The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 219

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Chapter 219: Mountains and Villages

"This, seems like a village!"

Looking at the shapes formed by the gathering spirit qi, someone among the demons murmured.

Because most demon races live in village communities, the majority of them actually come from a Blessed Land forming above Jiang Yun's head.

As they felt familiar with it, it was not difficult to recognize - it was a village!

Although this village was very simple and not too big in size.

But everything in the village, whether it's the dozens of small houses or the winding village paths.

Even the mill placed in the center of the village looked incredibly clear and lifelike.

So much so that the demons could almost see children chasing and playing with each other in the village;

An adult man quietly practicing nearby;

An adult woman sitting in front of each small house, sewing while smiling and watching the children playing and men practicing;

It's not hard to guess that this village is where Jiang Yun was born and raised, it's his home;

Turning their homes into a Blessed Land is indeed a top choice for many cultivators.

Firstly, because the most familiar place for everyone is their own home;

Secondly, it's a way to express their longing for home;

After all, as practitioners, most of them leave home to explore the outside world in pursuit of higher cultivation and stronger power, not knowing when they can return home;

Naturally, home becomes the most cherished and yearned place buried deep in their hearts;

However, this ordinary little village, no matter how vividly portrayed, lacks any exceptional features, leaving all monsters somewhat disappointed;

Even Snow clan's grandfather frowned slightly and looked disappointed, saying, "Is this his Blessed Land?"

Among all the monsters, only Xue Qing, who was in the mist but could clearly see everything, didn't feel disappointed.

Some felt sudden realization and even a hint of happiness.

Because she remembered when she took the risk to invite Jiang Yun to join Snow clan, Jiang Yun had said, "I have my own village and my own people, just like you!"

Now she can finally be sure that Jiang Yun was telling the truth, he didn't lie to himself, and the Blessed Land he has created now is his village, his home.

Seeing the village finally take shape, Huo Duming shook his head and said, "I had some expectations for you, but now I realize I was wrong about you!"

"Just based on the Blessed Land you created, it's not hard to imagine that you don't have much ability. Therefore, the battle between us should come to an end!"

As he spoke, above Huo Duming's head, the red flames in the two fires suddenly separated and a third flame appeared, this one green.

"My Blessed Land, divide into three parts!"

Among the crowd, the demons couldn't help but gasp again.

"It seems like the young master wants to divide the Blessed Land into nine parts, so that when he reaches the ninth level of the Blessed Land, the fire will split into nine and form nine-colored flames!"

"Unlikely! Dividing the Blessed Land into nine parts is too difficult. As far as I know, there are not many people in the Mountain-Sea World who can do it!"

"Indeed, even if the young master has outstanding talent, it may still be difficult for him to achieve it!"


Just then, Huo Duming suddenly pointed his finger.

Three flames suddenly surged and intertwined, turning into a thirty-foot long three-colored fire dragon, roaring as it rushed towards Jiang Yun.

However, Jiang Yun just smiled slightly and said, "Don't be anxious, my Blessed Land is not complete yet!"

"This is just my first Blessed Land, Jiang Village!"

While speaking, Jiang Yun's figure floating in the air suddenly became blurry, even the scent emanating from him gradually faded.

To everyone's sense, it seemed like Jiang Yun was about to disappear into the air.

The roaring tricolored fire dragon had approached him, its flames burning fiercely and turning Jiang Yun's blurry figure into nothingness.

However, after the fire dragon dissipated, Jiang Yun's figure reappeared once again.

What was burned by the fire dragon was just a remnant image formed due to Jiang Yun's quick dodging speed.

At that moment, a surge of spirit energy suddenly emerged from Jiang Yun's body, gathering outside the small village above his head, and still condensing at an extremely fast speed.

Seeing this scene, the onlooking monsters and spirits all showed expressions of surprise on their faces.

"Hmm, isn't that village his blessed land?"

"No, the village is his blessed land! What's currently forming should also be his blessed land. He himself said that the earlier one was just his first blessed land."

"Blessed Land, isn't there only one? How can there be several? Does that mean he has also achieved the division of Blessed Lands, like the young master?"

"I never expected to see two Blessed Lands split here today. I just wonder how much blessing this human's Blessed Land can achieve!"

Amidst the chatter of the demons, a second stream of spirit energy surged above Jiang Yun's head, gradually forming a very inconspicuous small mountain peak.

This peak is only slightly higher than the adjacent village, its actual height probably not exceeding one hundred feet.

On top of it, one can clearly see a waterfall cascading down. Even faintly, one can hear the crisp sound of flowing water splashing on a rock.


The demons who were just hopeful about Jiang Yun's second Blessed Land couldn't help but let out a disappointed hiss again.

Obviously, this peak is also Jiang Yun's Blessed Land, unrelated to that village. He did achieve a second Blessed Land, but both the peak and the village are truly too inconspicuous.

"I understand now. Perhaps when dividing the Blessed Land, he didn't have enough spirit energy, so he could only form such a small mountain peak."

"Why bother! This mountain peak is of no use at all, even though it's half blessed land, it's all show and no substance, better to focus all the spirit energy in the first blessed land, concentrated on that village."

The discussions from the demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave around them were clearly heard by all the Snow clan members, although most of them shared the same thoughts, they found it hard to voice out.

However, Jin Yifei, Snow clan grandfather, and Huo Duming's expressions at the moment were truly shocked!

Because only they knew that blessed lands usually only represent one thing, or one environment.

For example, if someone's condensed blessed land is a mountain, then within the Blessed Land Realm, it's unlikely for them to condense anything other than a mountain.

Even someone like Huo Duming, who could divide his blessed land into three, his blessed land was still purely and singularly fire!

To have two different things or environments appear in a condensed blessed land is extremely rare, almost impossible!

But at this moment, the two blessed lands above Jiang Yun's head were clearly two completely different environments - a mountain and a village!

Snow clan grandfather looked at the inconspicuous mountain peak, the disappointment that had initially shown in his eyes because of the village was now being replaced by a brighter and brighter light.

Grandfather murmured to himself in a voice only he could hear, "He said he has completed eight-ninths and only lacks the final Blessed Land. Originally I didn't understand this sentence, but now, I think I should understand!"