The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 224

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Chapter 224: Flameless Puppet Lantern

Jiang Yun was feeling very regretful at the moment.

He even murmured to himself, "If I had added the Demon Refining Seal to the blessed land just now, maybe I could have implanted it into Huo Duming's body, absorbing his talent and making it my own!"

"Once I possess the talent of the fire demon, the power of my Li Fire should become even stronger."

In the sacred land of the Snow clan, after Jiang Yun's resurrection, he successfully integrated the Petrification Talent of the stone demon into his body.

This means he can refine another supernatural talent belonging to demons, and he is very interested in Huo Duming's talent.

Most wizards can control fire and use fire spells, but when compared to fire demons, they are far behind.

As Brother Hei once told Jiang Yun, humans wizards are no match for demon race in terms of magic mastery.

Even in front of the powerful Dao Spirit realm expert Jin Yifei, Jiang Yun wouldn't dare to use the Demon Refining Seal.

Because that would reveal his secret identity as a Demon Refiner.

When a human Demon Refiner appeared in the demon race gathering place of North Mountain, it was inevitable that Jiang Yun's fate would be miserable once this news spread.

At that time, he would face not only the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, but the entire North Mountain and even the demon race of the Mountain-Sea World.

As for the disappearance of his Blessed Land at this moment, he didn't feel sad at all because it didn't truly represent his strength now.

In fact, the recent battle was just a way for him to practice a new attacking technique using his Blessed Land.

Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to reveal the true form of his first Blessed Land layer.

"The real battle has just begun."

As Jiang Yun spoke, his body suddenly released a powerful energy, causing his hair to stand on end. In an instant, he disappeared from where he stood and crossed over the burning flames in the air, arriving next to Huo Duming and throwing a punch.

"Using the same old trick again? Do you think you can defeat me with just one punch?"

Although Jiang Yun was very fast, Huo Duming was already prepared for his speed.

Having witnessed Jiang Yun defeat other demon races with his physical strength, Huo Duming was aware of Jiang Yun's expertise in hand-to-hand combat.

Amidst Huo Duming's disdainful laughter, a palm-sized lamp suddenly appeared in his hand.

It was unclear what material the lamp was made of, but its shape was extremely strange.

The lamp base consisted of four small humanoid puppets kneeling on the ground, with a hunched back and a disk on their backs holding a lamp wick.

Though the lamp wick emitted a faint glow, there was no visible flame.

The whole lamp looked like it had been around for a very long time, covered with old marks and a sense of time.

When others saw this lamp that they didn't recognize, Jin Yifei's face showed a hint of envy and said, "I didn't expect the Demon Lord to give him even the Flameless Puppet Lantern!"


Huo Duming gently blew on the wick of the lamp.

Immediately, a flame rose on the wick, making it flicker faster.

Within the flickering, a humanoid figure vaguely appeared, detached from the wick, fell in the air, instantly turned into a normal-sized fire person, and moved towards Jiang Yun's fist.

Watching the scorching hot fire person in front of him, Jiang Yun's pupils couldn't help but slightly shrink.

It had to be acknowledged that as the young master of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, Huo Duming not only had strong personal strength but also possessed formidable magical tools and skills.

The demons couldn't help but exclaim, "The young master's move is indeed powerful. Jiang Yun's physical strength is terrifying, but no matter how strong it is, it is of no use against fire that does not have a physical form."


Jiang Yun's mouth curled into a sneer, his fist, already brimming with power, suddenly burst with a dazzling green light, faintly revealing another, even larger, fist covering it.

The fist and the fireman collided heavily.

Just as the demons expected, the fist pierced through the fireman's body, but countless intricate patterns immediately spread across the fireman's body.

Following a thunderous roar, the fireman's body split open directly, dividing into countless small flames.

One force breaking a myriad of techniques!

Jiang Yun's punch successfully shattered the fireman.

However, Huo Duming's face showed a triumphant smile, his mouth opened, exhaling a long breath once more, wrapping up all the scattered small flames.


Countless buzzing sounds rang out, and then tiny flames multiplied rapidly under Huo Duming's breath, turning into numerous fire people rushing towards Jiang Yun.

"Truly a fire demon, possessing strong control over fire!" Jiang Yun squinted his eyes slightly. "But when it comes to quantity, I am not afraid!"

Jiang Yun retracted his fist and began to move his hands quickly. A stream of Dao Spirit energy flew out from his fingertips and instantly formed a ten-yard-long spirit dragon hovering around him.

At the same time, the countless fire people also gathered around Jiang Yun!


As the spirit dragon circled, at least half of the fire people directly collapsed and shattered into nothingness.

They didn't even have a chance to break apart into tiny flames again, but were crushed into nothingness.

After another rotation, the remaining half of the fire people also disappeared.

"This, this easily broke young master's technique?"

Among the group of monsters, most of them were stunned, finding it hard to believe what they were seeing.

However, a few demons showed expressions of shock on their faces.

Because the speed at which Jiang Yun's spirit qi dragon appeared was so fast that many monsters couldn't see clearly.

It seemed like just a spirit qi dragon, but in reality, the countless flowing Dao Spirit energies forming this dragon each had their own unique trajectory!

In other words, each of the countless Dao Spirit energies corresponded to a Fire Person's movement position, so that they could shatter Jiang Yun at the moment the Fire Person was about to reach him!

The process, though sounding simple, was extremely difficult to achieve, requiring incredible control over spirit qi manipulation.

Clearly, Jiang Yun possessed this ability!

This was the very reason why these observant demons were shocked.

They had always thought Jiang Yun excelled only in physical strength, but now they realized his terrifying skill in controlling spirit qi.

Even the Snow clan was deeply shaken by this.

Because they had only seen Jiang Yun summon a physical body before, they never imagined the power of Jiang Yun's magic.

To confirm the suspicions of the demons, Jiang Yun successfully shattered many fire people, softly uttering two words, "Mist rises!"