The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 217

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Chapter 217: The Order of the Demon Lord

Upon hearing Huo Duming's words, everyone from Ten Thousand Demons Cave and Snow clan were all slightly stunned, showing disbelief on their faces.

Because this also means that if Jiang Yun agrees to fight Huo Duming alone and wins, then the current danger facing Snow clan can be temporarily resolved.

Although Ten Thousand Demons Cave will definitely send more people, but I believe that the time gap between these encounters will be enough for Snow clan's grandfather to complete his plan and lead the entire Snow clan to escape.

However, Jin Yifei's face showed a hint of displeasure.

Because Huo Duming didn't discuss this beforehand with him.

As the young master of Ten Thousand Demons Cave, saying this in front of so many people would greatly embarrass him. If he didn't agree, Huo Duming would hold a grudge against him.

But if he agreed to Huo Duming's words, he might end up empty-handed this time.

Whether it's Li Fire Snow Palace of the Snow clan or Jiang Yun, none of them should hope to bring anything back from Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

The chief elder of Ten Thousand Demons Cave was immediately caught in a dilemma.

At this moment, all eyes were on Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun was naturally a bit surprised.

If Huo Duming could really follow through on his words, it would be a huge opportunity for both himself and Snow clan.

Fighting with him was really worth it.

However, Jiang Yun glanced at Jin Yifei in the distance and then calmly said, "Hey, young master, do you really mean what you say?"

"Will some of your men you brought with you not listen to you?"

Huo Duming clearly understood what Jiang Yun meant, and he coldly smiled, raising his right hand high suddenly.

In his palm, he was holding a red Token, though he didn't know when it had appeared.

"This is the Demon Lord's token. Whoever holds this token is like the Demon Lord himself appearing!"

"Anyone who dares to disobey will openly challenge the authority of the Demon Lord, committing the crime of treason which will make them an enemy of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave and even all the demon races in the North Mountain!"

Looking around, and even glanced at Jin Yifei intentionally, Huo Duming continued, saying, "Now, my dear friend, do you understand the seriousness of my words?"

Jiang Yun, at that moment, didn't pay attention or even acknowledge Huo Duming's words.

His eyes were fixed firmly on the red Token in the other person's hand, and his hand involuntarily reached for his own storage tool.

"How similar is this Demon Lord Token to the one Brother Hei gave me?"

"Apart from the color and the pattern on it, they are almost identical!"

The Token Brother Hei gave Jiang Yun was forgotten by him after he left the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Even if it wasn't for the sight of the Token in Huo Duming's hand at this moment, he still wouldn't have remembered.

However, since the two Tokens were so similar, it triggered another idea in Jiang Yun's mind.

"Could it be that Brother Hei also comes from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave?"

"Is it even possible that Brother Hei is also a senior figure from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave?"

This was not just a random guess by Jiang Yun.

When Jiang Yun first met Brother Hei, he didn't understand his strength. But now, he could guess that Brother Hei was at least at the Sky Reaching Realm level.

Those at the Sky Reaching Realm level are considered powerful in any faction and are not ordinary disciples.

If Brother Hei really came from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, he must at least be an elder.

"If my guess is correct, I wonder if Brother Hei's token has any effect on the monsters from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

Although Jiang Yun had this guess in his mind, he couldn't simply take out the token right now.

Even if Brother Hei's token was powerful, it couldn't compare to the Demon Lord token in Huo Duming's hands.

As Huo Duming raised the Demon Lord token, all the monsters from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave immediately showed respect.

Even Jin Yifei, reluctantly, knew that he couldn't disobey Huo Duming's orders today.

In other words, if Jiang Yun agrees to fight Huo Duming and ultimately wins, then he would have come here for nothing!

However, he didn't completely lose hope in his heart.

Because he still had some confidence in Huo Duming's strength.

As the only son of the Demon Lord, Huo Duming not only had outstanding talents, but also was generously provided with various cultivation resources since birth by the Demon Lord.

Medicines that others had never even heard of were just ordinary snacks to Huo Duming;

Treasures that others wouldn't even dare to think about were just toys he could play with whenever he wanted.

This resulted in him, who was just in his early twenties, already reaching the fifth level of the Blessed Land realm.

Not only did he have few rivals at the same level, but he could also challenge cultivators of the sixth level, and even the seventh level!

In the entire Mountain-Sea World, Huo Duming's strength could definitely be considered top-notch!

As for Jiang Yun, although his strength was also not weak, in Jin Yifei's heart, he naturally leaned more towards Huo Duming.

"Why, does Taoist friend still not trust me? Or is it that Taoist friend is unwilling to accept this opportunity I am giving you, confident in leading the Snow clan to defeat us all?"

Seeing Jiang Yun still not agreeing, Huo Duming's face finally showed impatience, and his words carried a hint of anger.

After thinking for a moment, Jiang Yun nodded and said, "Alright, I will fight you!"

"However, during our battle, I hope young master Fire can control your men!"

Even though Jiang Yun knew deep down that the other party might not keep their word, considering the Ten Thousand Demons Cave still held a great advantage, but regardless, this was at least an opportunity!

What's more, now that the Snow clan was healing within the mist, recovering their strength, the fight between himself and Huo Duming could buy them some time to recover.


Huo Duming raised the Demon Lord's command in his hand again, saying, "From this moment on, all of you step back. No one is allowed to attack without my order!"

"In the event I lose to Jiang Yun, or even die by his hand, you all must leave immediately and return to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave."

The monsters all said, "Yes, we will obey!"

"Let's begin!"

Huo Duming put away the Demon Lord's order, nodded gently at Jiang Yun.


As Jiang Yun and Huo Duming spoke at the same time, Jiang Yun took a step forward, moving away from the mist below him and stood on the top of the valley. However, the Cold Dark-winged Bat that was originally on his shoulder remained suspended above the mist.

With its chilling gaze, it stared firmly at the monsters. Anyone who dared to make a move against the Snow clan hidden in the mist had to pass through it first.

Just as Huo Duming had said, the monsters from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave all retreated according to his instructions, leaving the sky above the valley to the two of them as the battlefield.

However, whether it was Snow clan's grandfather, Jin Yifei, or a few other spirit demons from the cave, they still watched their opponents vigilantly to prevent any sneak attacks.

With his hands behind his back and a hint of a proud smile on his lips, Huo Duming looked at Jiang Yun and said, "This is North Mountain, my Taoist friend. You are our guest, so I'll let you make the first move!"

"Respect my orders!"