The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 220

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Chapter 220: In the Dream Path

At this moment, Jiang Yun felt like he was in another world, not paying attention to anything happening around him, completely absorbed in the second Blessed Land he had already created.

Looking at the unremarkable mountain, a touch of gratitude appeared in his gentle eyes.

Even in his eyes, the mountaintop was not empty, but had four figures sitting cross-legged, smiling and watching him.

This mountain, less than a hundred feet high, was not forcefully formed due to Jiang Yun's lack of spirit energy as rumored by the demon race.

Instead, it was naturally unremarkable, just like its name - Hidden Peak!

Hidden away, within the Seeking-Tao Sect!

"Without my grandfather taking me in and allowing me to survive, there wouldn't be the me now, so Jiang village is my first Blessed Land."

"Above Hidden Peak, my Senior Brother introduced me, and the master accepted me as a disciple, so it became my second Blessed Land."

With the appearance of this mountain peak, all the demons thought that Jiang Yun's Blessed Land had already been fully formed, but to their surprise, a third surge of spirit qi burst out from within Jiang Yun's body.

This caused all the demons to gasp in shock.

"How come there's more? Could it be that, like the young master, he also divided the Blessed Land into three parts?"

"That's highly unlikely. The division of Blessed Lands becomes harder as it progresses. This human forming a second Blessed Land has already reached the limit. How could there be excess spiritual energy to form..."

The voice questioning suddenly stopped!

Because this third surge of spiritual energy was much larger and denser than the previous two, it did not resemble reaching the limit at all.

With too much spirit energy, the process of forming the Blessed Land takes a bit longer.

However, when this surge of spiritual energy had only formed half of its shape, both Jin Yifei and Huo Duming had already recognized it.

"Looking for the Five Peaks of Seeking-Tao!"

Yes, the third stream of spiritual energy condensed into five tall peaks, like five fingers spread out, palms facing the sky, seeking enlightenment.

Jiang Yun's third Blessed Land was the famous Five Peaks of the Seeking-Tao Sect!

Hidden Peak, known to few outside the Seeking-Tao Sect, but the Seeking-Tao Five Peaks were known to almost everyone.

Moreover, since Jiang Yun had previously revealed his identity as a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, it was appropriate to have the most famous Five Peaks within the sect as his Blessed Land.

However, as the Seeking-Tao Five Peaks took shape, another surge of spiritual energy, the fourth stream, unexpectedly flowed out from Jiang Yun's body.

The surrounding monsters were so shocked that they couldn't speak.

Even if they don't know that the more complex the things or environment that are condensed in the Blessed Land, the stronger the person's power, but the achievement of the division of the Blessed Land into four parts is enough to make them incredulous.

However, the face of Snow Clan Grandfather suddenly showed a look of realization, saying, "This kid is dreaming! No wonder I can't feel the aura of the Blessed Land on him! Because, he simply doesn't have the Blessed Land!"

In the eyes of others, it seems that Jiang Yun has already begun to gather his fourth Blessed Land, which means his cultivation has reached at least the fourth level of the Blessed Land Realm.

Only grandfather knows that just over ten days ago, Jiang Yun was only a cultivator in the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

In such a short time as ten days, even with exceptional talent, it would be impossible for him to suddenly reach the fourth level of the Blessed Land Realm.

Therefore, grandfather can conclude—

The current display of Jiang Yun's four Blessed Lands is not a sign of successful gathering but rather a unique and special state he is in.

The Blessed Land Realm has a total of nine levels, and every cultivator when gathering their first Blessed Land enters a special state.

They will, like Jiang Yun now, display the complete form of the nine Blessed Lands they will gather in the future all at once.

After that, the nine Blessed Lands will dissipate until only the final level remains, which is the cultivator's true first Blessed Land.

The entire process feels dreamlike, as if in a dream.

When there was only one layer of Blessed Land left, it felt like waking up from a dream and returning to reality.

So, this state is called the Dream Path.

Just like the insight that Snow Clan's grandfather gave to Jiang Yun, that was the scene when he first condensed his Blessed Land.

In that insight, Jiang Yun saw the Blessed Land condensed by his grandfather, it was a complete Li Fire Snow Palace, which was the complete form of the Blessed Land when his grandfather finally reached the ninth level of Blessed Land.

In fact, that was his grandfather's Dream Path process.

Understanding this, grandfather murmured, "Now, he is truly starting to condense his first layer of Blessed Land, truly about to step into the Blessed Land Realm!"

Yes, Snow Clan's grandfather was not wrong!

At this moment, Jiang Yun is in the Dream Path, condensing the first layer of Blessed Land in his life.

Actually, this kind of Dream Path state, if it happened to other cultivators, would be easy to distinguish. But because Jiang Yun had previously swallowed the remaining six Earth-opening Pills prepared for himself.

The Earth-opening Pill emitted too much spirit energy, causing a dream-like effect in his cultivation process.

Before this moment, even though Jiang Yun had entered the Blessed Land Realm, he had not truly formed his own blessed land.

The reason, as he mentioned, was that he had not yet found his final blessed land!

For other cultivators, as long as they have one chosen blessed land, they can achieve the Nine Layers Realm by gradually building upon it.

For example, Huo Duming's blessed land is a ball of fire.

Since he pursues a nine-layer blessed land, every time his cultivation realm advances, the fire will split into a new flame and a new color will appear.

For example, Snow Clan Grandfather's blessed land is Li Fire Snow Palace. The first formed layer of his blessed land represents only the first level of Li Fire Snow Palace.

As the realm advances by each level, the height of the Li FireSnow Palace will also increase accordingly, until it reaches its full form at the ninth level.

However, Jiang Yun's situation is different - his blessed lands are not just one, but multiple.

Everywhere made him indecisive, so he decided to gather all the places of blessings and make them his own blessed land.

He counted and realized he only had eight places of blessing, lacking one, so he never truly gathered his blessed land.

Until this moment!

It was clear that Jiang Yun was in a dream realm, joined by Snow, grandfather, and Jin Yifei!

Although Jin Yifei was shocked, he didn't miss the chance, quickly notifying Huo Duming.

Those who gather the first layer of blessed land in a dream realm are usually defenseless.

Typically, when gathering their blessed land, practitioners either find a secluded spot or ask senior peers for protection to avoid disturbances.

However, someone like Jiang Yun, engaging in a dream realm and gathering the first layer of blessed land on a battlefield in front of enemies, was unheard of.

It was unclear if this was due to Jiang Yun's ignorance or fearlessness!

Hearing Jin Yifei's message, Huo Duming looked even more surprised, but he didn't seize the opportunity to attack Jiang Yun as Jin Yifei had imagined.

Instead, he stayed where he was, with a frown on his face.

As the young master of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, Huo Duming had achieved impressive accomplishments at a young age, which made him very proud.

Therefore, his pride made him feel it was beneath him to make a move against Jiang Yun at this moment.

He even believed that even if Jiang Yun successfully formed a Blessed Land, he still wouldn't be a match for him.

Because Jiang Yun was only at the first level of the Blessed Land Realm!

More importantly, Huo Duming was very curious about what kind of Blessed Land Jiang Yun would ultimately create.

Seeing Huo Duming not taking advantage of the situation made Jin Yifei very frustrated, but he couldn't say much more and had to control his anger.

At that moment, the fourth stream of spirit qi emerged from Jiang Yun's body, finally completing its condensation.