The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 218

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Chapter 218: Dividing the Blessed Land

Jiang Yun didn't hesitate to act against Huo Duming. Before his words had even finished, he disappeared from his original spot and reappeared in front of Huo Duming, delivering a swift punch.

Although Huo Duming said to let Jiang Yun make the first move, he didn't underestimate Jiang Yun.

He had secretly prepared himself, ready to strike.

Seeing Jiang Yun's glowing fist approaching, Huo Duming remained calm and softly said, "Fire!"


As soon as he said that, above Huo Duming's head, a small red flame appeared.

The flame may have seemed insignificant, but as it appeared, countless snowflakes falling from the sky vanished instantly.

Even in this snowy area where the coldness lingered all year round, it was suddenly swept away in an instant.

In its place came a warmth.

It was as if this cold winter had suddenly turned into a warm spring!

While it felt warm to others, for Jiang Yun who was close to Huo Duming, it felt as if he was in a sea of fire.

If it was the Jiang Yun before entering the Snow clan's sacred place, encountering this flame would definitely make him step back.

However, having experienced being burned by Li Fire before, although the flame was hot, it could not harm him anymore.

But this attacking style of Huo Duming was quite new to Jiang Yun.

Because the flame floating above Huo Duming's head was clearly his Blessed Land!

Actually, from the name reported by Huo Duming and his identity, Jiang Yun had already easily guessed that the other party should be a fire demon, so it was not surprising to use fire as Blessed Land.

Jiang Yun had met many Blessed Land Realm practitioners on his journey, but only a few of them were able to show and use their blessed lands for attack.

In fact, only Lord Wan Hongbo, who was once suppressed in the Unreal-Beast Map, had displayed this ability.

However, Wan Hongbo's attack, which involved shooting centipedes from his revealed blessed land, was different from Huo Duming's attack method.

In simple terms, Huo Duming used his blessed land to launch his attack.

It is indeed a unique skill of Blessed Land Realm practitioners to use their blessed lands for attacks.

However, most practitioners rarely do so.

This is because the blessed land is extremely important to every practitioner.

If the blessed land is damaged, the practitioner will also feel the effects.

And if the blessed land is completely shattered and collapses, even if the practitioner survives, their cultivation will greatly decline.

So, the cultivators didn't even have time to protect their blessed land properly, let alone dare to use it easily.

Also, not every cultivator's blessed land is suitable for attacking.

"Blessed land!"

Watching the flames flicker like a form of life, Jiang Yun moved forward instead of backing off, his raised fist still carrying terrifying power as it fiercely struck Huo Duming.

Seeing Jiang Yun able to withstand the burning of his own flames surprised Huo Duming a bit, but he remained calm, opening his mouth and softly uttered the same word, "Fire!"


The flame above his head trembled slightly, then unexpectedly split into two, forming two flames!

The split flame was no longer red but purple!

With the appearance of this purple flame, the already scorching temperature suddenly rose again. The snow on the mountaintops melted into water unable to withstand such high heat.

The demons surrounding the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were even more amazed, expressing in awe, "We have long heard about the young master's Blessed Land, known as the most difficult to condense Elemental Blessed Land. We have never had the chance to see it, but today we finally got a glimpse of it, and it truly lives up to its reputation!"

"Not only is young master's reputation well-deserved, he has not only cultivated the Five Elements Blessed Land, but can also make the Blessed Land split, which is truly impressive."

"Great! The more complex and rare the created Blessed Land is, the greater power it can unleash. And dividing the Blessed Land is even more challenging!"

Jiang Yun understood that Huo Duming's Blessed Land Realm could split the fire with each level upgrade, known as dividing the land.

However, Jiang Yun didn't retract his fist, which caused a sudden burst of light in Huo Duming's eyes.

Originally, he wanted to use the high temperature of his Blessed Land fire to force Jiang Yun back and demonstrate his strength.

Surprisingly, Jiang Yun completely disregarded this, causing Huo Duming to raise his hands, enveloping his fists in purple flames, which collided with Jiang Yun's fists.


As a huge explosion sounded, both Jiang Yun and Huo Duming took three steps back.

When the two of them fought for the first time, it seemed like they were evenly matched, but everyone could see that Jiang Yun was falling behind.

Above Jiang Yun's fist, there was a burning flame of red and purple.

Jiang Yun placed his fist in front of him, looked at the flame of red and purple, took a deep breath, and blew out the flame.

Next, Jiang Yun coldly smiled and said, "Blessed Land attack, Blessed Land divide, quite interesting! Since that's the case, let me also try my Blessed Land!"

When others heard Jiang Yun's words, they didn't feel much, maybe a little anticipation at most, but Snow's grandfather's eyes instantly lit up.

Because Jiang Yun's Blessed Land has always been a mystery that troubled him.

Even now, he still couldn't figure out what Jiang Yun's supposedly completed eight-ninths of Blessed Land looks like, and whether he had found the missing last piece of Blessed Land.

As Jiang Yun finished speaking, several pills suddenly appeared in his hand and he quickly put them all in his mouth.

The strong fighting spirit that had filled his body vanished suddenly, replaced by a peaceful feeling.

Even his cold demeanor softened into gentleness in that moment.

Looking at Jiang Yun, the hearts of all the Blessed Land Demons around him inexplicably trembled slightly, as a hidden softness deep inside them was silently touched.

So much so that in a daze, they felt as if they were no longer on a battlefield where they could die at any moment, but had returned to the place they missed and longed for the most - home!

Although Sky Reaching Demon, Jin Yifei, and the others were not affected by Jiang Yun's aura at that moment, and they had not even seen Jiang Yun reveal his blessed land, astonishment had already appeared on their faces.

Jin Yifei couldn't help but ask, "What is his blessed land that can influence others' emotions just through his aura!"

A sense of tranquility appeared on Huo Duming's face as well, but as Jin Yifei spoke, this tranquility disappeared without a trace, turning back into coldness, his eyes tightly locked on Jiang Yun, a hint of fear passing in the depths of his eyes.

Above Jiang Yun's head, wisps of spirit energy rose, as if countless invisible fingers were guiding these spirit energies one by one, concentrating them together, slowly forming into various shapes.

Gradually, in the eyes of all demons, a wooden gate appeared, surrounded by a crude wall made of thick wood.

Within this wall and gate, crude wooden houses began to appear, one after another!