The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 231

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Chapter 231: Seeing the Sun Again

Just as Xue Ranyi stomped his foot, the snow-covered mountains surrounding the entire Snow clan valley, which had been standing tall for who knows how many years like city walls, suddenly began to shake violently.

Even the ground of the entire North Mountain shook along with it.

It was a real earthquake.

"Crack! Crack! Crack!"

Following that, crisp cracking sounds rang out from all directions.

Surprisingly, these sounds came from the mountain walls of those snow-covered mountains.

All monsters could clearly see huge cracks appearing one after another on the mountain walls, crazily spreading.


When one of the mountain walls was full of countless cracks, a tremendous deafening sound came.

This snow mountain actually collapsed entirely.

With the first snow mountain collapsing, it triggered a chain reaction, causing the rest of the snow mountains to collapse one after another!

In an instant, countless rocks and stones flew out, covering the sky and shooting towards the Snow clan and Ten Thousand Demons Cave in the valley.

This scene left everyone stunned, feeling like they were in a dream and couldn't believe it.

Jin Yifei's actions before had already shocked them greatly.

But now, compared to Xue Ranyi, it was like a small feat in the face of a great one, not worth mentioning at all.

Watching the flying rocks coming towards them, Snow clan's grandfather clenched his teeth, and with a wave of his sleeves, the snow houses in the valley where the Snow clan lived suddenly burst open together, turning into numerous ice blocks of various sizes, shooting in all directions.

These ice blocks didn't fall to the ground, but all floated in the air, densely forming another network, completely enveloping all Snow clan members and Jiang Yun.

Clearly, this is another magic formation.

The falling rocks splashed onto the ice blocks, crashing loudly and raising a cloud of dust, blocking out the sun.

However, the people from the Snow clan and Jiang Yun, who were protected under the ice blocks, were not affected at all.

Unlike the Snow clan, the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were not as lucky.

They didn't expect that the attack from their Supreme Elder would also hit them.

By the time they realized, the falling rocks were already approaching. They hurriedly used their skills to fly into the sky. Unfortunately, nearly a hundred demon race members couldn't avoid them and were crushed to death by the rocks.

After all the rocks finally disappeared, the scene before them deeply shocked them once again.

The snow-capped mountains that surrounded the Snow clan valley like natural walls had all vanished, leaving behind countless broken rocks.

The Snow clan's valley was no longer a valley, but now should be called a plain!

All around, there was nothing but vast emptiness. The ground was filled with many large and small deep pits, making it look like a honeycomb from a high vantage point.

All of this was caused by Xue Ranyi's light stomp!

Looking at the surrounding scenery, Snow clan grandfather's body trembled slightly with anger.

This valley was the home of the Snow clan, but now, this home was gone!

Suddenly, grandfather let out a nearly desperate roar, "Xue Ranyi, if you want the Li FireSnow Palace so badly, then I will give it to you!"

As soon as he said this, the ground of the entire valley began to shake violently once again, accompanied by a deafening roar.

To the amazement of all the creatures, the damaged ground beneath them started to slowly rise upwards!

Although the ascent was not fast, it was a visually stunning sight for all the creatures, as if a mountain was rising from below to reach the skies.

Finally, the rising of the ground came to a halt.

Right now, the place where the Earth is, is where the peaks of the surrounding mountains used to be.

So close that all the Snow clan people and the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave in the sky are almost within reach.

Most of the Snow clan people didn't even know that the valley where they had been living for so many years could rise up, not to mention the people from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave who were gathered outside.

They all widened their eyes, looking at the nearly thousand-foot "mountain" that had just risen from the ground in front of them.

Surprisingly, Jiang Yun looked the calmest at this moment.

Because he had been to the Snow clan's holy land before, he had already guessed that the Li FireSnow Palace was actually hidden under the Snow clan's valley.

So, this so-called rising ground was actually the Li FireSnow Palace rising from underground.


Another tremor sound came, the Earth carrying all the Snow clan people and Jiang Yun, along with the entire "mountain", started shaking again.

In the shaking, lots of brown dust and dirt on its body started falling off, revealing patches of bright white!

In the blink of an eye, a thousand-foot tall white palace appeared before all the monsters, with countless jumping red flames below the palace.

After a long time, the sacred land of the Snow clan, the Li FireSnow Palace, finally reappeared in the Mountain-Sea World!

Red fire, white snow, two very different things, perfectly intertwined in the Li FireSnow Palace, giving it a unique beauty that attracted all the monsters' attention.

Especially Xue Ranyi, with a face full of age, showed a look of obsession, with eyes full of undisguised greed, constantly looking up and down at the Li FireSnow Palace.

"The Li FireSnow Palace is finally mine!"

After a moment, Xue Ranyi laughed out loud, suddenly reached out his hand, grabbing towards the Li FireSnow Palace below.

With Xue Ranyi's reach, the thousand-foot Li FireSnow Palace suddenly shook, as if it was really about to be grabbed by Xue Ranyi.

And the Snow clan people on the top of the Snow Palace clearly felt a huge pressure and suction coming from Xue Ranyi's open palm, firmly suppressing their bodies.

Even though Snow's grandfather couldn't move at all.

But in grandfather's eyes, there was a small flame of hope burning.

He believed that the divine thought of the old ancestor Xue Mucheng was about to appear.

Sure enough, just as Li FireSnow Palace slowly lifted off the ground, Jiang Yun suddenly heard a voice in his ear, "Young friend, can I borrow your body?"

Hearing this voice, Jiang Yun naturally knew that the other person was Xue Mucheng.

Although a bit puzzled about why the other person wanted to borrow his body and how, there was no time to ask at this moment.

Without hesitation, Jiang Yun nodded and said, "Okay!"

"Don't misunderstand, because you have the presence of Li Fire in your body, and your divine sense is very strong. Therefore, only your body can accommodate this trace of my divine thought!"

In Xue Mucheng's explanation, Jiang Yun clearly felt something indescribable rushing into his body from the Snow Palace beneath him, entering his mind and merging with his divine sense.

Of course, Jiang Yun also understood that what rushed into his body was Xue Mucheng's divine thought!