Yun still pushed his speed to the limit.

Despite the lingering pain at this speed, he paid no heed.

The distress signal surprisingly came from the Cold Dark-winged Bat!

Honestly, Jiang Yun was still somewhat unaccustomed to the presence of the Cold Dark-winged Bat.

Although he had kept it by his side for a while, it remained dormant until just awakening.

Coupled with his preoccupation over the departure of the Snow clan, he had almost forgotten about the Cold Dark-winged Bat's existence!

It wasn't until this moment, when he sensed the distress call from the Cold Dark-winged Bat, that he suddenly remembered!

At that moment, Jiang Yun felt really sorry inside.

Although Cold Dark-winged Bat was much stronger than Jiang Yun and had reached the Sky Reaching Realm, Jiang Yun didn't see him as a superior.

Instead, he considered him a companion since they had fought alongside each other against Wan Hongbo.

Jiang Yun realized he had forgotten about his companion, which was unforgivable!

So, all he could do now was to make amends and quickly go save Cold Dark-winged Bat!

He didn't even have time to think carefully.

If even Cold Dark-winged Bat from the Sky Reaching Realm couldn't escape danger, Jiang Yun knew his own abilities wouldn't make much of a difference.

Luckily, even though Cold Dark-winged Bat sent a distress signal, Jiang Yun knew it was still alive because of the Demon Sealing Seal inside it.

In an instant, Jiang Yun arrived at a place. His fast running finally came to a stop, revealing a shocked expression on his face.

At this moment, right in front of him, there was a large ice cave!

The Cold Dark-winged Bat's plea for help came from this ice cave.

Jiang Yun was already familiar with this ice cave.

When he first arrived at Snow clan, he even caught a big octopus from inside.

Naturally, this is the same ice cave that existed in the original Snow clan valley.

Initially, Jiang Yun thought this ice cave had been destroyed during the series of battles.

After all, the Snow clan valley and the surrounding snow-capped mountains had almost vanished.

But to his surprise, it still existed.

However, with the disappearance of the Snow clan valley, it sank deep underground.

Looking around, Jiang Yun easily guessed that this was where he had successfully used Li Fire to bring Dust back to life.

Little did Jiang Yun expect that the Cold Dark-winged Bat had entered the ice cave.

You see, this ice cave led to the Boundary Sea, where sometimes Sea clan members emerged to attack the Snow clan. The depth of the cave was unimaginable.

Although Jiang Yun didn't know much about this ice cave, he was aware of the immense danger within.

However, knowing that the Cold Dark-winged Bat was inside, Jiang Yun didn't hesitate to jump in!

Landing in the water, Jiang Yun immediately felt a piercing cold that made him shiver uncontrollably.

Surprisingly, the water was even colder than the outside air.

Fortunately, his body could withstand such extreme cold.

During his time in the Mang Mountains, Jiang Yun often went fishing and swimming in Mang Lake, showcasing his strong swimming skills.

With his improved skills and the help of spirit qi, he sank deeper into the ice cave like a giant rock.

The sea water in the ice cave was very clear, though a bit dark, Jiang Yun's vision was hardly affected.

The water was empty, not even a shadow of the Sea clan, sea fish, or seaweed could be seen.

The shape of the entire water area was similar to the ice cave, maintaining a square about thirty feet in diameter, like a straight up-and-down passage.

As Jiang Yun continued to sink into the water, he carefully calculated the depth he was descending.

After he descended a thousand feet, the surroundings not only became pitch black, but the water pressure also increased, intensifying the cold.

Even his strong body was struggling to bear it, forcing him to summon Li Fire.

Although Jiang Yun couldn't fully unleash the power of Li Fire, it was more than enough to keep him warm and dispel the cold around him.

As Jiang Yun descended over five thousand feet, the pressure of the seawater felt like several mountains were pressing down on him.

At this time, Jiang Yun had to stop.

The energy inside his body, three dao bodies, and all his powers were running at the same time, allowing his body to continue sinking downward.

By the time he reached a depth of eight thousand feet, Jiang Yun's sinking speed had slowed to the extreme.

Luckily, he finally felt that not only was he getting closer to the Cold Dark-winged Bat, but also that the dark currents around him were increasing.

This made Jiang Yun guess easily that he was not far away from where the straight up and down water area was connected to the real Boundary Sea, or else the dark currents wouldn't be there.

A long ice cave of over eight thousand feet - if he hadn't seen it with his own eyes, he probably wouldn't have believed it.

Finally, when Jiang Yun slowly sank to a depth of ten thousand feet, the water area that had been straight up and down suddenly curved horizontally.

The dark currents ahead were extremely strong, and the scent of the Cold Dark-winged Bat was coming from not far away.

Jiang Yun finally felt a bit relieved in his heart.

Because of how deep it is, this is already the limit that his abilities and body can handle.

If he forces himself to sink further down, his body will definitely be crushed into minced meat by the terrifying water pressure.

However, with the surroundings so dark that he couldn't even see his own hand, Jiang Yun strained his eyes and could barely make out a distance of three to five meters.

Luckily, guided by the scent of the Cold Dark-winged Bat, he didn't lose his way.

After slowly moving forward for about thirty meters, a faint white light suddenly appeared in the pitch-black front, with the Cold Dark-winged Bat enveloped in this light.

Just then, a voice suddenly echoed in his mind, "Don't go any further, it's dangerous!"

The voice sounded a bit young, like a boy's voice, which made Jiang Yun freeze in disbelief at the thought of a child being in this place.

It wasn't until the voice spoke again, saying, "It's me, Cold Dark-winged Bat!"

Startled, Jiang Yun couldn't help but blurt out, "You can talk?"

"What's so surprising? After entering the Sky Reaching Realm, I am able to speak your human language!"

This was truly unexpected for Jiang Yun!

Actually, it's quite normal for spirits to speak the human language.

It's just that the spirits Jiang Yun has encountered who speak human language all appear in human form.

Unlike them, the Cold Dark-winged Bat always remains in its animal form. So when it suddenly spoke human language, he found it a bit hard to accept at first.

At that moment, Bai Ze also explained, "If animals don't transform into human form, they can communicate with humans using divine sense when they reach the Blessed Land realm. Only when they reach the Sky Reaching Realm can they speak."

Jiang Yun nodded and didn't dwell on this issue, asking quickly, "How did you get here? What is that light, and can't you come out?"

While talking, Jiang Yun did not listen to the advice of Cold Dark-winged Bat, and had already taken a few steps towards the white light.

But when he saw clearly the shining lights, he suddenly froze again.

Because, these things that shine white light, turned out to be snowflakes!

Nine white snowflakes, quietly floating in the water, the light they emit connected together, clearly forming a formation.

And Cold Dark-winged Bat, is trapped in the formation.