The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: Sending You Sunshine

At this moment, Xue Qing, with her blue eyes sparkling, her beautiful face no longer cold but filled with deep sorrow.

However, when she saw Jiang Yun's figure and felt his gaze upon her, she managed to squeeze out a faint smile.

But with the smile appearing, the sparkle in her eyes quietly faded away, turning into two blue tears.

Smiling through tears.

Looking at those two tears, Jiang Yun tightly grasped the necklace in his hand, realizing the blue stone on the necklace was not a droplet but a tear!

In that moment, a faint pain suddenly struck Jiang Yun's heart as The Human Tao's technique uncontrollably emerged.

Scenes flashed through his mind, each exuding deep melancholy.

Cries of sorrow echoed in his ears, each carrying a profound sense of reluctance.

Because that was the farewell between loved ones!

In this picture, in this sound, especially seeing the faces of the Snow clan people and Xue Qing in front of him, Jiang Yun spoke out three words slowly, "Love, farewell, parting!"

Love and Separation, one of the eight sufferings in the world!

The Snow clan deeply loves the land they were born on, deeply loves the world they were born into, but now they have to part ways, this is, suffering!

Watching Xue Qing crying, Jiang Yun's eyes also began to fill with tears, in this moment, he not only understood the suffering of Love and Separation, but also started to grasp the meaning behind Xue Qing's tears.

"Xue Qing, your pain of parting seems to include me, besides this land!"

"If you want to see a sunny day, then I'll give you one!"

As the words fell, a powerful aura burst from Jiang Yun's body, and he suddenly pointed towards the sky, saying, "Turn into a crow!"

From Jiang Yun's fingertips, surged fierce flames, all turning into burning Fire Crows, spreading their wings and soaring into the sky!

At the end of the sky, they gathered together and turned into a small sun!

Like feeling the call of their companions, the surrounding Li Fire at Snow Palace surged and expanded again, reflecting with the sun in the sky, illuminating the whole sky.

The night seemed to be reversed and turned into daytime.

Next, Jiang Yun pointed again and said, "Leave!"

This point, like turning into an endless long sword, fiercely slashed towards the end of the sky.

This slash didn't cut the sky, didn't cut the ground.

It cut the limit of the sky, the place where countless snowflakes fell.

Silently, the snowflakes all disappeared under Jiang Yun's slash, as if he had cut off the source of the falling snow with one point.

Let the falling snow separate from the sky!

Without the snow falling from the sky, a small sun appeared, making the sky clear.

The sky is clear!

At this moment, the teleportation has begun, and on top of the blurry Li FireSnow Palace, all the Snow clan people naturally saw this scene.

This made their teary faces show shock again, even the grandfather was no exception.

Despite Jiang Yun already bringing them a lot of shock, nobody expected that at this moment of departure, Jiang Yun would once again bring them an even greater shock.

He turned the night into the day, made the snow disappear, and transformed this perpetually dark area into a sunny day.

However, only Xue Qing, with tears on her face as she looked at the clear sky, did not show shock but a content smile.

Just before the Li FireSnow Palace completely disappeared, Xue Qing suddenly looked down at Jiang Yun, pressed her hand firmly against her chest, holding a small jade bottle in her palm, softly saying, "I hope, whenever you see the snow, the clear sky, you will remember a girl named Xue Qing!"



As the whole world trembled violently, Li FireSnow Palace, along with all the Snow clan, finally vanished without a trace under the clear sky.

In the vast world, only Jiang Yun stood quietly there, watching the now empty space, with a smile on his face, saying, "Today's parting is for the next reunion, so, parting is not painful!"

The sun made up of countless Fire Crows gradually dimmed, the snowflakes cut off by Jiang Yun with a Taoist spell fell once again.

However, Jiang Yun still stood in place, like he used to watch the sea at the snow cliff, letting the snowflakes fall on him, gradually engulfing him, turning him into a snowman.

Although parting is not painful, the departure of the Snow clan, especially after understanding Xue Qing's intentions, made Jiang Yun inevitably feel a bit melancholy.

Not knowing how long their teleportation this time will take, not knowing if they can safely reach another world, not knowing what kind of world it is, not knowing if they can smoothly settle in that world.

One question after another kept appearing in Jiang Yun's mind.

Until a long time later, he finally let out a long sigh, muttered to himself, "What's the use of thinking about this? No matter what situation the Snow clan will face, this is their own choice!"

"Moreover, Xue Mucheng, as the elder, must have made arrangements for his tribe!"

As the words faded, Jiang Yun lifted his foot and took a step forward.

Strangely, behind him, the countless snowflakes that had piled on him still maintained a human shape, quietly standing there.

There were no snowflakes on his own body.

This is the amazing power of the Taoist spell Love and Separation!

The reason why Jiang Yun was able to comprehend this Taoist spell at this moment was not only because of the separation from the Snow clan and Xue Qing's love that touched him.

Another important reason was that not long ago, Xue Mucheng had taught him the final move of the Li Fire technique, Li Fire.

Li Fire is the ability to extract flames from everything and use them for oneself.

The Love and Separation technique is similar, but its effect and power are much greater.

Because of Love and Separation, anything can be separated from everything else;

Even everything can be separated completely.

For example, the clear sky just now, Jiang Yun separated the falling snow from the sky, so that this area no longer had snow.

For example, now, with a thought, he separated himself from the snow piled up on his body.

However, Jiang Yun's own strength is still too low at the moment, coupled with not comprehending the true meaning hidden in each Taoist spell, hence unable to unleash the full power of the Taoist spell.

Nevertheless, this allowed him to have a more concrete experience and understanding of the Taoist spell.

Whether it is the Unattainable, or Love and Separation, the power of any kind of Taoist spell is extremely astonishing, no wonder once it appears, it will be coveted by everyone.

The melancholy in his heart made Jiang Yun momentarily reluctant to go to Heavenly Pill City immediately, so he simply traveled alone in the falling snow under the cover of night.

As he walked, he pondered on various issues in his mind to dispel his melancholy.

Just a moment later, he suddenly received a distress signal in his mind, causing a cold light to flash in his eyes. In an instant, he turned into a beam of light and rushed back.