The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 232

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Chapter 232: Blood Flows Like a River

As Xue Mucheng's divine thought entered his body, Jiang Yun immediately felt a strong power filling his entire body.

The powerful aura that originally enveloped his body, coming from Xue Ranyi, disappeared in an instant.

The sudden disappearance of his own aura made Xue Ranyi's smile freeze for a moment. He looked at Jiang Yun abruptly, but quickly regained his composure and said, "Xue Mucheng, you have indeed left a trace of divine thought here in the Li FireSnow Palace."

Upon hearing Xue Ranyi's words, especially the name he mentioned, both the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and the Snow clan members were slightly surprised.

But then, the Snow clan members, especially the grandfather, showed excitement on their faces and all turned to look at Jiang Yun.

Above Jiang Yun's head appeared an illusory figure about three feet tall.

It was a middle-aged handsome man in white clothes, the ancestral patriarch of the Snow clan, and the first demon of the Mountain-Sea World – Xue Mucheng!

"Greetings, ancestor!"

As soon as the man appeared, Snow Clan's grandfather hurriedly knelt down in front of him and said, "I am a disrespectful descendant, greetings to the ancestor!"

Behind the grandfather, all the members of the Snow Clan also knelt down, saying, "Greetings, ancestor!"

The scene was very similar to when Xue Ranyi appeared earlier.

This meant that the outcome of today's battle, and the hope for the Snow Clan to survive, rested on these two strong individuals.

Seeing his people kneeling in front of him, Xue Mucheng, with his handsome face, smiled kindly and said, "Please, get up!"

At that moment, Xue Ranyi sneered and said, "Xue Mucheng, as the Snow Clan's ancestor, you have merged divine thoughts into an outsider, no, into a human's divine sense. How laughable and pitiful!"

"Do you think such a Snow Clan still needs to exist in this world?"

While Xue Mucheng showed no expression to Xue Ranyi's words, many Snow Clan members, especially Snow Clan's grandfather, looked ashamed and bowed their heads.

Because Xue Ranyi speaks the truth!

The Snow clan can only become strong and carry the divine thoughts of their ancestors by blending Li Fire with themselves.

However, since the ancestors left, until now, none of the Snow clan members have been able to do this.

This has resulted in their bodies being unable to contain the divine thoughts of ancestor Xue Mucheng.

Therefore, ancestor Xue Mucheng had to merge the divine thoughts into the divine sense of Jiang Yun.

Faced with Xue Ranyi's mockery, Xue Mucheng remained calm and said, "My Snow clan may have declined, but we are not to be bullied by just anyone!"

Only Xue Mucheng could address the Earth Demon of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave as mere animals.

Before Xue Ranyi could respond, Xue Mucheng continued, "If you want the secrets of my Snow clan, if you want the Li Fire Snow Palace, then let's see if you are capable!"


Xue Ranyi couldn't help but chuckle, "If Xue Mucheng himself were here, maybe I would be a little afraid!"

"But you are just a tiny aspect of his divine thought, daring to be so arrogant while attached to a mere human boy, speaking so boldly!"

"Today, I will show you in front of your eyes how I will destroy your Snow clan!"

"Rivers of blood!"

As he spoke, Xue Ranyi suddenly reached out and a long, red river surged out of his palm.

The river surged with waves in which countless white bones rolled, accompanied by the eerie cries of many creatures, emitting a strong scent of blood!

This was truly a river made of blood!

The blood river spiraled in the air like a thousand-foot blood dragon, rushing towards the Li FireSnow Palace standing on the ground!

The bones within the blood river seemed to come alive suddenly, standing up straight and forming numerous weapons of various shapes, overwhelming all the Snow clan at the top of the Li FireSnow Palace.

Just the strong smell of blood emanating from the river made the Snow clan people feel nauseous, they couldn't even stand up.

Not to mention the countless bone weapons raining down, each exuding a terrifying power, a single hit meant certain death!

Watching this scene, even the face of the Snow clan grandfather turned extremely pale, despite the desire to resist, they were powerless.

However, his gaze remained firm, staring deeply at Jiang Yun and the Xue Mucheng above his head.

Because he believed that his ancestor would never stand idly by.

He also believed that even though Xue Ranyi was a strong Earth Protection Realm warrior, his ancestor would be even stronger.

"Young friend, I need to use your body to perform some magic to protect my people."

"Though this process may be painful, it will benefit you as well, endure it!"

At the same time, Xue Mucheng's voice echoed in Jiang Yun's mind.

Before Jiang Yun could understand the meaning of the sentence, a powerful force surged into his body.

Following that, waves of excruciating pain erupted from his body, as if tearing him apart!

Jiang Yun felt like every muscle, vein, and bone in his body was being torn into countless pieces by this powerful force.

Then, like a needle and thread, the force stitched the torn parts back together.

Despite already being seriously injured by Jin Yifei, the pain surging through his body felt like rubbing salt on his wounds!

Even the strong Jiang Yun couldn't help but roar in agony under such pain!


Amidst the roar, a powerful aura burst from Jiang Yun's body, soaring into the air and turning into a white snow river, blocking the path of the thousand-foot blood river!

White snow and red blood, the two rivers clashed fiercely.


With a deafening roar, two rivers unexpectedly merged into each other's bodies and exploded!

Among the falling snowflakes in the sky, countless red blood suddenly appeared, forming a blood rain that poured down heavily.

However, before the blood rain could reach the ground, waves of white cold air rushed wildly, freezing all the blood rain in the air and turning them into blood-colored ice crystals.

Each ice crystal encased one or several white bones!

Countless blood-colored ice crystals, endless and silent, floated between the sky and the earth, a terrifying sight from afar!

However, the demons were in no mood to appreciate such a rare scene, their attention all focused on Jiang Yun!

At this moment, the cultivation aura on Jiang Yun's body was skyrocketing at an astonishing speed.

Blessed Land Realm, Sky Reaching Realm, Dao Spirit Realm, Earth Protection Realm...Sky Blessed Realm!