The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 229

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Chapter 229: The Chaotic Power

Just as Gu Bulao opened his eyes, another figure suddenly appeared in front of him, wearing flowing robes, it was Seeking-Tao Sect sect master Dao Tianyou.

Dao Tianyou frowned, gazing at the northern sky, saying, "Whose power is this, so strong?"

Pausing, Dao Tianyou continued, "However, it seems that the person using this power did not exert their full strength, otherwise, the Mountain-Sea World may collapse."

Gu Bulao stayed silent for a moment before answering, "The power of the Taoist Demon!"

"Taoist Demon!"

Dao Tianyou immediately looked shocked, saying, "The Mountain-Sea World has a Taoist Demon now? Which of the eight Great Dao demons is it? Daring to ignore the laws of the Taoist realm and come to the Mountain-Sea World?"

Gu Bulao shook his head, saying, "It's not the real body that came, only a trace of divine thought left behind, emitting a trace of power!"

Dao Tianyou was about to ask more questions, but then he suddenly shifted his gaze from the sky and stared at Gu Bulao, asking, "How do you know this so clearly? Could it be that you know who unleashed this power?"

Gu Bulao smiled and said, "Jiang Yun!"

Dao Tianyou was surprised at first, but then his face turned pale as he asked, "Jiang Yun? Is he in danger? Why aren't you going to save him?"

Without waiting for Gu Bulao's reply, Dao Tianyou hurriedly said, "If you're not going, I will! Tell me, where is he now?"

Gu Bulao gave him a disdainful look and said, "He is my disciple, I am not worried. Why are you so worked up?"

At this moment, Dao Tianyou's face showed a rare seriousness as he said, "Gu Bulao, others may not understand you, but can I not understand you?"

"Jiang Yun doesn't meet the criteria for your disciple. Taking him in was a last resort for you, so you don't really care about his fate!"

"But let me tell you, while he is your disciple, he is also a legacy disciple of my Seeking-Tao Sect."

"Furthermore, I have personally warned him that if he is in danger, the sect would spare no effort to rescue him!"

Instead of getting angry at Dao Tianyou's words, Gu Bulao's smile grew wider as he said, "If Jiang Yun could hear you say this, his attitude towards you would definitely change, and his sense of belonging to the Seeking-Tao Sect would grow stronger!"

"Don't say these useless things!" Dao Tianyou was clearly getting upset and his tone carried some anger, "Jiang Yun is the chosen disciple, only when he inherits the sect master position, can we succeed and retire. Quickly, where is he!"

Gu Bulao remained calm and said, "Stay calm, even if he has used the power of the Taoist Demon, even if there is great danger, can't it be resolved? Do you think your strength is greater than that of the Taoist Demon?"


Dao Tianyou suddenly fell silent, unable to speak.

He had been too hasty before, not thinking much, but now after Gu Bulao's words, he came to his senses.

Indeed, if Jiang Yun encounters a danger that even the power of the Taoist Demon cannot solve, then it would be pointless for him to go.

However, he refused to admit defeat, saying, "No wonder you are so calm! But as you said, this is just a trace of power left by a divine thought of the Taoist Demon. What if we cannot resolve the danger Jiang Yun faces?"

Gu Bulao asked, "Do you know what this power is?"

Dao Tianyou replied impatiently, "If I knew, then I would be the protector of the Tao!"

"This is the power of Chaos!"

"Power of Chaos!"

These four words made Dao Tianyou's eyes widen suddenly and he said, "Hun Tian! Taoist Demon Hun Tian actually left a trace of divine thought in this realm? And even gave a bit of power to Jiang Yun?"

Gu Bulao smiled without saying a word.

However, Dao Tianyou finally relaxed completely and sat down next to Gu Bulao, saying, "The Great Dao demon, even though Hun Tian is the last one, his strength is the strongest, not for anything else, but because his power of Chaos is too terrifying."

At this point, Dao Tianyou shook his head and said, "But this boy Jiang Yun, he is a bit reckless! Such a precious power of Chaos should be saved for later use, why use it now?"

"No matter how precious something is, if there is no life left, what else is there to hold on to...?"

Gu Bulao's words suddenly stopped, his smile on his face instantly replaced by a murderous aura, which confused Dao Tianyou who had just relaxed and asked, "What's wrong?"

"You hit the nail on the head, it seems I overestimated this power of Chaos, it actually didn't kill the opponent! No, it should have been able to kill, but it was stopped!"

Dao Tianyou suddenly stood up again, saying, "Position!"

Gu Bulao looked northward again and said, "You don't need to go, Jiang Yun, you won't die!"


While Gu Bulao and Dao Tianyou were talking, above the Snow clan valley, the power of the Hun Tian at Jiang Yun's fingertips was about to touch Jin Yifei's palm.

Jin Yifei not only turned extremely pale, but his whole body also trembled uncontrollably under the terrifying pressure of this power.

At this moment, Jin Yifei felt completely hopeless, feeling like time was passing by slower than usual.

There is no feeling more painful than waiting for death to come.

He even wished he could just end his own life to avoid the threat of death getting closer.

Finally, the incessantly spinning black vortex lightly touched Jin Yifei's palm like a dragonfly touching water.

Suddenly, a terrifying force that Jin Yifei couldn't describe entered his hand, moving up his arm like a destructive power.

Wherever this force reached, his bones, veins, and flesh seemed to melt without a sound, like snow meeting flames.

The demons in the valley, whether from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave or the Snow clan, were all stunned and couldn't believe what they were seeing in the sky.

They had just witnessed the immense power of Jin Yifei in the Dao Spirit realm, watching Jiang Yun being beaten half to death.

Yet now, with a casual point of his finger, Jiang Yun could melt Jin Yifei's body.

Jiang Yun was only at the first level of the Blessed Land Realm, while Jin Yifei was in the Dao Spirit realm.

The difference in their strengths was even greater than the distance between heaven and earth.

Besides other demons, even the Snow clan grandfather showed a shocked expression on his face, feeling that the power released by Jiang Yun did not belong to their ancestor, Xue Mucheng, at this moment.


The pain of watching his body slowly melt made Jin Yifei's face contort and he kept crying out in agony.

Looking into Jiang Yun's eyes, he saw endless resentment and bitterness.

He had secretly tried countless methods, using all the power within him.

He even considered making the Dao Spirit explode to stop his body from melting.

But all of this was in vain!

It seemed that there was no way to stop the melting caused by this power!

Jiang Yun was also slightly shocked.

Because he never expected that a slight force from Hun Tian would be so powerful!

In just a moment, Jin Yifei's entire arm, along with half of his body, had melted into nothingness.

And this melting, still visible to the naked eye, continued to spread towards the remaining half of Jin Yifei's body.

But at that moment, a cold snort suddenly sounded!