The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 239

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Chapter 239: Intense Stench of Death

At the same time Jiang Yun fell into unconsciousness, in a world equally icy and snowy, a middle-aged man in white suddenly opened his eyes.

If Jiang Yun could see him at that moment, he would notice that this man bore a striking resemblance to Xue Mucheng's divine thought.

The man with white eyes gazed into the distance and murmured to himself, "The divine thought I left behind years ago has finally dissipated!"

"It seems that our clan is facing a great crisis. I just don't know if he will help our clan overcome this crisis!"

After pondering for a moment, the man continued, "Even though you have developed your own consciousness, since you are my Xue Mucheng's divine thought, if you dissipate, I will still bring you back!"

Obviously, this person is the first demon of the Mountain-Sea World, the true form of Xue Mucheng!

"Come back, my special idea!"

As Xue Mucheng finished speaking, he reached out his hand and gently grabbed at the air.

Suddenly, a small snowflake vortex appeared in his palm.

Looking at the snowflake vortex, Xue Mucheng's face showed a surprised expression, "Snow Dance Burial! There are still members of the Snow clan who can carry my special idea and use this technique?"

The vortex continued to spin, slowly forming into a human shape, but this shape was not Xue Mucheng's special idea, it was Jiang Yun.

Seeing Jiang Yun, the man's surprise deepened, "He is not from our clan, but a human! A human carrying my special idea? And even using our Snow Dance Burial..."

"How is this possible?"

Just then, the man's expression suddenly changed drastically.

Because in the sky above, a huge hand appeared and reached towards the figure of Jiang Yun in his palm.

"Dao God Temple!"

The man's face showed fear, and as he uttered these three words, he quickly retreated.

However, the snowflake figure that had formed in the palm of his hand was directly grabbed by the giant hand.

Even though the giant hand had vanished instantly, the man still looked in the direction where it disappeared, feeling frightened, and said, "Who is this human, to have attracted the attention of the Dao God Temple!"

"My Snow clan is connected to him, but is this connection a blessing or a curse?"


After some time had passed, Jiang Yun slowly opened his eyes to see a beautiful face and a pair of blue eyes.

At that moment, those eyes were filled with concern, but when they saw Jiang Yun opening his eyes, the concern turned into surprise, even exclaiming, "You're awake!"

"Miss Xue!"

Jiang Yun also recognized Xue Qing and tried hard to sit up.

Xue Qing quickly reached out and gently held Jiang Yun's arms, saying, "Don't rush to get up. Grandpa said your injuries are too severe, and you need to rest!"

Jiang Yun sat up straight and said, "I'm fine! By the way, are you injured? What about your people, and our grandfather, how are they? How long was I unconscious?"

Jiang Yun could feel a slight pain in his body and knew that his injuries had not fully healed yet.

Firstly, he was almost killed by Jin Yifei of the Dao Spirit realm, then his injuries worsened when fused with Xue Mucheng's divine thought from the Sky Blessed Realm, and finally, he went through a major battle with Xue Ranyi from the Earth Protection Realm.

Thanks to Xue Mucheng's divine thought, his injuries were constantly suppressed during the battles, otherwise, he would have died long ago.

When Xue Mucheng's divine thought left, all his injuries erupted simultaneously, causing him to fall into a coma.

Fortunately, his physical strength was very strong, so during his unconsciousness, his body kept treating his injuries. While not fully healed, they improved by about sixty to seventy percent.

When Jiang Yun woke up, the first thing he cared about was himself, which made Xue Qing blush.

She suddenly realized that she was still tightly holding Jiang Yun's arm, hastily letting go and saying, "I'm not hurt, grandfather and the tribe are all fine too, you've been unconscious for three days!"

This answer finally eased Jiang Yun's anxious heart, and he opened his mouth to speak.

Xue Qing seemed to know what he wanted to ask, and interrupted before he could speak, "This time, almost all of the troops in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were wiped out, but Jin Yifei managed to escape with Huo Duming and the five spirit demons from the hidden realms!"

Jiang Yun could roughly guess the outcome as well.

Before he lost consciousness, Xue Ranyi had already killed all the remaining ordinary monsters in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Although Jin Yifei had destroyed almost half of his body, with his Dao Spirit strength, he should be able to escape.

"We still need to be careful in case they come back!"

Xue Qing nodded and said, "Don't worry, just yesterday, grandfather finished all the preparations and said we could leave at any time!"


This news instantly made Jiang Yun very happy. He stood up straight and said, "Miss Xue, please take me to see grandfather right away!"

Even though Xue Qing didn't say it, Jiang Yun could easily guess that Snow clan had stayed back yesterday in order to wait for him to wake up.

This wait was still risky for the Snow clan.

After all, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave could appear again at any time. Since he was already awake, it was important not to waste any more time.

He needed to help the Snow clan leave quickly so he could resolve a personal matter sooner.

As Jiang Yun stood up, he noticed the surroundings.

It was late at night, but snowflakes were still falling from the sky.

However, there was a circle of snowflakes swirling around him and Xue Qing, isolating them from the outside world.

This was a temporary formation set up by his grandfather to help him rest.

Xue Qing also stood up and walked to Jiang Yun, asking, "Grandpa is outside! Are you really okay?"

"I'm fine!"

To show he was not lying, Jiang Yun smiled at Xue Qing.

He even waved his arms forcefully twice, saying, "Getting injured is nothing new to me, I'm used to it."

After saying that, Jiang Yun stepped out of the formation.

Outside the formation, there was still a vast white land, and on this land, hundreds of white figures sat cross-legged, all of them Snow clan members.

Despite surviving a close call, the death of over a hundred clan members left them with no joy.

They remained silent, sitting there, remembering their loved ones.

"Young one, you're awake!"

At that moment, an old voice sounded in Jiang Yun's ear. When Jiang Yun looked towards the voice, he couldn't help but shiver slightly, showing a look of shock on his face.

"Grandfather, what's wrong with you?"

The one speaking was naturally Snow Clan's grandfather.

But at this moment, grandfather's appearance was much older compared to when Jiang Yun first saw him!

With his face full of wrinkles, his white eyes appeared cloudy. His body, which was not particularly tall to begin with, was now even more hunched over.

It was as if he had aged a hundred years in these three days.

Even Jiang Yun's sharp divine sense could sense a strong aura of death coming from him!