The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: The Most Powerful Talent

As Xue Ranyi spoke, the blood sword descended with a loud whistle, carrying the furious and unwilling screams of over a hundred demon races, heading straight towards Jiang Yun.

The sword, filled with immense power, left a trail of shattered black void wherever it passed.

Jiang Yun showed no fear on his face, only intense anger.

He never expected Xue Ranyi to ruthlessly take the lives of over a hundred of his followers to create such a blood sword to use against him!

Even Jin Yifei at the level of Dao Spirit had shed countless lives' blood, let alone Xue Ranyi.

Having cultivated to Xue Ranyi's level, in his eyes, all beings were insignificant except himself. He didn't care about the deaths of these mere mortal monsters.

In his thoughts, the lives of these mortal monsters could be of use to him, and they should feel honored.

However, Jiang Yun couldn't accept or tolerate this disregard for life.

Suddenly, Jiang Yun sensed a hint of resigned sigh in the divine thoughts of Xue Mucheng, whose divine sense had merged with his own.

Jiang Yun thought Xue Mucheng felt sorry for the dead demon race like he did, just as he was about to speak, Xue Mucheng's voice rang out again, saying, "Li Fire three styles' final style, Depart, Fire!"

Jiang Yun involuntarily opened his palm and reached towards the sky.

As his palm extended, colorful lights suddenly burst out from the bodies of the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, from beneath the snow-covered ground, and from the towering snow-capped mountains.

Even more colorful lights came flying from all directions of the sky and earth.

Focusing his gaze, Jiang Yun was surprised to find that these lights were all flames!

Spiritual fire of cultivators, underground earth fire, the sun's fire, and many other flames that Jiang Yun didn't recognize or could name.

There were over ten thousand different colors of flames coming together as if they were responding to Jiang Yun's call, converging from unknown places.

Countless flames rapidly contracted, instantly combining to form a shield of flames the size of an adult, facing the oncoming blood blade.

"Li Fire, not only the name of this fire, but also its true purpose!"

"Between heaven and earth, inside everything, there are different flames to some extent."

"As the final move of Li Fire, it is to separate these flames from their bodies and use them for oneself!"

In his mind, Jiang Yun heard Xue Mucheng's explanation, which made a rare look of shock appear on his face.

So, Li Fire means this!

Separating the flames inside everything and using them for oneself!

No wonder these flames are colorful and diverse, it turns out they come from everything in the Mountain-Sea World.

At that moment, the blood knife had already fallen heavily, slashing onto the shield formed by countless flames.

A loud bang sounded!

Under the enormous impact force, although the shield, originally ten feet in size, did not collapse, a crack slowly appeared through the whole shield.

And the Blood Knife did not collapse either, but the souls of over a hundred demon race inside it decreased by almost half.

Xue Ranyi was completely unfazed by this outcome, and even said, "Blood Knife's Second Strike!"

The Blood Knife rose high again and slashed towards the Flame Shield.

At the same time, from the faraway Ten Thousand Demons Cave, there came a series of intense explosions, like raindrops.

Suddenly, over a hundred demon race bodies exploded, and their blood rushed towards the Blood Knife, merging into it.


With the second strike, the souls of the demon race inside the Blood Knife not only did not decrease, but increased.

However, on the Flame Shield, there were already three cracks.

Clearly, the power of the Blood Knife was greater than the Flame Shield's ability to withstand.

I'm afraid if there's one more attack, this fire shield will completely break.


By Jiang Yun's ear, Xue Mucheng's sigh could be heard once again.

Without waiting for Jiang Yun to ask, Xue Mucheng continued, saying, "Young friend, thank you for helping my clan. I should have given you more rewards to show my gratitude, but time is running out. Now, I will send you away!"

"Wait!" Jiang Yun was surprised and asked, "Senior Xue, the battle is not over yet. Why do you want to send me away?"

"There's no need to continue the fight, because it would be pointless."

"Xue Ranyi is indeed very strong, you cannot defeat him now. When the fire shield completely collapses, it will be our defeat. Therefore, I must send you away!"

Jiang Yun frowned, looking puzzled as he asked, "Senior Xue, if I can't fight him, then with your skills, can't you defeat him?"

Xue Mucheng's voice had a hint of a bitter smile as he said, "In theory, I can certainly defeat him!"

"However, I have no body, so I can only merge with your divine sense and use your body to act."

"Even though you have refined the Li Fire and possess a powerful divine sense that can allow me to merge my divine thought."

"But, you are not one of my tribe after all, so there are some spells that I simply cannot cast."

After hearing these words, Jiang Yun suddenly understood why Xue Mucheng sighed twice in a row.

Upon seeing the blood sword just now, Xue Mucheng had already realized that he was no match for Xue Ranyi.

However, in order to fully pass on the three styles of Li Fire to himself, he had no choice but to continue to act.

Actually, Jiang Yun was a bit curious at first.

Since Xue Mucheng is the ancestor of the Snow clan, why did he only use snow-related spells at the beginning, when merging divine sense with himself, and then only use Li Fire for the following attacks?

All of the attacks that followed were surprisingly all Li Fire.

People who don't know might think that Xue Mucheng belongs to the Fire clan instead of the Snow clan.

Now, Jiang Yun naturally understood the reason.

Ultimately, it's because he is not from the Snow clan.

So even though Xue Mucheng is incredibly powerful, he can't use the true abilities of the Snow clan with his own body.

However, even though he is not from the Snow clan, there is a way for him to use Snow clan abilities if he wants to!

"Senior Xue, if I could extract the talents of your clan for myself, do you think you could then use Snow clan abilities?"

Hearing Jiang Yun's words, Xue Mucheng was stunned, "Extract the talents of my clan for yourself?"

"I've never heard of such a method, but if you can do it, then it should work!"

Jiang Yun calmly replied, "I forgot to mention to Senior Xue that I am a Demon Refiner! Although I'm just starting out, I happen to know a Demon Refining Seal that can extract talents from the demon race for myself!"

"Demon Refiner!"

Xue Mucheng was truly shocked.

Because he had no idea that Jiang Yun was actually a Demon Refiner.

But soon he composed himself, now was not the time to be surprised.

In fact, he didn't even need Jiang Yun to explain how to refine talents, he had already turned away.

After scanning the Snow clan people around him, he pointed to a figure, which flew over and landed in front of Jiang Yun.

The one Xue Mucheng called over was Xue Qing!

And then Xue Mucheng's voice rang out, "This little girl has the strongest talent!"