The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 221

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Chapter 221: The Last Place

"In the Seeking-Tao Sect, I learned the techniques of The Human Tao. Since then, as long as the sect exists, I exist. If the sect falls, I fall. So, the Seeking-Tao Five Peaks is my third Blessed Land."

In Jiang Yun's whispered voice, the fourth stream of spiritual energy completed its condensation.

It was a dense forest, where a faintly visible red light band ran through the entire forest like a river.

"In the Beast Forest, Brother Hei taught me the first true skill in my life, the Cloud-sky and Mist-earth technique, and how to control spirit energy. So, it is my fourth Blessed Land."

Following that, the fifth stream of spiritual energy appeared, being the smallest in quantity but condensing the fastest, instantly turning into a bridge.

A black bridge suspended in the air between heaven and earth, not touching the sky above or the ground below.

"At the Against-Demon Bridge, I absorbed Taoist Demon energy, cleared the twelfth meridian, reached the state of Meridians Unclogged perfection, and became a Demon Refiner. So, it is my fifth Blessed Land."

At this moment, between heaven and earth, time seemed to stop flowing, except for the continuous falling snowflakes.

Everything became quiet and still, with no sound at all.

Everyone was watching Jiang Yun closely, watching the five Blessed Lands that had appeared above his head.

Although these five Blessed Lands were randomly placed there with no pattern, looking chaotic, no one dared to laugh at them.

Because the five Blessed Lands were actually five completely different environments, five completely different things.

This went beyond everyone's imagination, overturning their understanding of the Blessed Land Realm.

But Jiang Yun's gathered Blessed Lands didn't stop, a sixth surge of spirit qi continued to pour out.

And the amount of this spirit qi could be described as vast.

It was like it was endless, constantly surging out from Jiang Yun's body, even filling the space between the previous five Blessed Lands.

Although no one knew what the sixth Blessed Land would be, it was clear that the area of this Blessed Land should be extremely large, even larger than anyone could imagine.

When this sixth Blessed Land slowly started to take on some simple forms, some people could already vaguely recognize it.

"It looks like a mountain!"

"Hmm, but the size of the mountain is quite large, could it be one of the mountains on Wushan Island?"

The entire Mountain-Sea World is just one island and one sea.

The place where everyone lives is on the five mountains of the island, so when people see this continuous range of mountains, and it hasn't fully formed into a Blessed Land yet, they couldn't help but wonder if it might be one of the five mountains.

If it turns out to be true, it can only be described as astonishing and extraordinary.

Finally, Jiang Yun's sixth Blessed Land completely condensed.

Although it was not one of the five mountains, it was indeed a mountain.

A vast mountain range, covering an incredibly large area.

A mountain that left everyone astonished.

This mountain happened to be located beneath the five seemingly chaotic blessed lands.

Like a huge giant protecting the five blessed lands securely with its chest.

"This is the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains!"

Jin Yifei quietly uttered these six words.

As the chief elder of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and a strong expert in the Dao Spirit realm, he naturally knew about the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

Moreover, since the Seeking-Tao Sect and the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains were both in the South Mountain province, it wasn't difficult to guess that Jiang Yun's sixth blessed land was the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

Then, Jin Yifei's gaze fell on the center of the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, which was the first blessed land that Jiang Yun had created, the small village.

"I understand, his village exists within the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, and he is a member of that village."

"But as a human, how could he live in the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains?"

This question is known to everyone who knows Jiang Yun's origin, but perhaps only Jiang Yun can provide an answer.

Next, the seventh strand of spirit qi surged out from Jiang Yun's body, and the amount was even larger than the sixth strand!

In the imagination of the demons, the Blessed Land it is going to form will definitely be extremely complex.

However, the reality is completely different from what everyone imagined.

Because this seventh strand of spirit qi quickly completed the formation of the Blessed Land.

Originally, everyone thought that the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains should be the largest part of Jiang Yun's Blessed Land.

But little did they know that the area of this seventh Blessed Land was even larger than the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains.

Even the entire One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains are located on top of this seventh Blessed Land.

Because this seventh Blessed Land is the sea!

It's the sea inside Mountain-Sea World, surrounding Wushan Island apart from the mountains!

The One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains seemed to have turned into an island floating in this vast sea.

However, in the eyes of the two powerful Dao Spirit realm experts, Jin Yifei and Snow's grandfather.

This sea is different from the sea inside Mountain-Sea World.

They can't say exactly what the differences are.

They can only feel that Jiang Yun's sea seems to be more mysterious and profound than the sea inside Mountain-Sea World.

And it seems to have different levels!

At this moment, in the eyes of the demons, Jiang Yun's image has been greatly elevated.

Although Jiang Yun is their enemy, a human, they have to admit that the Blessed Land he created shows his talent and power, surpassing what they could achieve, becoming an existence beyond their reach and imagination.

Huo Duming, who had been standing on the side, now had a clear intent to harm in his eyes as he watched Jiang Yun.

Even though he was proud, he did not attack or destroy, allowing Jiang Yun to showcase Blessed Land one by one.

However, at this moment, he also foresaw Jiang Yun's future strength.

This was something he absolutely could not allow!

Therefore, he had made up his mind to eliminate Jiang Yun completely before he became too powerful, ensuring he would not have the chance to grow.

"Keep creating, when you reveal all Nine Blessed Lands, it will be your end!"

"Already seven Blessed Lands, just two more to go!"

After experiencing Jiang Yun's seven Blessed Lands, all demons present, even Jin Yifei and Snow's grandfather, cannot imagine what Jiang Yun's remaining two Blessed Lands will be like.

Because even One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains, even the sea in the Mountain-Sea World, are all included in Jiang Yun's Blessed Lands, what else could Jiang Yun choose as his own Blessed Lands?

The eighth branch of spirit qi surged out.

However, it didn't condense into any specific shape, instead forming a veil of cloud and mist that completely covered the previous seven Blessed Lands.

This mist was so dense that if the demons hadn't witnessed Jiang Yun creating the seven Blessed Lands with their own eyes, most of them wouldn't have known what Jiang Yun's Blessed Lands truly were.

Their gaze couldn't penetrate this mist.

Naturally, they wouldn't know that this Eighth Blessed Lands of Jiang Yun is the World-in-world from the Demon's Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip!

Now, above Jiang Yun's head, the Eight Blessed Lands were no longer chaotic, but clear at a glance.

In the sea there is mist, in the mist there are mountains, in the mountains there are forests, in the forests there are villages, in the villages there are bridges connecting the mist!

Even those with sharp eyes, looking at these Eight Blessed Lands, felt something stir within them.

Because the Eight Blessed Lands make a complete environment, forming a complete cycle, just like the veins and dantian in the body of a cultivator.

Spirit qi fills it, constantly circulating, thus giving life endlessly!

Now, Jiang Yun only had one blessed land left to appear.

Whether it's the many demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave or the people of the Snow clan, they couldn't help but feel excited inside.

Especially among the Snow clan, the people who are still in the Meridians Unclogged stage, witnessing the entire process of Jiang Yun condensing the blessed land and the Eight Blessed Lands afterward, made them have a realization in their hearts.

Maybe they won't be able to condense nine different blessed lands like Jiang Yun in the future.

But at least they now know that blessed lands can be condensed in this way.

This gave them a bit more courage and options when condensing blessed lands in the future!

Amidst everyone's anticipation, spirit qi finally surged out of Jiang Yun's body for the ninth time!

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