The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 225

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Chapter 225: Blood and Fire

The falling snow exploded into countless mist, obscuring the sky and engulfing Jiang Yun and Huo Duming instantly.

"Such a trivial skill!"

From within the mist came Huo Duming's voice full of disdain.

With another long breath, a towering flame erupted from the wick of his oil lamp, instantly burning away the surrounding mist to nothingness.

As the mist dissipated, before Huo Duming's form could appear, dazzling golden light appeared around him and in the eyes of all the demons.

Golden Lightning!

Jiang Yun's power of lightning finally bloomed for the first time inside North Mountain!

And he hid the golden lightning in the mist as a secret move against Huo Duming.

Before Huo Duming could react, he found himself in the midst of a golden sea of lightning.

The thunder roared, the lightning moved, carrying a terrifying power as if it could destroy everything.

Just looking at this sea of lightning made the monsters shiver involuntarily.

Then, the mist that had not been burned suddenly surged madly, forming an immensely huge finger.

With a sonic boom, it aimed at Huo Duming's forehead at lightning speed.

The appearance of two consecutive secret moves was truly unexpected for the monsters.

Even Jin Yifei, who was watching from the sidelines, couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, contemplating whether he should lend a hand.

Luckily, Huo Duming's combat experience appeared to be quite extensive.

At a critical moment of life and death, without panic, he suddenly bit off the tip of his own tongue.

However, what he spat out was not fresh blood, but a burning blood fire, which merged into the wick of the lamp in his hand.

The flames soared again, transforming into four bent-over humanoid flames, like stars surrounding Huo Duming, firmly protecting him.

From afar, it seemed as if Huo Duming was being burned by the flames.

"Bloodline power!"

"The young master has been forced to use even his bloodline power. Jiang Yun is indeed very strong!"

Amidst the chatter of the demons, Jin Yifei once again said admiringly, "Burning blood! The Fire clan and this Flameless Puppet Lantern are truly a perfect match!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

With the appearance of four flame humanoid figures, a series of earth-shattering loud noises kept ringing out.

The golden sea of thunder suddenly contracted, numerous golden thunders, as well as the finger formed by mist, all collided with the four flame humanoid figures.

At that moment, time seemed to freeze for an instant, everything fell into stillness!

But right after that instant, a violent explosion suddenly occurred.

Except for Huo Duming at the center of the explosion and the last remaining flame humanoid figure surrounding him, everything else collapsed.

However, Huo Duming emerged unscathed!

Seeing this scene, although Jiang Yun's expression remained the same, he couldn't help but admit in his heart that Huo Duming's strength was indeed the strongest he had encountered among all the Blessed Land Realm experts so far.

At the same time, through the battle with Huo Duming, Jiang Yun also realized a significant flaw in himself.

That is, the magic techniques and magical treasures I know are really very limited.

Speaking of magic techniques, apart from three specific techniques and those related to Cloud-sky and Mist-earth, I don't know any other ones.

As for magical treasures, I only have two swords that I snatched.

I don't even know swordsmanship, so I can only rely on my unclear Sword Intent occasionally.

Although I know a Taoist spell that all cultivators dream of, I can't always use it freely.

The Taoist spell only works when the opponent reveals strong desires.

If I face a weaker opponent, this shortcoming doesn't matter, or may not even appear.

But when facing an opponent of similar strength, this weakness becomes apparent, making me feel restricted.

As for this imperfection, Jiang Yun currently has no way to make up for it. So, he can only temporarily set aside this idea, muttering to himself, "Fortunately, the snow cliff Blessed Land they see is just mine, the first Blessed Land!"

In the magical world called Demon's Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip, Taoist DemonHun Tian had told Jiang Yun before.

Because all twelve energy pathways in his body were clear, he could altogether create four Blessed Lands.

One as the main, three as support.

Furthermore, Hun Tian personally helped in forming a nascent realm within Jiang Yun's Hun Tian Dao body; when Jiang Yun stepped into the Blessed Land Realm, this realm would automatically appear.

Just now, this Blessed Land has appeared!

At this moment, inside Jiang Yun's energy center, next to the Li Firesnow cliff, there quietly floats a black hole the size of a coin!

Truth be told, when Jiang Yun first saw this black hole, he felt a bit disappointed and puzzled.

Disappointed, because this black hole didn't seem extraordinary at all.

And puzzled, because Jiang Yun remembered that initially, Hun Tian had condensed a misty ball in the world within, which then exploded upon entering his body.

The clouds inside the Taoist's body formed a fuzzy outline.

But now, the white clouds had disappeared, leaving only an inconspicuous black hole.

However, when Jiang Yun looked into the black hole, he discovered that it was filled with swirling black substance, endless like mist.

But Jiang Yun knew that this black substance was not mist!

Moreover, deep inside the black hole, apart from pure black, there was also a faintly glowing spot!

Because the distance was too far, Jiang Yun couldn't see clearly what the spot was.

Even Bai Ze, who was known to know everything, was equally confused about this black hole. He couldn't identify it, but he firmly believed in its great power.

Bai Ze was so certain because of his almost instinctive worship of the Taoist Demon.

In his heart, the Taoist Demon was all-powerful, so anything given by the Taoist Demon was considered good.

Jiang Yun didn't doubt this at all.

When he entered the black hole with his divine sense, he felt even more strongly that these black substances seemed to have a life of their own.

Not only did they contain a power that his current self couldn't understand, but they could also be controlled by him!

More importantly, he had a vague feeling that this black hole was not so much a Blessed Land as it was a door.

A door leading to a place filled with countless black substances!

Therefore, Jiang Yun placed his hope of defeating Huo Duming on this Blessed Land.

"Let me see how powerful this Blessed Land, created by Senior Hun Tian for me, truly is!"

As Jiang Yun spoke again, a large amount of black substance gushed out of his body, light as a feather, and spread out in the air.

To the unknowing Demon Eyes watching, it still looked like mist.

Huo Duming thought that way, so he looked down at Jiang Yun with a sneer and said, "Jiang Yun, is that all you've got?"

But before he could finish speaking, his sneer turned into shock and horror.

As the dark substance left Jiang Yun's body, it quickly spread out, covering everything within a hundred feet in all directions, including himself.

Within this hundred feet, all other colors, even everything in the sky and on the ground, disappeared, leaving only pure black!