The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 238

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Chapter 238: Snow Falling Everywhere

Xue Ranyi's strike was truly the pinnacle of his strength as a powerful protector of the Earth Realm!

With one swing of his blade, a massive crack appeared from the sky to the ground, dividing the heavens and earth.

However, this mighty strike, upon touching the snowstorm, was immediately overwhelmed by a terrifying force and began to crumble!

The souls of the demon race within the Blood Blade were directly swallowed and crushed by the snowstorm, leaving no trace behind.

This is the power of snow, the most potent magic of the Snow clan.

Furthermore, this technique was almost akin to a Taoist spell, embodying the essence of the Snow clan.

This sight deepened the fear in Xue Ranyi's eyes.

Because he was already above the snowstorm, feeling the threat of death, just like when Jin Yifei faced Jiang Yun's vortex at his fingertips before!

Likewise, he finally deeply realized the strength of the Celestial Protector.

His power in the Earth Protection Realm is simply incomparable to Xue Mucheng's.

No, he couldn't even compare to a trace of divine thought left by Xue Mucheng in the past.

If it's really Xue Mucheng himself here, then he might die without even having a chance to strike!

The collapse of the Blood Blade is not the end sent by the Snow Dance, but just the beginning.

Even though Xue Ranyi let go of his hand the moment the Blood Blade collapsed, he was already frantically retreating at an extremely fast speed.

However, the snowstorm continued to expand limitlessly.

The terrifying power of the snow completely disregarded the distance in space, seemingly following the countless snowflakes falling from the sky, connecting and transmitting each piece like goose feathers.

Xue Ranyi needed to go to a place where there was no snow in order to escape.

But no matter how fast he ran, he always found snowflakes wherever he went.

It seemed like the whole Mountain-Sea World was snowing.

Each snowflake was as sharp as a weapon, able to harm him easily.

"No, I don't want to die, I don't want to die!"

Xue Ranyi shouted in desperation.

He was even more afraid of death than Jin Yifei, as he was a powerful figure in the Earth Protection Realm in the Mountain-Sea World.

Even if Wushan Island was completely engulfed by the Boundary Sea, he believed he could survive unscathed because of his strength.

Despite his unwillingness to give up, eventually, a snowflake gently fell on him.


Even though it was just one snowflake, it contained a terrifying power.

Xue Ranyi was frozen in place and couldn't escape. He could only watch in horror as more and more snowflakes quickly approached.

In the blink of an eye, countless snowflakes fell on Xue Ranyi, covering him layer by layer. The snowflakes kept increasing until finally, they formed a snow grave!


With the appearance of the Li FireSnow Palace and the snowstorm created by all the Snow clan members, the sky over the entire Mountain-Sea World suddenly darkened.

Then, the snowflakes began to fall!

These snowflakes not only existed in the area where the Snow clan lived but also appeared in North Mountain, West Mountain Province, Zhongshan Province, East Mountain County, and South Mountain Province!

Even the vast Boundary Sea above was covered in falling snowflakes.

At this moment, the whole Mountain-Sea World started snowing!

Countless beings, whether they were cultivators or ordinary people; whether they belonged to the human race or demon race, all couldn't help but look up at the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Most beings had a look of shock on their faces.

Especially those beings who had never seen snow in their entire lives, turned from shock to joy.

Excitedly looking up, reaching out their hands to catch the falling snowflakes, feeling the slight chill melting in their hands.

"So, he belongs to the Snow clan!"

On Hidden Peak, Gu Bulao also opened his palm, allowing a snowflake to land on it, but instead of melting, a figure appeared on it.

A white figure standing at the center of a snowstorm linking the sky and earth!

Dao Tianyou's gaze also landed on this figure, the last trace of worry in the depths of his eyes disappeared without a trace, and he couldn't help but softly say, "The Snow clan, are they really that powerful?"

"The Snow clan now may not be as strong, but there was once a powerful creature in the Snow clan!"

Gu Bulao's gaze fixed deeply upon the figure of his disciple on the snow.

In his eyes, he saw not only his disciple, but also another white figure within his disciple.

"It's a pity. When I arrived here, he had already left. I have always wanted to see how powerful this so-called powerful creature, the first monster, really is."

"Now it appears that this first monster lives up to its reputation!"

As Gu Bulao's voice fell, his palm gently closed, causing the snowflake to naturally melt and disappear.

"Alright, the excitement is over. It's time for you to leave!"

Upon hearing Gu Bulao's dismissal, Dao Tianyou's face showed a hint of sadness as he said, "Actually, life in the Mountain-Sea World is also quite exciting!"


Other than Hidden Peak, in the vast Boundary Sea, there is an unknown island.

On the island, there is a small hill, and at the top of the hill, there is a middle-aged man sitting cross-legged.

Although he looks a bit weathered, he is very handsome, with a water drop mark on his forehead, and most notably, his eyes are blue.

At this moment, he also opened his palm, looking at the snowflake falling into his hand, a reminiscing expression appeared on his weathered face.

After a long time, this reminiscence turned into gentleness, and he murmured, "Soon, I should be able to see you again!"


As Xue Ranyi's body was enveloped by numerous snowflakes, forming a snow grave, Jiang Yun heard Xue Mucheng's voice in his mind once again.

"Young friend, my task is completed, and perhaps we won't meet again in the future!"

"To thank you for saving my tribe, I will give you all our tribe's spells and formations!"

"Little friend, take care!"

Xue Mucheng's voice became weaker and farther away.

In Jiang Yun's gaze, he seemed to see a middle-aged man in white clothes, smiling and nodding at him, then turning away and walking further into the swirling snowfall!

Until his figure completely melded into the falling snow.

Watching the endless snowflakes falling from the sky, a hint of sadness appeared on Jiang Yun's face.

"I wonder if this snow is transformed by the senior, or if the senior has returned within this snow. Farewell, Senior Xue, have a safe journey!"

Jiang Yun clasped his hands together, bowing deeply to the snowflakes floating down from the sky.

Before he could stand up straight, he suddenly felt a surge of energy rushing out of his body like a tide.

Even his eyes, hair, and clothes were all changing color.

Immediately after, Jiang Yun's vision went black, and he fell straight down.

His final sensation was a gentle coldness, like soft snowflakes lightly supporting his body.

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