The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 216

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Chapter 216: I'm Not Interested

Among the demon race, the Blessed Land Realm is called the mundane demon, and the Sky Reaching Realm is known as the spirit demon.

The cultivation level of the spirit demon far surpassed Jiang Yun's.

Despite being a Demon Refiner and having the Taoist Demon Body, Jiang Yun was not intimidated enough to refrain from acting against the opponent.

However, when faced with the charging spirit demon, Jiang Yun remained fearless.

He didn't even dodge or hide, standing firm until the spirit demon arrived in front of him.

At that moment, the dark sky suddenly turned even darker!

In front of the big spirit demon man with an evil grin, a pair of huge black meat wings appeared without any warning!

The meat wings spread out, at least a hundred feet long, covering half of the sky like a black curtain.

As the spirit demon man's eyes darkened, he felt a tremendously cold and powerful demonic aura sweeping towards him.

From the strength of this aura, he could tell that it belonged to a demon, a powerful abyss spirit demon!

Perhaps the owner of this aura was not as powerful as him, but this was the Snow clan's territory, with snow and cold that had accumulated for countless years.

This made the chilling demonic aura even more powerful, like rising tides, increasing endlessly, causing his body to shiver involuntarily.

Even though he wanted to step back, he was still too slow.

As a trace of the cold demonic aura entered his body, a layer of frost instantly covered his body, freezing him in place.

Although the ice could not trap him, at that moment, a huge claw suddenly fell from the sky and pierced his chest.

As everyone watched in astonishment, the man's body rapidly shrunk and turned into a dried-up shell, falling to the ground like a piece of paper.

It seemed that everything inside him, whether flesh and blood or cultivation, was absorbed by the claw that pierced him.

Spirit demon from the hole, die!

At that moment, everyone was truly deeply shocked.

Even though the Sky Reaching Realm is not the strongest, in the North Mountain or even in the entire Mountain-Sea World, it can still be considered a powerful force. Just a stomp of their foot can shake the earth.

With powerful beings from the Sky Reaching Realm in various factions, unless it is a battle of life and death, no one would easily harm a cultivator from the hole.

Firstly, it is very difficult to kill a cultivator from the hole.

Secondly, even if you kill a cultivator from another faction, it could lead to endless conflicts!

So, in the eyes of most cultivators, the Sky Reaching Realm is basically seen as immortal.

At least they wouldn't die on this battlefield.

But at this moment, they saw with their own eyes that a cave-heaven spirit demon, just like the ordinary monster of the third level of the Blessed Land before, died so easily in front of them, died at the hands of Jiang Yun.

Even Jin Yifei's eyes widened, only after giving a deep glance at Snow clan's grandfather, did he shift his gaze to Jiang Yun's side.

In his opinion, there must be a cave-heaven expert from Snow clan who had been following Jiang Yun closely all along, unexpectedly striking and killing their own cave-heaven spirit demon with one blow.

Because the cave-heaven spirit demon's death, his body was completely frozen, which was Snow clan's most commonly used attack technique.

But he didn't know that grandfather was equally shocked at this moment.

In all these thousands of years of Snow clan's history, apart from grandfather, there had never been another cave-heaven expert.

These five cave-heaven tribe members now, even though they forcefully ascended to the Sky Reaching Realm borrowing the power of the Blessed Land at the cost of their life essence, there wouldn't be any extra cave-heaven experts to secretly protect Jiang Yun.

All eyes naturally turned to Jiang Yun.

And they finally saw a small black bat perched on Jiang Yun's shoulder.

The bat's spiritual eyes looked coldly at the many demon race present.

Cold Dark-winged Bat!

This bat originally resided in the Unreal-Beast Map but was given to Jiang Yun by Dao Tianyou, becoming Jiang Yun's first tamed demon beast as a Demon Refiner.

After nearly a year of slumber, it finally awakened at this moment.

Surprisingly, the Cold Dark-winged Bat, which was originally just at the ninth level of Blessed Land, directly entered the Sky Reaching Realm upon awakening.

Despite only reaching the first level of the Blessed Land, in this icy terrain, its chilling aura greatly enhanced its power, allowing it to easily kill the man with a single blow.

Jin Yifei's face turned extremely unsightly as he looked at Jiang Yun's Cold Dark-winged Bat perched on his shoulder.

The task that was supposed to be easy turned out to be very difficult, causing a lot of harm.

What's even more important is that so far, we haven't achieved any victory.

Taking a deep breath, just as Jin Yifei was about to speak again and order all demons to do whatever it takes to kill Jiang Yun, a faint voice suddenly came from far away.

"Elder Jin, I'm very interested in this human. Why not let me deal with him?"

As he spoke, a young man with red hair slowly descended from a golden war chariot, walked through the crowd of demons, and came straight to Jiang Yun.

Ten Thousand Demons Caveyoung master, Huo Duming!

Since the great battle started, Huo Duming has been watching from the sidelines and hasn't intervened.

It's only now that he finally appeared and chose Jiang Yun as his target.

Upon hearing his words, Jin Yifei was at a loss for words, unable to answer.

Because he worried that Huo Duming wasn't as good as Jiang Yun.

If he lost the battle and got hurt, that would be fine, but if he were to be killed by Jiang Yun, even if he completed the mission in the end, he wouldn't have a good life when he returned.

Before he could speak, Huo Duming seemed to know what he was thinking, and smiled slightly, saying, "Elder Jin, rest assured, I have already told my father before coming here. Even if I die in battle here, it has nothing to do with you."

After saying that, Huo Duming looked at Jiang Yun and said, "My taoist friend, in my impression, the human race has always been very weak and afraid of death, but your appearance has surprised me. So, I would like to have a duel with you alone!"

Although Huo Duming was challenging Jiang Yun proactively, his attitude and tone clearly showed his superiority.

In his opinion, by challenging Jiang Yun to a one-on-one fight with his own status, he was respecting Jiang Yun and giving him great face, so Jiang Yun should immediately agree.

Jiang Yun also heard his grandfather's message in his ear, learning about the background of the Huo Duming in front of him.

Just glancing at Huo Duming, Jiang Yun looked away, with a plain expression, and bluntly said, "I'm not interested!"

Jiang Yun was well aware that although his appearance seemed to give the Snow clan a bit of hope for victory.

But in reality, even with Hun Tian's intimidation, even if the Cold Dark-winged Bat wakes up, Snow clan's strength compared to Ten Thousand Demons Cave, there is still a huge gap.

If I were to fight this Huo Duming alone again, whether I win or lose, it wouldn't benefit Snow clan or myself at all, so only a fool would fight him.

Seeing Jiang Yun completely indifferent to his challenge, Huo Duming's brows couldn't help but furrow slightly, showing a hint of displeasure on his face.

But after a moment's thought, he guessed Jiang Yun's thoughts.

After looking around at the various monsters in Ten Thousand Demons Cave, Huo Duming looked back at Jiang Yun and sneered, saying, "If you defeat me, then I will order as the young master of Ten Thousand Demons Cave, for all demon races including Elder Jin, to immediately return to Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"