The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 223

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Chapter 223: Reasons for Decline

At the center of the flower, it kept shrinking and squirming, like a mouth continuously opening and closing, combined with the face, looking extremely eerie.

The flame flower moved very fast, instantly appearing in front of Jiang Yun and suddenly expanding, opening its mouth.

Jiang Yun, who had just destroyed three fire dragons, seemed surprised by Huo Duming's second round of attack coming so quickly.

Suddenly, the person was engulfed by the flame flower.

Jiang Yun, at the center of the flower, felt like he was trapped in a cage.

The four flame petals turned into four colors of boiling flames, engulfing Jiang Yun instantly.

The scorching heat made even the Snow Clan people in the valley feel it clearly, causing them to cry out in surprise.

The demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave looked relieved.

"This Jiang Yun, talks big but has little power, just created so many Blessed Lands, but his true strength is really weak!"

"It's not entirely true. Among the same level, Jiang Yun is considered very strong. However, even with his strength, he is only at the first level of the Blessed Land."

"The young master, on the other hand, is at the fifth level of the Blessed Land, four small realms ahead. Of course, Jiang Yun wouldn't be a match for the young master."

To most demons, Jiang Yun trapped in the four-colored flames would either die or lose the ability to fight back.

But their whispers quickly vanished without a trace.

Because at that moment, in the boiling sea of four-colored flames, Jiang Yun's newly formed Snow Cliff Blessed Land suddenly appeared without a sound.


Right after, the snow cliff started shaking violently.

During this shaking, all the accumulated snow on it exploded wildly, creating a cloud of mist.

With the appearance of this mist, the four-colored sea of flames engulfing Jiang Yun's figure gradually stopped jumping and swirling, covering with a layer of white frost!

This was not an ordinary mist, but a cold one!

Jiang Yun's figure reappeared at the center of the flowers, with a calm face and not a single scratch on him.

Obviously, the temperature of the four-colored flames was very high, but still not as high as the Li Fire, so it couldn't hurt him.

Huo Duming's eyes gleamed coldly as he extended his hand and a four-colored flame spear appeared in his grasp.

With a swift movement, he arrived in front of Jiang Yun and thrust the spear fiercely.


Although the spear effortlessly pierced through the fiery flower, Jiang Yun's hand firmly gripped it and froze it with rapid speed.


Following this, Jiang Yun's other hand swung forcefully, shattering the frozen four-colored flame flower and making it reappear in the sky.

Their second confrontation seemed lengthy, but it actually happened in an instant.

Jiang Yun, breaking free from the ice, wasted no time and continuously swung his hands, causing the entire snow cliff to rush towards Huo Duming with a piercing sound.

This sight caused Huo Duming's pupils to suddenly contract.

Because of this encounter, he was now very clear about his feelings.

Not only was Jiang Yun not afraid of the power of fire himself, but his Blessed Land, in the current environment, could even counteract him.

After all, he was fire, and Jiang Yun was snow!

"Snow can freeze fire, but fire can also melt snow!"

In Huo Duming's whisper, the flames above his head suddenly split again, followed by the appearance of the fifth yellow flame.

Fivefold Blessed Land!

The five-colored flames once again combined into a flame flower, still rotating at extreme speed, heading towards the oncoming snow cliff.

Under the rotation of the five-colored flame flower, it appeared like a small sun, not only dazzling, but also releasing high temperatures that dispersed the dark clouds in the sky.

Rarely, a glimpse of clear sky appeared in this area that never saw clear skies all year round!

Even the snow in the valley started melting rapidly, revealing the brown mountain underneath.

Jiang Yun's snow cliff melted quickly under the shining of the five-colored sun.

At that moment, Jiang Yun suddenly raised his hand and saw a red flame rise under the snow cliff, completely enveloping the whole mountain.

Seeing the flame, the monsters were slightly surprised, but they didn't pay too much attention. Huo Duming sneered, "Daring to play with fire in front of me, you are asking for trouble!"

However, all the Snow clan immediately recognized it.

The appearance of the flame actually slowed down the melting speed of the snow cliff.

"This...this is Li Fire!"

Especially on grandfather's face, a very complicated expression appeared, showing shock, excitement, and more importantly, anticipation.

Outsiders probably can't imagine, because the Snow clan was born within the Li Fire, their strong foundation lies in being able to completely integrate Li Fire into themselves.

In the past, the ancestor of the Snow clan, named Xue Mu Cheng, became the first demon because he successfully merged with the Li Fire and himself!

But since Xue Mu Cheng left, none of the Snow clan members could truly possess the Li Fire, let alone merge it with themselves.

Even the grandfather himself did not obtain the Li Fire like Jiang Yun did, instead, he barely absorbed a wisp of Li Fire from the holy land due to his special status.

As for the other Snow clan members, they could only receive a bit of Li Fire power from the Snow clan grandfather when entering the Blessed Land Realm to help them form their blessed land.

This is the real reason for the decline of the Snow clan!

But now, he saw an outsider, or rather, a human from an outside tribe, who seemed to have succeeded in merging fire and snow!

It's easy to imagine the mix of helplessness and excitement in his heart right now.

However, he believed that Jiang Yun's success must have been aided by a hint of divine thought left behind by the ancestor.

But in reality, Jiang Yun risked his life to obtain the Li Fire, and it truly belonged to him!

With the appearance of Li Fire, it wrapped around the snow cliff, not retreating but advancing, even speeding up towards the five-colored flame flower!


Both exploded upon impact, endless flames instantly filled the sky, turning half of it into a sea of fire!

Within this sea of fire, several different colors were visible, except for white.

In other words, the fire remained, but the snow was gone.

This meant that the snow cliff disappeared, indicating that Jiang Yun may not be Huo Duming's match.

Huo Duming let out a sigh, his handsome face finally regaining its usual proud expression.

From Jiang Yun's appearance until now, he had been attracting the attention of all the demons, suppressing this young master of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Finally, it was his turn to take the upper hand.

"You are indeed strong. If you had faced other opponents or had more time to grow, your future achievements would have been remarkable. Unfortunately, you have encountered me, which means you have no future!"

After witnessing Jiang Yun's Blessed Land in its complete form, Huo Duming was determined to put an end to Jiang Yun and ensure he would not survive another day.

At this moment, Jiang Yun gazed ahead at the sea of fire, appearing calm on the surface. If one looked closely, they would notice a hint of regret in his eyes.