The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 233

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Chapter 233: The Secret of Sky Blessed

In the blink of an eye, the energy on Jiang Yun's body rose from the Blessed Land level to the Sky Blessed Realm.

However, this energy showed no sign of stopping and continued to rise wildly.

It only stopped after reaching the peak of the Sky Blessed Realm.

At this moment, almost all the monsters were dumbfounded.

Frozen like statues, they stood still, staring blankly at Jiang Yun.

Although most of them did not know what the Sky Blessed Realm was.

Nevertheless, they could clearly feel the powerful energy emanating from Jiang Yun's body, surpassing even Xue Ranyi!

Just a moment ago, Jiang Yun was only at the Blessed Land level, but now his energy surpassed Xue Ranyi.

This made them scratching their heads, wondering how Jiang Yun managed to do it.

Although Xue Ranyi was shocked by Jiang Yun's rapid progress in cultivation, his eyes showed more greed than anything else!

"Sky Blessed Realm, truly the peak of the Sky Blessed Realm!"

"If I can obtain the Li FireSnow Palace, then I can also step into the Sky Blessed Realm!"

"If I can catch that boy Jiang Yun, I will also learn the secrets of Taoist spells."

"By then, even if the Mountain-Sea World disappears, even if I go to any other world, I will still be the supreme strong one!"

Although there are countless cultivators in the Mountain-Sea World, few know that the path of cultivation in the Mountain-Sea World hides a great secret!

In the entire Mountain-Sea World, the known realms of cultivation are Meridians Unclogged, Blessed Land, Heavenly Cavern, Dao Spirit, Earth Protection, and Divine Blessing.

However, the highest realm that cultivators can reach is the Earth Protection Realm.

Once you reach the Earth Protection Realm in your practice, your journey of cultivation may come to an end.

No matter how talented you are, no matter how many years you have spent practicing in the Earth Protection Realm, it is very difficult to take another step forward into the Sky Blessed Realm!

At first, this strange phenomenon did not attract attention.

Very few cultivators are able to reach the Earth Protection Realm, let alone the Sky Blessed Realm.

Even if someone noticed, they only thought that breaking through the Sky Blessed Realm was too difficult.

However, after countless years, a strong Earth Protection Realm practitioner finally sensed that something was amiss.

For this reason, he searched through the historical records kept by various cultivation forces, finally discovering this astonishing secret.

Surprisingly, there has never been a strong individual in the Mountain-Sea World who has reached the Sky Blessed Realm!

Or perhaps there were, but no records or clues about the Sky Blessed Realm were left behind.

In the Mountain-Sea World, there was only the name Sky Blessed Realm, but no other information could be found about it.

It seemed like someone had purposely erased everything about Sky Blessed Realm, leaving behind only a name.

The powerful individual kept this secret hidden from the public, only sharing it with a few close friends.

From that time onwards, many powerful beings in the Mountain-Sea World tried their best to uncover the answer to this secret, seeking a way to reach the Sky Blessed Realm.

Unfortunately, up to now, no universally accepted answer has been found, let alone a method to break through.

However, thousands of years ago, a powerful being from the Mountain-Sea World suddenly emerged as a Sky Blessed Realm.

The first demon, Xue Mucheng, was the Sky Blessed Realm!

It's easy to imagine the excitement in the hearts of those powerful beings upon hearing this news.

They rushed to the Snow clan without hesitation, wanting to learn the answer from Xue Mucheng.

But at that time, they underestimated the Sky Blessed Realm and tried to force Xue Mucheng to speak out using violence.

In the end, a big war broke out between the two sides.

As a result, almost all of these strong people were killed, with only a few lucky ones managing to escape.

However, not long after, these escapees also died one by one, and before they passed away, they told their disciples the secret.

Xue Mucheng also became famous in a battle, becoming the first monster of the Mountain-Sea World.

Naturally, after that, no one dared to challenge the Snow clan or Xue Mucheng.

They didn't even know when Xue Mucheng left the Snow clan and the Mountain-Sea World.

Until the Snow clan started to decline, they finally found out when Xue Mucheng had left.

Even though Xue Mucheng had left, many people speculated that the Snow clan must know how to break through to the Sky Blessed Realm.

And there is a great possibility that this method was left by Xue Mucheng and hidden in the Snow clan's sacred place, the Li FireSnow Palace.

That's why so many cultivators covet the Li FireSnow Palace.

But even so, they dare not act rashly and can only try to figure things out in secret.

Among them is Xue Ranyi.

In order to learn how to break through the Sky Blessed Realm, Xue Ranyi deliberately concealed his identity and became friends with the Snow clan's grandfather to try to get the answers from him and even gain access to the Li FireSnow Palace.

In the end, Xue Ranyi failed and decided to resort to force when deception didn't work, leading to a fight with the Snow clan's grandfather.

The outcome of that battle, no one knows for sure. But when the grandfather returned, his two legs were missing.

Some knowledgeable Snow clan members believe that the grandfather paid for killing Xue Ranyi with his two legs.

However, no one expected that Xue Ranyi not only survived but also returned to the Snow clan after many years and even reached the Earth Protection Realm!

Right now, Xue Ranyi watched as Jiang Yun, after integrating a bit of divine thought from Xue Mucheng, actually reached the peak of the Sky Blessed Realm in his cultivation realm. He felt genuinely excited.

Because this was enough to prove that within the Li FireSnow Palace, there must be a method to enter the Sky Blessed Realm that he had been desperately seeking.

As for Jiang Yun at this moment, despite gasping for air and still having injuries inside his body, the intense pain had vanished completely once he entered the Sky Blessed Realm.

Jiang Yun also didn't pay attention to others, not even to Xue Ranyi.

Because he was seizing the moment, experiencing various wonderful feelings that can only be touched upon after entering the Sky Blessed Realm at this very moment!

In fact, Jiang Yun's true realm is still in the first realm of Blessed Land.

Right now, the one who reached the Sky Blessed Realm is only Xue Mucheng's bit of divine thought.

However, with the fusion of divine thought and divine sense, it allowed Jiang Yun to empathize with everything Xue Mucheng was feeling at this moment.

And for him, for any cultivator, it was an extremely rare opportunity and a great blessing.

Just like when he understood Snow Clan grandfather's teachings, he created his own special place called Blessed Land.

If he could understand something in Xue Mucheng's special place called Sky Blessed Realm, then in the future, when he entered Sky Blessed Realm himself, he would have a higher chance of success.

Jiang Yun closed his eyes and tried to feel different things using only his special sense.

It has to be said, this feeling was extremely mysterious.

The skies and the earth of the whole Mountain-Sea World, and everything else, was covered by his special sense.

If he wanted, he could almost appear anywhere, and use any power freely.

The skies and the earth not only couldn't stop him, but it also seemed like they couldn't contain him.

But then, suddenly, Jiang Yun opened his eyes and looked up at the sky.

At the same time, Xue Mucheng's voice echoed in his mind, "Can you feel that distant calling too?"