The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: A Fresh Start

Jiang Yun knew deep down that Xue Mucheng intended to teach him the Li Fire techniques.

Jiang Yun couldn't resist such a gift.

He realized his lack of magic was a big disadvantage when facing Huo Duming earlier.

Now, learning the Li Fire techniques from Xue Mucheng himself, Jiang Yun felt grateful and in awe of its power.

However, he was also curious about the immense power of the Li Fire techniques, especially the second and third ones.

As the endless river of blood was completely burned by the Li Fire, Xue Ranyi remained unchanged, coldly saying, "I didn't expect you to have some skills, but it should end here!"


With a loud shout, Xue Ranyi raised his hand like a claw and fiercely struck downwards towards the ground.


With one grasp from Xue Ranyi, the ground began to shake violently.

The shaking extended for at least a hundred miles.

Within this tremor, on the snow-covered ground, there appeared huge, menacing cracks like scars.

Even the distant sea, with the force of this grasp, roared and created towering waves reaching thousands of feet high.


Following this command, Xue Ranyi exhaled, and the hand that had grasped down suddenly lifted upwards!

Under the astonished gazes of the demons, from the numerous gigantic cracks in the ground, murky gas shot up into the sky, swiftly merging into a massive land stretching for miles.

Upon closer inspection, one would notice that this mirage-like murky land had the exact shape and snowy surface as the ground below.

Even Jiang Yun, who appreciated the beauty of the Blessed Land's snow cliff, could see the valley where the Snow clan had risen from underground in this magical land.

Suddenly, two identical lands appeared before the eyes of the monsters.

One fake, one real!

"This is..."

Not just the monsters, even Jin Yifei's eyes showed shock and envy.

The strength of the Earth Protection Realm far exceeded his imagination, surpassing everyone's expectations.

With just his own strength, he was able to lift the land!


With a roar, Xue Ranyi made the illusionary land fall from the sky with a terrifying pressure and aura, heading straight for Jiang Yun and the Li FireSnow Palace.

"It's just the powerful energy of the Earth Protection Realm!"

Jiang Yun calmly said and pointed at the surrounding Li Fire, "Transform into crows!"

"Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!"

The Li Fire surged wildly, flames separated and flew into the air, turning into palm-sized red Fire Crows.

In the blink of an eye, thousands of Fire Crows appeared.

Each Fire Crow had a tiny body burning with flames.

They flapped their wings with intense heat and unstoppable momentum, charging towards the illusory ground.

"It is said that the Fire Crow tribe originates from the sun."

"And Li Fire is a strand of flame that left the sun, so transforming into crows is the second move!"

Countless Fire Crows with burning flames, covering the sky, made a terrifying roaring sound and crashed onto the imaginary land.

"Puff Puff Puff!"

The flames on each Fire Crow easily burned a hole through the land, piercing straight through it.

In just a moment, after thousands of fire birds passed through the vast land stretching for hundreds of miles, it was riddled with holes, like a honeycomb.

And as the final Fire Crow passed through the land, a loud "rumble" was heard.

The imaginary land could no longer remain intact, and completely collapsed.

It transformed into a turbid gas, returning to the numerous huge cracks on the real land.

The collapse of the imaginary land immediately drew the attention of all the monsters to Xue Ranyi.

In their minds, even the land being used as a weapon meant that the Earth Demon probably had no more tricks left.

However, they were surprised that Xue Ranyi's face showed no shock or disappointment, but instead had a wicked smile.

"You've wasted so much time on this insignificant task of gathering earth energy. I told you, you're all bark and no bite. This fight is over. Li FireSnow Palace belongs to me!"

"Blood stains, dye clothes!"

Everyone was puzzled when Xue Ranyi suddenly shouted his own name, but Snow clangrandfather's expression changed drastically and he shouted, "Be careful!"

As the shout left his mouth, Snow clangrandfather's Dao Spirit suddenly returned to his body, biting his tongue, spraying three mouthfuls of white blood into the air, merging with the countless ice blocks still floating there.

Each ice block emitted a white light, intertwining to form a huge shining light net.

Obviously, grandfather strengthened the formation's power, even at the cost of three mouthfuls of his own lifeblood.

Next, under Xue Ranyi's waving hands, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons suddenly felt their blood and energy churning.

Although they tried to suppress their blood and energy, they could only watch helplessly as their blood boiled uncontrollably.


A muffled explosion sounded, and a demon's chest suddenly burst open, blood splattering out, not onto the ground, but soaring into the sky.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

Next, one explosion after another echoed continuously.

With each explosion, it meant a demon's chest was being forcefully burst open by their own blood.

In the blink of an eye, at least over a hundred demons had their chests blown open.

Although their blood completely drained away, as it left their bodies, it dyed their clothes red.

At that moment, whether the already deceased demons or those lucky enough to still be alive, finally understood the origin of their Supreme Elder's name.

Xue Ranyi!

It was a powerful spell!

Moreover, this spell was not over yet.

The blood of over a hundred demon creatures gathered in the air, condensing into a blood sword.

The blood sword was about ten feet long, completely made of blood, with blood dripping continuously from its blade.

What was even more terrifying was that within the blood-red blade, one could see numerous twisted faces filled with anger and fear.

These faces were actually from the demon creatures whose blood had just been taken!

Obviously, Xue Ranyi's spell not only took the blood and lives of the demon creatures but also trapped their souls in this blood sword as a weapon.

As the blood sword took shape, Xue Ranyi pointed his finger again and muttered, "With your blood, I forge this blood sword, a sword that will bring bloodshed!"