The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 240

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Chapter 240: Other Worlds

If Xue Qing hadn't told him that he had only been unconscious for three days, Jiang Yun would have probably suspected that he had been asleep for a hundred years. Otherwise, how could grandfather have aged so much!

This naturally shocked Jiang Yun greatly, not knowing what exactly happened to his grandfather.

However, his grandfather's face was full of smiles, waving at Jiang Yun, "I'm fine, just spent some life force to leave early with my clan!"

"Don't worry, although I look a bit old, I won't die anytime soon."

Despite his grandfather's casual explanation, feeling the aura of death, Jiang Yun knew that his grandfather's situation was definitely not as simple as he claimed.

Since grandfather didn't explicitly mention it, Jiang Yun naturally wouldn't reveal it, gently nodding his head.

Looking at Jiang Yun, the smile on his grandfather's face grew stronger, even in his gaze, there was more love compared to before, reminding Jiang Yun of his own grandfather.

"Young friend Jiang, thanks to your great help this time, our clan can survive, I deeply appreciate your kindness!"

"In the future, no matter where our Snow clan resides, generation after generation will always remember the kindness of our young friend!"

As grandfather finished speaking, hundreds of Snow clan members sitting around, even children, all stood up and deeply bowed to Jiang Yun!

Jiang Yun not only helped the Snow clan a lot!

Without Jiang Yun, the Snow clan would definitely have been wiped out.

Because of the ancestor Xue Mucheng's divine thought, no one in the clan except Jiang Yun can integrate with it.

It's not an overstatement to say that Jiang Yun saved the entire Snow clan single-handedly.

Facing the great gift from many Snow clan members, Jiang Yun also deeply bowed and said, "I am not worthy!"

Although he knew he deserved their bow, he also gained great benefits in the Snow clan.

Gathering the Blessed Land, refining the Li Fire, the Li Fire three styles.

He even learned how to enter the Sky Blessed Realm.

All of this is priceless, so the Snow clan does not owe him anything!

After standing up straight, Snow's grandfather suddenly waved his sleeves, wrapping both of them in countless snowflakes, and Jiang Yun knew that his grandfather had something to say to him.

Indeed, after isolating the other tribe members, grandfather spoke up, "The divine thought of our ancestors told me that Xue Ranyi may not have died!"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun's eyes narrowed slightly, a cold light flashing in them.

While the news shocked him a bit, it was not surprising.

Even a slight divine thought from Xue Mucheng had the ability to change everything, so it was not hard to imagine that Xue Ranyi, as a member of the Earth Protection Realm, had some life-saving abilities.

Grandfather continued, "Although Xue Ranyi may not be dead, he must have been seriously injured and won't reappear for some time."

"We are about to leave, so don't worry about him, but you, my young friend, must be careful and guard against him and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

Grandfather's voice was filled with remorse.

In fact, even without grandfather's explanation, Jiang Yun knew that the Ten Thousand Demons Cave would never let him go.

However, Jiang Yun had already made enemies, so adding one more at the Ten Thousand Demons Cave wouldn't hurt.

"Let's not talk about this!" Jiang Yun didn't want grandfather to feel guilty, so he changed the subject and said, "Grandfather, Senior Xue..."

Jiang Yun stopped speaking here because he didn't know how to continue asking.

Luckily, grandfather seemed to understand, and a hint of sadness appeared on his face as he said, "The divine thought of our ancestor has dissipated."

Jiang Yun fell silent again, thinking of the scene he saw before passing out.

Even though he and Xue Mucheng's divine thoughts had no connection, the merging of divine senses and fighting side by side.

Especially the techniques Xue Mucheng taught him and the method to break through the Sky Blessed Realm.

All of this made Jiang Yun deeply grateful and respectful towards Xue Mucheng's divine thought.

Hearing that it had truly dissipated now felt like a loss of life, making him very uncomfortable.

After staying silent for a while, the grandfather continued, "Before he disappeared, besides telling me about Xue Ranyi, he asked me to give this jade piece to you."

Jiang Yun looked at the jade piece that the grandfather handed to him, shook his head and said, "Senior Xue has already given me many gifts, I really can't accept anything else."

The grandfather smiled and said, "This jade piece contains techniques from my Snow clan and some insights on formations from our ancestors!"

"Young one, this was a direct request from our ancestor to give this to you. If you don't accept it, I'll be disobeying our ancestor's command!"


Jiang Yun reluctantly took the jade piece and carefully stowed it away in his storage device.

Then, to Jiang Yun's surprise, the grandfather presented another ring and said, "As for this one, it was part of the deal I made with you, containing some formation stones that I crafted."

"Though not very powerful, it might come in handy in critical moments."

"Also, as I promised before leaving, I will provide you with a teleportation array stone, for your journey ahead."

"Although I do not know where you want to go, this teleportation array stone can directly take you to Heavenly Pill City in Zhongshan Province, which is considered the central area of the entire Mountain-Sea World."

"From there, no matter where you want to go, you can find the corresponding teleportation array."

Heavenly Pill City is the city under Grand Medicine Sect's jurisdiction. Your grandfather, who does not know, the place Jiang Yun wants to go is actually Grand Medicine Sect.

Naturally, Jiang Yun could not refuse this array stone and had to reach out for it again.

After watching Jiang Yun pack up his things, grandfather let out a long sigh of relief and finally fulfilled a wish, saying, "Young one, if you need any help, feel free to ask."

Jiang Yun shook his head and said, "No, elder grandfather, when do you plan to leave this place?"


"I wonder, where are you heading to? If you are going to South Mountain Province, we might meet again."

Upon hearing this, grandfather suddenly smiled and said, "I used to be cautious with you, so I did not tell you everything earlier."

"Actually, I don't know the exact place we are going to, but at least it's not Mountain-Sea World!"


Jiang Yun's body suddenly shook and he said, "Are you all leaving Mountain-Sea World to go to another world?"

"Yes!" Grandfather nodded. "When our ancestor left, he told us that Li FireSnow Palace is a huge teleportation array that contains a drop of his own blood."

"As long as this blood exists, when my Snow clan is in danger, we can use Li FireSnow Palace to leave Mountain-Sea World."

"However, our ancestor did not specify which world this teleportation array leads to. But I believe it is likely the world he went to."

Looking deeply at Jiang Yun, grandfather said, "Young friend, do you want to leave Mountain-Sea World? If you do, I can take you with us."

"Even though we don't know what the next world will be like, I think it can't be worse than the situation in Mountain-Sea World!"

"After all, Mountain-Sea World is becoming more and more dangerous, facing potential disasters at any moment!"