The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: The Great One

Watching the calm Jiang Yun and hearing his words, even though Jin Yifei was a skilled master in the Dao Spirit realm, he suddenly felt a hesitation in his heart that he couldn't believe he was feeling.

He even stopped in his tracks, feeling a bit afraid to approach Jiang Yun!

In his lifetime, after enduring thousands of years, becoming a strong Dao Spirit, his hands were already stained with much blood, and the number of beings who had died by his hands was countless.

Naturally, he had witnessed the various reactions people showed when facing him in critical moments.

There were fear, there were fearlessness, there were pretending to be calm, there were forced smiles, but no matter what, he could easily see through the deepest thoughts of these beings.

But now, facing Jiang Yun, he found that he couldn't see through this human kid who was only at the first level of Blessed Land.

The only thing he could be sure of was that Jiang Yun's calmness was genuine, not fabricated!

Besides his own impressive strength, Jin Yifei's ability to reach today was also due to his cautious nature.

He never underestimated his opponents. In fact, those who once looked down on him have all turned into skeletons buried deep in the ground now.

However, even with his thousand years of life experience, he couldn't imagine what could make Jiang Yun, who was heavily injured and could barely stand, feel hesitant and fearful.

Although he could imagine that behind Jiang Yun's displayed strength and talent, there must be a powerful guardian.

For example, the mysterious master he wanted to recruit.

Perhaps, Jiang Yun also had some life-saving treasures or abilities.

But could these things really threaten him?

Watching Jin Yifei standing still in mid-air, Jiang Yun suddenly laughed and said, "What's wrong, a strong Dao Spirit expert who dares to defy the Demon Lord's command, now hesitating to attack me?"


As soon as he spoke, Jiang Yun, struggling to stand, finally couldn't hold on anymore and fell back to the ground, gasping heavily.

Although his words directly exposed Jin Yifei's feelings, seeing Jiang Yun struggling for breath made him finally let go of his doubts in anger and embarrassment.

Jin Yifei smirked coldly and said, "What a sharp-tongued kid! I'm not afraid to kill you, but I need you as bait to catch bigger fish!"

As he finished speaking, Jin Yifei waved his hand and a strong force swept Jiang Yun up, taking him to the sky above Snow clan valley. With a sinister smile, Jin Yifei said, "Now, I want you to witness how Snow clan is exterminated!"


What greeted him was a spit from Jiang Yun's mouth.

Although it didn't land on Jin Yifei's face, it enraged him immediately. "You cry until you see the coffin, I'll shut that mouth of yours!"

After saying that, Jin Yifei opened his palm and went to grab at Jiang Yun's mouth.

With that grab, Jiang Yun felt like the whole sky dimmed, as Jin Yifei's hand seemed to replace the sky above his head!

Even at his peak state, he knew it was impossible to escape from under Jin Yifei's hand. Clearly, Jin Yifei was truly provoked by him!

Looking at the palm that had come to him, Jiang Yun's eyes suddenly showed a fierce expression of anger.

Even though he couldn't avoid it, Jiang Yun raised his own palm and pointed his finger at Jin Yifei's palm with force!

As Jiang Yun pointed his finger, the darkened sky instantly broke apart, and a powerful aura erupted from Jiang Yun's fingertip.

This aura was incredibly domineering, like it thought it was superior to everything, and its appearance made the world unable to bear it, causing everything to retreat!

The sky lost its light, the snow-capped mountains lost their color, and the snow stopped falling...

"This is..."

Jin Yifei's face suddenly turned extremely pale.

Although he didn't know where Jiang Yun got such a powerful force, the sense of life-threatening crisis that surged in his heart made it very clear that if he were to be hit by this finger, he would undoubtedly die!

This power was enough to kill even a Dao Spirit.

The appearance of this power not only turned the whole Snow clan area black, but even the sky over the entire North Mountain dimmed a bit.

At Jiang Yun's fingertips, a constantly spinning black vortex appeared, just like the black hole in his dantian.

Inside the vortex was extremely deep, but it contained a terrifying power.

This black vortex was naturally one of the three gifts that Taoist Demon Hun Tian gave to Jiang Yun, containing a hint of Hun Tian's power, enough to kill a Dao Spirit Realm once!

Jiang Yun valued this power greatly and was reluctant to use it. Even when faced with being pursued by Earth Palm last time, he forcibly held back.

Although he later realized that even if he had used this power at the time, it would not have posed any threat to the Earth Protection Realm, it can be seen how much he cherished this power.

But at this moment, facing the Dao Spirit Realm Jin Yifei, Jiang Yun was very clear that in order to save himself, he had to use this power.

And this power did not disappoint him.

Jin Yifei's face had become extremely pale.

Even though he could feel the threat to his life from the powerful force, he couldn't pull his hand back.

His body was completely immobilized by the intense pressure from the force, leaving him unable to move a muscle, only able to watch as the black vortex at Jiang Yun's fingertip got closer and closer to him.

And his life was getting farther and farther away from him!

At that moment, Jin Yifei finally felt regret and unwillingness in his heart!

If he hadn't been greedy for the secret on Jiang Yun, if he had turned and left after rescuing Huo Duming, this scene would never have happened.

Of course, he felt even more unwilling!

As a strong Dao Spirit expert, he had already entered the threshold of seeking the Dao, with a bright future ahead, but now, he was facing death!

Suddenly darkened, like the sky deprived of all light, like the coming of doomsday, it had long attracted the attention of the Snow Clan and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons who were in the midst of fierce battle.

It made them all stop in their tracks, with faces full of shock and confusion, anxiously looking up.

No matter how hard they looked, all they could see was pitch black darkness, even Snow Clangrandfather was the same.

Under the influence of this darkness, even his special sensing power was firmly suppressed and couldn't leave his body.

They could only see Jiang Yun and Jin Yifei above their heads!

But compared to the fear of others, he felt relatively calm inside.

Because he believed that this was definitely a little bit of special power from their ancestor Xue Mucheng, protecting Jiang Yun and fighting against Jin Yifei.

At the same time, throughout the Mountain-Sea World, whether it was the dense jungle in Dongshan Prefecture;

Or the towering closed stone gate in West Mountain State;

Or somewhere in the secret chambers of Grand Medicine Sect in Zhongshan Province, one or more figures suddenly looked up and gazed towards the northern sky.

Even Gu Bulao at the top of the Hidden Peak in Seeking-Tao Sect once again opened his eyes, focused on the north, towards the direction of his disciples.