The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 241

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Chapter 241: Beyond the World

At this moment, Jiang Yun was completely stunned, he didn't hear a word of what grandfather said after.

In his mind, only four words kept echoing - Other Worlds!

Although he was no longer the young boy who had just left Mang Mountains, he had experienced countless things that others might never experience in their entire lives.

He even knew how to break through to the Sky Blessed Realm, just one step away from defeating a master of the Earth Protection Realm.

Yet, he still couldn't imagine that in this world, there existed a teleportation array that could take you out of the Mountain-Sea World and into other worlds!

Not to mention reaching other worlds, even sending over a hundred people from Jiang village to the Seeking-Tao Sect through a teleportation array seemed extremely difficult to Jiang Yun.

But the Snow clan had such a teleportation array.

And it wasn't just one or two people being transferred, it was a large group, nearly a thousand individuals being sent at once.

No wonder Snow Clan's grandfather said they didn't need help with the move, just for Jiang Yun to stay with Snow Clan for up to three months.

So, he already had a way to move!

After a while, Jiang Yun finally recovered from his shock and asked his grandfather, "Elder, may I ask how many other worlds exist beyond the Mountain-Sea World?"

Back when Jiang Yun was in the Seeking-Tao Sect, he learned from his Senior Brother that there was another world called The Great Wilderness, just a sea away from the Mountain-Sea World.

In his understanding at that time, he thought that besides the Mountain-Sea World, there was only The Great Wilderness.

But later, whether he broke through the final three meridians with his own body, thunder, and the power of the Taoist Demon, or encountered the Heavenly Demon Bai Ze in the Demon Refining Pen, he realized that there must be other worlds outside these two.

Beyond these two worlds, there should be other worlds as well.

Three days ago, when Xue Mucheng's divine thought merged with Jiang Yun's divine sense, it made him feel a call from a distant unknown place.

Even though Xue Mucheng himself didn't know where this unknown place was, it was easy to guess that it must be another world.

Now, grandfather is taking the whole Snow clan to another world.

This made Jiang Yun really confused, so he asked this question.

Grandfather's face showed a slight smile and he said, "I don't know either!"

"This question is one that nobody can answer, at least not in the Mountain-Sea World!"

"But I can tell you, there are other worlds beyond ours!"

"The number of other worlds is definitely more than you can imagine!"

After hesitating for a moment, grandfather suddenly lowered his voice and said, "Since you are not a stranger, I will share a secret with you!"

"Our first ancestral ancestor, though born in the Mountain-Sea World, unexpectedly felt a vision from within Li Fire when he merged with it."

Jiang Yun asked in confusion, "What kind of vision?"

"Li Fire came from the sun, but instead of landing directly in Mountain-Sea World, it went on a very long journey."

"That picture captures Li Fire's whole journey!"

"Li Fire traveled through at least a hundred worlds before finally reaching Mountain-Sea World!"

Jiang Yun was stunned again!

Wushan Island seemed vast to him, but Boundary Sea was said to be endless.

Together, they formed a Mountain-Sea World.

What does it mean to travel through hundreds of worlds?

Jiang Yun just couldn't imagine it.

Feeling shocked and lost, he couldn't help but look up at the dark night sky, once again feeling his own smallness and the vastness of the universe.

"I wonder if one day I can leave the Mountain-Sea World and visit other worlds!"

This idea had just popped up when Jiang Yun rejected it himself.

Forget about having the ability to leave the Mountain-Sea World, even if there was, but within the Mountain-Sea World, there were close relatives, martial arts sects, and people he cared about, he could not just leave them and go away.

Naturally, Jiang Yun did not hesitate to refuse grandfather's kind invitation!

Even if the Mountain-Sea World was dangerous, he still wanted to stay here.

Obviously, the grandfather also anticipated that Jiang Yun would refuse.

Although a little sad, it was also expected.

However, what truly saddened him was something else, the relationship between Xue Qing and Jiang Yun.

If Jiang Yun was willing to leave with them, then he would try his best to matchmake the two, making Jiang Yun the son-in-law of the Snow clan.

But now, with Jiang Yun's refusal, this matter almost became impossible.

Letting out a sigh, grandfather continued, "Jiang Xiaoyou, just rest here and recover from your injuries. Leave only when you are completely healed."

Jiang Yun shook his head, "No need, my injuries are not serious. I do not need to rest anymore."

"Besides, I have a mission this time I left the sect, and it has already taken up a lot of time. I can't delay any longer, so I am ready to say goodbye!"

Jiang Yun knew grandfather meant well, but what he said was true.

His master had told him to return to the sect within two years, but now almost a year had passed.

However, he had not even entered the gates of the Grand Medicine Sect, let alone searched for an antidote for his Third Martial Brother.

Furthermore, he also wanted to visit No-Returning Road to find Lu Xiaoyu; and go back to the Mang Mountains to visit his grandfather and relatives in Jiang village.

After a moment of silence, grandfather said, "Well, all good things must come to an end. Since it is so, I won't keep you any longer!"

"In the future, if there's a chance, maybe you can meet us, the Snow clan, again!"

"I can't move easily, so I won't accompany you, Qing'er. Please help me send Young Jiang on his way!"

As grandfather's last words echoed, the snowflakes surrounding the two vanished instantly.

Naturally, his voice also reached the ears of all Snow clan members.

Especially Xue Qing, upon hearing these words, felt a slight trembling in her body, but she didn't say anything. Instead, she silently turned around, leaped into the air, and flew forward.

All Snow clan members stood up once again, countless pairs of eyes staring at Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun also scanned each of their faces one by one.

He knew that perhaps he would never see these faces again in his lifetime.

After all, even the Snow clan didn't know which world they were heading to.

Outside of Mountain-Sea World, there are many other worlds. Even if one can leave Mountain-Sea World, the chance of seeing them again is very slim.

Especially grandfather.

Although grandfather never said it, Jiang Yun suspected that once the Snow clan was transported to another world, grandfather's life would come to an end.

There is absolutely no possibility of seeing each other again in this lifetime.

Just then, Jiang Yun suddenly remembered that he had all of the Snow clan's collection on him. He had only refined a kind of elixir, used dozens of talismans, and still had many things left.

These things were of no use to him now, but were very useful to the Snow clan, so he hurriedly took them out.

Among them were some of his own cultivation items, all of which he handed to grandfather, saying, "Grandfather, these things are for you!"

Grandfather was slightly surprised and shook his head, saying, "No need, you keep them!"

"You are going to other worlds, unfamiliar with the surroundings, and will need these things by your side."

After a moment of contemplation, the grandfather nodded and said, "Then I won't be polite to the little friend!"

Indeed, it is very difficult to establish oneself in a completely new world.

What's more, the Snow clan is not very strong.

Even though the grandfather and five spirit demons who have entered the Sky Reaching Realm are powerful, they don't have much time left.

Practicing more will at least give them some hope of survival!

"Take care, everyone!"

After bowing to all the members of the Snow clan again, Jiang Yun finally turned around, soared into the air, and prepared to go after Xue Qing.

However, just as he was about to get up, a sharp pain suddenly shot through his left eye, causing him to stagger and fall straight down from the sky.