The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 222

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Chapter 222: Li Fire Snow Cliff

After the ninth strand of spirit energy burst out of Jiang Yun's body, it floated in the air without immediately condensing into a blessed land.

Jiang Yun simply gazed at this strand of spirit energy without moving.

To the rest of the monsters, it seemed like Jiang Yun hadn't decided what his final blessed land should be!

"The One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains has nurtured and supported me, so it is my sixth blessed land."

"The endless Boundary Sea touched my heart, and the water transformed from stones has aided my cultivation and accelerated my growth."

"Because it can imprint the Dao onto objects, I call it the Tao Sea."

"The Tao Sea and Boundary Sea merge as one, becoming my seventh blessed land."

"In the World-in-World, Senior Hun Tian gave me three precious gifts, so it is my eighth blessed land."

"Now, in the Ninth Blessed Lands..."

In Jiang Yun's mutterings, the ninth stream of spiritual energy finally changed.

"Crackle!" sounded!

This spiritual energy suddenly burst into flames!

This was not Li Fire, but simply a fire made of spiritual energy that any practitioner could easily use.

Although it was spiritual fire, inside it seemed to contain a strong life force, still burning even amidst the falling snowflakes.

The weather in North Mountain was always snowy, including now.

The snow never stopped, instead falling heavier and heavier, so the demons paid no attention to the snowflakes.

However, after a moment, a voice suddenly spoke, "Wait! Those snowflakes, they fell into the flames and weren't burned up!"

The sudden sound made all the monsters realize.

Many snowflakes falling from the sky went straight into the flames, but instead of melting, they gathered more and more.

This scene may seem strange to others, but to the people of the Snow clan from the Blessed Land Realm, especially Snow clan's grandfather, it was very familiar.

Because every member of their clan experiences a similar situation when gathering their blessed land.

Even the light in Snow clan grandfather's eyes is getting brighter, murmuring to himself, "Could it be that his Ninth Blessed Land is also our clan's sacred place, Li Fire Snow Palace?"

The more grandfather thought about it, the more he believed in his idea.

Allowing Jiang Yun to enter the sacred place early was to help him find the last blessed land.

Within the sacred place, there is the Li Fire Snow Palace. Jiang Yun will definitely consider it as his Ninth Blessed Land when he sees it.

However, grandfather soon realized that his idea was wrong.

Because the snow under the flames kept piling up, it didn't form into snow pillars, it just stacked up randomly.

Grandfather couldn't help but frown slightly and asked, "If it's not Li Fire Snow Palace, then what could it be?"

Only Xue Qing, as she gazed at the snow pile in the flames, suddenly brightened up and softly said, "His Nine Blessed Lands seems to be the cliff where we met!"

Xue Qing's guess turned out to be correct!

Meanwhile, deep within Jiang Yun's body where nobody could see, there was also a flame burning, condensing the lake of spirit qi within him, forming his first blessed land.

However, this flame wasn't spiritual fire, it was Li Fire!

Under the burning of Li Fire, Jiang Yun's spirit qi in his body instantly turned into liquid.

Following that, it turned into mist, then into snowflakes, drifting down into the Li Fire below, accumulating more and more.

When Jiang Yun's Nine Blessed Lands finally took shape, what appeared before everyone was a cliff covered in snow, located at the edge of the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

If someone could sit on the cliff, they would see the vast sea surrounding the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

They could even hear the sound of the sea faintly.

At this point, Jiang Yun's Nine Blessed Lands finally took shape.

Looking at these Nine Blessed Lands, every monster's face showed shock and envy.

Although this was only Jiang Yun's dream path, if he truly cultivated to the ninth level of the Blessed Land realm, these Nine Blessed Lands would turn from a dream into reality.

The Blessed Land is divided into nine parts, each part having different environments and things!

No one could imagine how powerful Jiang Yun would become at that time.

Gradually, whether it was the sea, the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, the six peaks on it, small villages, the mist, Against-Demon Bridge, or even the spiritual fire, all started to dissipate like foam.

In the end, only a snow-covered cliff remained!

Inside Jiang Yun's belly, a snow cliff appeared, surrounded by the Li Fire.

Obviously, Jiang Yun purposely hid the true form of his first Blessed Land.

"Now, as the snow cliff observes the sea and refines the Li Fire in the Snow clan's sacred land, I will make that place my final Blessed Land!"

"It is also the first Blessed Land I have condensed in this life, Li Fire snow cliff!"

As Jiang Yun's words faded, his dreamlike state ended.

At this moment, he finally stepped into the initial level of the Blessed Land territory!

Just then, three fire dragons, each of a different color, silently flew towards Jiang Yun!

The one attacking was Huo Duming, of course!

He had been ready to strike, waiting for this moment.

Before, he attacked Jiang Yun with a three-colored fire dragon, but Jiang Yun dodged it extremely quickly.

This time, he suddenly attacked with three fire dragons at once, intending to make it impossible for Jiang Yun to escape!

The three fire dragons formed a triangle shape, roaring from three directions with intense heat, leaving Jiang Yun with no way to escape.

But now, Jiang Yun no longer needed to hide.

"Well done!"

As he spoke, a cold light flashed in Jiang Yun's eyes.

The gentle expression on his face instantly disappeared, replaced by a fierce and bloody air!

With the appearance of this air, Jiang Yun suddenly pointed three fingers in succession.

His speed was so fast that to the other Demon Eyes present, it seemed as if he had magically grown three extra fingers, each pointing at the three fire dragons in front of him!

Even though these three fire dragons are only made of flames, they seem to have a life of their own.

When feeling the aura coming from Jiang Yun's body, their charging speed had already slowed down, as if they wanted to escape.

But when Jiang Yun pointed his three fingers, it made them lose the courage to run away, and they obediently placed their heads in front of Jiang Yun's fingers.


With the three fingers almost simultaneously pointing, a unified booming sound, the three fire dragons instantly exploded.

Despite Huo Duming planning to ambush Jiang Yun early on, how could Jiang Yun not be alert to him!

In fact, although Jiang Yun was always in a dreamlike state and dared to create his first Blessed Land in front of the enemy, he had already considered various possible situations and made preparations in secret.

Seeing the three fire dragons exploding without success, Huo Duming did not show any disappointment.

Even as the fire dragons exploded, the three flames above his head separated again, revealing a fourth blue flame!

Four groups of flames in four different colors separated and gathered to form a four-colored flame flower, spinning towards Jiang Yun.

Although Huo Duming ambushed Jiang Yun, his initial intention was only to test him. He never thought that he could kill Jiang Yun in one move. Therefore, he only revealed the strength of the third level of the Blessed Land.

However, now he realized clearly that Jiang Yun's power exceeded his imagination. Three levels of strength were not enough, so he unleashed the power of the fourth level of the Blessed Land.

This four-colored flame flower may not seem to have any attacking power.

But during its rapid rotation, the flower faintly formed a face!