The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 227

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Chapter 227: Adding Insult to Injury

The demons' gazes, some at Jiang Yun lying on the ground, some at the previous location of the black mass, but ultimately all focused on Jin Yifei, who had an expressionless face!

Not a single sound came out, their hearts filled with deep shock.

This is the power of the Dao Spirit realm, truly terrifying!

"Cough cough!"

Suddenly, a loud cough broke the silence.

The demons quickly looked towards the sound, the coughing was coming from Jiang Yun who was lying still.

Then, Jiang Yun opened his mouth and blood mixed with pieces of his insides gushed out three times before he slowly opened his eyes.

The one who understood the power of Dao Spirit Realm the most was naturally Jiang Yun.

He didn't underestimate Jin Yifei at all and was fully prepared for that strike.

Adding the four layers of protection, including the black world, was the strongest defense he could achieve now.

More importantly, Jin Yifei's strike was not aimed at attacking him, but at the black world, he was just caught in the impact and still suffered severe injuries.

It can be imagined that if he had been hit completely, he would definitely be beyond saving!

However, Jiang Yun didn't go see Jin Yifei. He looked at the place where the dark world had just appeared.

Just as he suspected, Huo Duming, who was also in the dark world, was unharmed, floating in the air.

Even the black substance covering him had disappeared without a trace.

However, Huo Duming still looked dazed and bewildered, showing that he had not fully recovered from his shocked state earlier.


With a flash, Snow clangrandfather appeared next to Jiang Yun, asking with concern, "How are you?"

Jiang Yun shook his head with difficulty and replied, "I'm not dead yet."

"Do you have any pills? Take them quickly, I will protect you!"

Snow clangrandfather felt most guilty because if it wasn't for his mistake, Jiang Yun wouldn't have been so badly injured.

After speaking, his illusionary figure stood in front of Jiang Yun, coldly staring at Jin Yifei, saying, "Jin Yifei, what a strong Dao Spirit realm expert!"

Although Jin Yifei felt a bit uneasy inside, he showed no sign on his face, approaching Huo Duming and examining him. No demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave dared to doubt him.

Jiang Yun sat motionless, his physical strength inside his body healing his injuries at a rapid pace.

However, he knew very well that he probably wouldn't have the strength to fight again in the short term.

Whether the Snow Clan can escape today depends entirely on Huo Duming, the young master, being true to his word when he wakes up.

Although the battle between Jiang Yun and Huo Duming seemed even, and Jiang Yun's injuries were not caused by Huo Duming, all the demons knew the truth deep down.

In this battle, Huo Duming lost!

If Jin Yifei hadn't intervened, Huo Duming would probably be dead by now!

However, after confirming that Huo Duming only had impaired consciousness and no other injuries, Jin Yifei suddenly knocked him out with a slap.

Next, with a big wave of his sleeves, he directly wrapped up his body and put him into the golden carriage. Then he looked at Jiang Yun and Snow Clan Grandfather, saying, "Clearly, you have lost!"

Although Jin Yifei was clearly being unreasonable, at this point, Snow Clan Grandfather knew that saying anything else would be useless. Jin Yifei was determined to destroy Snow Clan.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Suddenly, several explosions rang out!

The storm created by Snow Clan Grandfather to temporarily trap the over three hundred demon race members was finally shattered at this moment, allowing them to break free.

As a result, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave regained control of over seven hundred Blessed Land Realm ordinary demons.

Despite losing one Cave Realm spirit demon, Jiang Yun, who was Snow Clan's greatest support, was now powerless to continue fighting.

The sudden huge change in the strengths of both sides once again pushed Snow Clan into a desperate situation, making things even worse.

While looking coldly at Jin Yifei, Grandfather's voice quietly sounded in Jiang Yun's ear, "Young friend, thank you for helping our clan. But I'm afraid we are unable to repay you now. This is no longer your concern. Later, I will find a way to send you away."

Grandfather and the whole Snow clan are extremely grateful for Jiang Yun's help. They can't bear to see him stay here and risk his life, so they want to send Jiang Yun away.

Before Jiang Yun could say anything, Jin Yifei gave the order, "Go and defeat the Snow clan!"

More than seven hundred demon race members, after exchanging a glance, immediately rushed towards the Snow clan who had emerged from the valley mist.

They were initially afraid to attack because of Jiang Yun, but now that Jiang Yun is no longer able to fight, they no longer fear the Snow clan.

Seeing this, Snow clan's grandfather's face turned pale with anger.

He knew that Jin Yifei's intention was to distract him from Jiang Yun, making it easier to deal with Jiang Yun.

If he were to protect his clan members, Jiang Yun would surely die. But staying here with Jiang Yun meant the clan members had no chance of fighting back and would be completely wiped out.

"I'm fine, grandfather, go save them!"

Just then, Jiang Yun clenched his teeth and stood up unsteadily.

How could he not know about Jin Yifei's plan, and he doesn't want the Snow clan to be destroyed because of him.


Seeing Jiang Yun struggling to stand, grandfather couldn't believe he was okay. Just as he was about to speak, Jiang Yun interrupted with a telepathic message, "Xue Mucheng's divine thought is about to appear!"

When grandfather heard this, his eyes lit up and he asked, "Really?"

"I wouldn't joke about risking my own life!"

With these words, grandfather finally breathed a sigh of relief and believed that Jiang Yun was telling the truth.

Because the faint divine thought of the ancestors had always been his greatest support.

Now that the Snow clan was truly in dire straits, it was time for the ancestor's divine thought to appear to save the Snow clan and Jiang Yun.

"You be careful, I'll be back soon!"

As the words fell, grandfather hurriedly ran towards the valley.

Watching grandfather's figure disappear, Jiang Yun let out a long sigh.

What he said was definitely a lie!

Although Xue Mucheng's faint divine thought had indeed told Jiang Yun that help would come at a critical moment, Jiang Yun had no idea when the critical moment would be.

Therefore, he could not pin his hopes on Xue Mucheng at all. He deliberately said those words to make grandfather go save the Snow clan people.

At that moment, Jin Yifei no longer looked at the erupting battle in the valley. Instead, he walked slowly towards Jiang Yun.

As he walked, Jin Yifei spoke up, "Boy, you have quite a few secrets on you, which really piques my interest! Starting today, these secrets belong to me!"

Though fully aware that Jin Yifei was about to make a move, Jiang Yun's face remained calm, with a hint of disdain even among the calmness.

"My secrets are not easily obtained!"