The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 230

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Chapter 230: Earth Demon Appears

This cold snort sounded very abrupt.

Although the sound was not loud, at the same time it sounded, the heavens and earth of the entire Mountain-Sea World shook heavily.

The snow on the snowy mountains around the Snow clan valley suddenly rose into the air, exploding and turning into a chilling mist that surged towards the sky.

In an instant, the sky was shattered, and the darkness that covered the sky and earth collapsed.

The Ten Thousand Demons Cave in the valley and the demons of the Snow clan felt their minds shaken and their bodies struck as the cold snort resounded.

Those with low cultivation levels directly collapsed to the ground, blood flowing from their seven orifices.

Even the vast Boundary Sea surrounding Wushan Island suddenly churned up huge waves, fiercely crashing onto the nearby cliffs.

Jiang Yun, under this cold snort, coughed up more blood and his eyes flashed with a cold light.

Especially when he saw the black vortex spinning at his fingertips, slowing down and gradually dissipating, he didn't hesitate. He gathered the last of his strength, and plummeted down, landing directly in the valley.

A black shadow appeared instantly on Jiang Yun's shoulder, it was the Cold Dark-winged Bat.

This spirit demon that had just entered the Sky Reaching Realm, with a solemn look in its eyes, looked around and protected Jiang Yun.

At the same time, Jin Yifei's face showed joy!

Because the melting on his body, which he couldn't stop by any means, unexpectedly stopped.

He thought he was surely going to die today, but now he unexpectedly survived from the crisis.

It's imaginable that his inner joy made him want to laugh out loud, to the point that the pain on his body seemed to decrease.

Soon after, Jin Yifei's remaining body suddenly collapsed in the emptiness with a "thud", facing the direction where the cold snort came from, he respectfully said, "Greetings, Supreme Elder!"

Seeing Jin Yifei's demeanor and hearing his words, the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were immediately shocked.

After a moment of surprise, the demons all knelt down, exclaiming, "Greetings, Supreme Elder!"

However, the people of the Snow clan looked extremely upset.

Even Snow clan's grandfather couldn't escape this feeling, as he could already guess the extraordinary cultivation level of the person who had just snorted!

Not only Snow clan's grandfather, but also Jiang Yun's face showed understanding.

Just a while ago, he had narrowly escaped from a palm strike by the same person!

It was none other than the Earth Demon who had used the Earth Palm that day!

In the now clear sky, a distortion suddenly appeared, like a door opening.

From inside, an old man in a long blood-red robe walked out slowly.

The old man had white hair and a red and purple blood mark on his forehead. His aged face looked ruddy, with eyes that seemed bloodthirsty. Instead of looking at Jin Yifei and the many demons from Ten Thousand Demons Cave kneeling there, he stared straight at Jiang Yun!

Jiang Yun was also gazing deeply at him!

Earth Protection Realm, Earth Demon!

No wonder he could easily stop the trace of power left by Hun Tian.

After all, this power could only kill Dao Spirit, but facing the Earth Protection Realm, which was a realm higher than Dao Spirit, it became useless.

The black vortex at Jiang Yun's fingertips had disappeared.

Naturally, this meant that the trace of power Hun Tian had given him was also completely used up, causing him to lose the chance to kill Jin Yifei.

"Xue Ranyi!"

At that moment, when Snow clangrandfather saw the old man clearly, a hint of resentment suddenly appeared on his pale face, and he exclaimed.

After staring at each other for a while, grandfather spoke again with complex emotions, "You've been here for a while, I didn't expect you to break through to the Earth Protection Realm!"

Xue Ranyi, the Supreme Elder of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!

From the words spoken by grandfather, it was not difficult to guess that Snow clangrandfather actually knew the other person.

Xue Ranyi arrived very early, even earlier than Jin Yifei and the others. Xue Ranyi's purpose for coming was naturally for the Li FireSnow Palace and Jiang Yun.

Although he had given orders to Jin Yifei, he did not pin his hopes on him.

Because the two powerful auras that were behind Jiang Yun could hurt him, something that even Jin Yifei, who was at the Dao Spirit Realm, could not handle.

Strictly speaking, Jin Yifei was just his bait, used to lure out those two powerful auras.

Therefore, he had not made a move but was waiting in the shadows.

Waiting for Jiang Yun to fall into despair and hopelessness, waiting to see if those two energies would appear again.

But when Jiang Yun almost died at the hands of Jin Yifei before, those two energies did not appear.

Instead, another terrifying power emerged on Jiang Yun's fingertips, though it couldn't harm him.

This made him guess that the owners of those two energies had only left a protective force on Jiang Yun, which wouldn't appear again after being used by him.

Seeing Jin Yifei about to be killed, he had no choice but to show himself.

After all, Jin Yifei was a strong fighter in the Dao Spirit realm and was valuable to the entire Ten Thousand Demons Cave. He had to save him no matter what.

Hearing Snow clangrandfather's words, Xue Ranyi turned his gaze away from Jiang Yun and coldly smiled at the grandfather, saying, "Surprised, aren't you? If you had listened to me obediently back then, you would have advanced to the Earth Protection Realm by now!"

Snow clangrandfather sadly smiled and said, "I regret not being able to kill you back then! Looks like my Snow clan is destined to be destroyed by you in the end."

Xue Ranyi calmly said, "In consideration of our past acquaintance, if you voluntarily hand over the Li Fire Snow Palace now and tell me the secrets of your Snow clan, then I can help you protect your people!"

Xue Ranyi's words made Snow clan grandfather's body suddenly tremble.

It has to be said, he was starting to feel tempted!

Everything he did was for the survival of his people, and to ensure the continuation of his clan's legacy.

Now, this opportunity is right in front of him.

Snow clan grandfather turned his head, his gaze slowly passing over each of his people's faces.

After several consecutive battles, despite Jiang Yun's best assistance, there were also casualties in Snow clan.

Originally over a thousand tribespeople, at least one-tenth perished in battle, and the number of wounded was countless.

At this moment, these tribespeople were also looking at grandfather.

Although each of them was in tattered clothes, covered in blood, their once pristine appearance was now gone, but each face displayed a fearless expression.

Maybe they are also scared of death, but at the critical moment of life and death for their group, they are not afraid of death.

As long as grandfather gives the order, they are willing to sacrifice their lives without hesitation for the group.

Looking at the tribesmen, grandfather suddenly smiled, withdrew his gaze, and then looked back at Xue Ranyi.

"Even if my tribesmen can survive, at that time, they cannot be called Snow clan anymore. Others may not know, but I understand your tactics very well. Rather than letting them live a life worse than death, it's better for them to die outright!"

"Hmph!" Xue Ranyi snorted coldly again, "You don't appreciate kindness! I am just pitying you. Do you think you can still defend your Snow clan territory and protect your tribesmen?"

"Since you won't give it, then I'll take it myself!"

"Li Fire Snow Palace, come out for me!"

With Xue Ranyi's words, he suddenly raised his foot and lightly stomped in the air!