The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 226

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Chapter 226: The Black World

For Huo Duming, he felt like he was now in a completely different world.

Looking around, all he could see was endless darkness, as if it would last forever and never fade away.

Even the fiery figure that had been burning outside his body suddenly went out without a sound.

Along with the darkness came a strong sense of fear and despair that inexplicably surged in Huo Duming's heart.

This feeling, like the tide, quickly surrounded him, making his body shake uncontrollably.

Vaguely, he felt like he had been here for a very long time, and even scarier, he had to stay here forever.

"No, no, no! I want to leave, I want to leave this spooky place!"

Amidst the crazy howling, Huo Duming's eyes began to gradually lose focus, and his mind became unclear.

And at that moment, he suddenly saw a small light at the dark distant end.

Though faint, it was remarkably clear in the pitch-black darkness.

Looking at that light, a strong desire suddenly erupted in Huo Duming's mind to walk towards that light.

Only by reaching there could he feel the brightness and sense of security!

So, Huo Duming lifted his feet and slowly walked towards that spot with an extremely slow pace.

That posture and appearance, just like a puppet that has lost consciousness and intelligence.

At this moment, Jiang Yun, who is also in this darkness, not only is unaffected by this black substance, but also feels a strange sensation in his heart.

It's as if this world entirely filled with black substance is his home!

And these black substances are emitting strong feelings of joy and familiarity towards him.

It seems like he is their family member.

Regarding Huo Duming's situation, he naturally sees it very clearly.

Although he doesn't understand why Huo Duming has changed so much, he knows this is his perfect opportunity.

With a single thought, the black substances around him immediately boiled up and rushed towards Huo Duming continuously.

Layer by layer covering Huo Duming's body, rendering him powerless to move, he stood motionless like a sculpture, with empty eyes.

Watching Huo Duming, who was completely at the mercy of himself, Jiang Yun hesitated for a moment and asked, "Bai Ze, can the outside world know what's happening here?"

Bai Ze hesitated as well before answering, "They probably can't! After all, this is a blessed land condensed by Taoist Demon Hun Tian himself!"

"Alright, let's gamble again!"

Jiang Yun clenched his teeth, waved his fingers repeatedly, and cast the Demon Refining Seal, which entered Huo Duming's body.

Immediately after, Jiang Yun made another move, and the lamp tightly held by Huo Duming fell into his hands.

Jiang Yun had long coveted Huo Duming's talent and this lamp. Now, with such a great opportunity to seize them, he was unwilling to let it go even if it meant taking some risks!

Meanwhile, the demons outside of this black world were all confused and puzzled.

Because all they could see was a black mass expanding into the sky, but no one could know what was inside the black mass, so they could only wait patiently.

Not far away, after a moment of uncertain light flashing across Jin Yifei's face, he suddenly raised his hand.

A golden hand, as big as a hundred feet, appeared and flew towards the black object.

"Jin Yifei, you are shameless!"

Although Snow's grandfather was always wary of Jin Yifei, he never expected Jin Yifei to attack suddenly when Jiang Yun and Huo Duming were evenly matched.

Even though he wanted to stop him, he was not strong enough and could only attack Jin Yifei, saying, "Jin Yifei, how dare you disobey the Demon Lord's orders? Are you planning to betray the Ten Thousand Demons Cave?"

The other demons were shocked because Huo Duming had made it clear that when he and Jiang Yun fought, no one else was allowed to interfere, even if Jiang Yun killed him.

Jin Yifei's actions openly defied Huo Duming's orders and the Demon Lord's commands.

Jin Yifei ignored Snow's grandfather, dodged the attack easily, and stared intently at the black object.

In reality, Jin Yifei felt extremely frustrated inside.

He didn't want to disobey the Demon Lord's orders or act at that moment.

After all, no matter what, he was a strong cultivator of the Dao Spirit realm. It was quite embarrassing for him to intervene while his young master and Jiang Yun were fighting.

However, after Huo Duming was engulfed by the black mist-like substance, his divine sense couldn't penetrate it.

This meant he didn't know Huo Duming's situation, whether he was alive or dead!

Even though Huo Duming had ordered no one to interfere as the Demon Lord, if he allowed Jiang Yun to kill Huo Duming, his fate would be worse than disobeying the Demon Lord's command.

Therefore, he had no choice but to act!

Though Jin Yifei's intervention was sudden, Jiang Yun, who was in the black world, was aware.

He knew very well that if he allowed the opponent's attack to hit, not only would the black world likely collapse instantly, but he would also be seriously injured and even face the possibility of death.

After all, the opponent was in the Dao Spirit realm, much stronger than himself.

As for Huo Duming, since the opponent dared to act so recklessly, there must be a way to ensure he wouldn't be harmed!

But at this moment, the Demon Refining Seal was already inside Huo Duming, starting to absorb those threads of talent like silk.

If at this moment he gave up in order to avoid this palm, not only he wouldn't get Huo Duming's talent, but more importantly, his identity as a Demon Refiner would definitely be exposed.

After these thoughts flashed through his mind like lightning, Jiang Yun made up his mind, "Let's do it!"

As Jiang Yun made a decision, the fleshly body and Thunderbolt Dao Body immediately manifested, one merging directly with his body, and the other releasing golden thunderbolts, swirling around his body.

Even the black substances around him swiftly swarmed towards his body, forming a black armor that protected him.

Just as Jiang Yun finished these preparations in an instant, the Demon Refining Seal finally flew out from Huo Duming's body, grabbed by Jiang Yun.

But at this moment, Jin Yifei's golden palm fiercely slammed down onto the black world.


With a deafening roar like the sky collapsing and the earth splitting, the black world covering hundreds of yards collapsed with a loud bang.

Even the sky above was showing huge cracks as if torn apart.

The triple protection set up by Jiang Yun was as fragile as paper, instantly crumbling layer by layer, turning into nothingness.

He was shaken so hard that he flew out, heavily hitting a mountainside, smashing it, barely stopping his fall, and landing on the ground.

Lying askew on the ground, blood gushing from all seven orifices of Jiang Yun's face, his body unmoving, like dead.

At this moment, the world fell into silence again!