The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 237

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Chapter 237: Snow Dance Funeral

Actually, Jiang Yun can refine the talents of other demons without needing them to be very strong. As long as they have talent, he can refine them.

But Xue Mucheng obviously didn't know this.

In his mind, if he was going to refine talents, he would need the strongest ones. So he directly brought Xue Qing over.

Even though Xue Qing looked puzzled at the moment, not knowing why the elder brought her over, she didn't say a word and just stared straight at Jiang Yun.

In her blue eyes, there was a light of trust.

Jiang Yun, of course, didn't have time to explain to her, and said to Xue Mucheng, "Senior Xue, can you help me conceal this?"

"Sure, you can proceed with confidence!"

Knowing that Jiang Yun's secret as a Demon Refiner must not be revealed, Xue Mucheng's divine sense suddenly expanded, forming an invisible shield that completely enveloped Jiang Yun and Xue Qing.

Only then did Jiang Yun softly say to Xue Qing, "Miss Xue, I apologize!"

With Xue Mucheng's divine protection, Jiang Yun didn't need to worry about being noticed.

With a quick wave of his fingers, the Demon Refining Seal appeared and struck Xue Qing's body directly.

In Jiang Yun's body now existed a gift from Huo Duming.

Due to time constraints, he hadn't had a chance to check yet.

However, logically, he shouldn't refine the gifts of other demon races anymore.

But now, he was forced by circumstances to acquire the Snow clan's gift in order to defeat Xue Ranyi.


At that moment, a deafening sound suddenly rang out.

Xue Ranyi wielded the blood blade and struck the flame shield for the third time!

"Click, click, click!"

A series of crisp bursting sounds rang out, and numerous cracks appeared on the flame shield.

It was obviously at its limit, on the verge of completely collapsing.

However, Xue Mucheng suddenly exhaled a long breath, enveloping the shield, preventing it from collapsing.

By exhaling this breath, Xue Mucheng also paid some price, a hint of crimson appeared on his snowy white face.

"A dying struggle!"

Although the flame shield did not collapse, Xue Ranyi vaguely realized that Jiang Yun and Xue Mucheng were both at their limits, so he sneered and raised his wrist again.

The blood knife, which had absorbed the souls of nearly three hundred demon race, ruthlessly slashed towards the flame shield for the fourth time.

At the same time, the Demon Refining Seal flew out from Xue Qing's body and was grabbed by Jiang Yun, who decisively inserted it into his own body without hesitation.

As the Demon Refining Seal entered his body, Jiang Yun's expression suddenly changed.

To his surprise, he discovered that this Demon Refining Seal had absorbed two talents!

Combined with Huo Duming's previous talents, it meant that there were three demon race talents inside Jiang Yun's body!

The technique of the Demon Refining Seal specifically emphasized that when refining demon race talents, it was best to only refine one at a time.

Because if there were too many, it would be easily affected by the talents rebounding.

Although Jiang Yun had recently absorbed the stone demon's Petrification Talent and then its Dust Return Talent, luckily, before the rebound appeared, he had already been burned to ashes by Li Fire.

This turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as after he came back to life, not only did the Dust Return Talent disappear, but also the Petrification Talent was completely integrated.

Therefore, now that he had three talents coexisting in his body, Jiang Yun couldn't help but feel a bit worried.

However, he quickly pushed aside these worries.

After all, the future consequences of innate abilities backlash are not as important as helping the Snow clan now, helping oneself, and getting out of today's danger.

Two kinds of talents belonging to Xue Qing quickly merged into Jiang Yun's body, forming two patterns.

One is a snowflake pattern, located above Jiang Yun's chest;

The other is a water drop pattern, which astonishingly appeared in his left eye!

Even though these two patterns quickly faded away, Xue Mucheng could see clearly and couldn't help but exclaim, "One Snow clan talent, one Sea clan talent!"

Before this, he was still somewhat doubtful of what Jiang Yun had said about refining the talents of monsters into humans, but at this moment, he truly believed.

"Young friend, can you now show me the talent of my Snow clan?"

"I should be able to!"

Jiang Yun pointed his finger, and with a burst of spirit energy, it instantly turned into snowflakes, falling into his palm.


Xue Mucheng's eyes suddenly lit up, "This is the snow transformation talent of our clan. With this talent, today's battle can be ended!"


Just as Xue Mucheng finished speaking, there was a sudden surge in Jiang Yun's body's aura.

Under this surge, his black hair, grey long shirt, and even his eyes gradually turned pure white.

At this moment, Jiang Yun, besides his appearance, had completely turned into the Snow clan!

With white eyes, Jiang Yun coldly looked at Xue Ranyi, who had finally shattered the flame shield in the sky, and said, "You wanted the Li FireSnow Palace! Now, I give it to you!"

As he spoke, Jiang Yun opened his palm, revealing several white snowflakes.

"Snow Dance!"

Along with Jiang Yun's softly spoken words, a few snowflakes immediately started dancing in the air.


Suddenly, the whole Li FireSnow Palace shook violently.

And within this shaking, Li FireSnow Palace suddenly rose up, carrying all the Snow clan people on it, flying towards Xue Ranyi.


Another loud noise echoed, and Li FireSnow Palace, along with all the Snow clan people, exploded into countless snowflakes.

These snowflakes continued to whirl and twirl, swiftly gathering to form a huge snowstorm that stretched from the sky to the ground.

Only Jiang Yun's figure did not explode, standing firm in the center of the storm.

In the palm of his hand, the few snowflakes also sped up their dance, as if alive.

The pair of snow-white eyes, filled with endless killing intent, coldly stared at Xue Ranyi!

Watching the snowstorm that seemed to connect heaven and earth, fear finally appeared on Xue Ranyi's face.

Still, he gritted his teeth and roared, "Blood will stain the battlefield!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

More than four hundred mortal demons who had not dared to escape before, were instantly blown up in unison as endless blood rushed out from within them at Xue Ranyi's roar.

The thousand mortal demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave who came to attack the Snow clan this time, almost completely wiped out.

Only five Cave Heaven spirit demons, Jin Yifei, and Huo Duming survived.

However, those mortal demons did not expect that only one-third of their number died at the hands of Jiang Yun and the Snow clan.

Surprisingly, the rest died at the hands of their own Supreme Elder!

Over four hundred ordinary demons, their blood flowing out, did not rush towards the blood knife, but towards Xue Ranyi's body.

Countless blood gathered into a blood river, pouring over Xue Ranyi and turning into a set of red armor.

Xue Ranyi was completely wrapped up, with only a pair of blood-red eyes showing.

"Li FireSnow Palace, it's mine!"

A nearly frenzied roar came from within Xue Ranyi's red battle armor.

The next moment, he suddenly flashed to the blood knife, grabbing its handle tightly!


Xue Ranyi, dressed in red armor and wielding the blood knife, slashed fiercely towards Jiang Yun, towards the snowstorm!

Just as Xue Ranyi swung his blade, Jiang Yun also clenched his palm which had been open all along.

He softly uttered two words, "Funeral rites!"