The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 215

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Chapter 215: The Roar of the Taoist Demon

What Jiang Yun said not only shocked the monsters of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, but also amazed everyone from the Snow clan.

Especially Xue Qing's gaze, was fixed on Jiang Yun's true face at the moment, showing an indescribable emotion in her blue eyes.

Only Snow clan grandfather let out a long breath.

Although he had guessed Jiang Yun's identity earlier, it was only when Jiang Yun confessed in person that he could finally confirm that the mysterious master who had entrusted him to protect Jiang Yun was indeed this boy!

Snow clan grandfather did not know that he was not the only one entrusted by that mysterious master, Jin Yifei was also involved!

Originally, Jin Yifei was prepared to capture Jiang Yun to threaten the mysterious master to join the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

Now, he learned that Jiang Yun was not only a pharmacist capable of causing the Dan Disaster, but also able to use Taoist spells. So today, he was determined to not let Jiang Yun go no matter what.

"Catch this person alive for me!"

Jin Yifei gave the order again, encouraging the nearest Blessed Land Demon to gather courage and suppress their fear of the Hun Tian Dao body. The demon's aura surged, displaying strength at least equal to the third level of the Blessed Land, and charged towards Jiang Yun.

With a cold smile, Jiang Yun darted towards the demon.

As the distance between them closed, Jiang Yun raised his fist, glowing with a blue light, not using any supernatural power but relying solely on his physical strength to strike.

"Let's see who's stronger..."

The Blessed Land Demon sneered at Jiang Yun's disregard and raised his hand to strike as well.

However, before he could finish speaking, Jiang Yun's fist shattered his words.

His whole body was shattered along with his words!

The demon, at the third level of Blessed Land, was completely pulverized by Jiang Yun's punch, even more brutally than the stone demon before.

With his successful punch, Jiang Yun swiftly returned to his position above the mist.

However, he didn't look at the stunned demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave. Instead, he focused on his fist, showing a hint of confusion in his eyes.

"Bai Ze, why do I have a new power in my body after coming back to life?"

"Even though I can't use this power yet, I can feel clearly that it's very strong!"

Bai Ze's voice sounded a bit sour as he said, "Dust, you revived by borrowing the power of the earth, so the new power in your body is the Earth power that can only be obtained in the Earth Protection Realm."

"Earth Protection Realm, Earth power!" Jiang Yun thought of the Earth Palm that made him run desperately and couldn't help but feel a bit dazed.

"Your luck is unbelievably good!"

Even though Bai Ze's tone was jealous, he also wanted to show off his knowledge, saying, "Starting from the Dao Spirit Realm, advancing to a higher realm isn't just about strength, it also requires opportunities!"

"Many cultivators get stuck in the Dao Spirit Realm, unable to make any progress in their lifetime because they can't sense the Earth power."

"But you, just stepping into the Blessed Land Realm, already have the Earth power in your body."

"Although this doesn't mean you will definitely enter the Earth Protection Realm in the future, it gives you a bit more hope compared to other cultivators."

Even Bai Ze couldn't help but envy Jiang Yun's luck.

However, he was just talking.

Because he knew better than anyone else that Jiang Yun's good luck came from his courage, his resilience, his stubbornness deep inside, and the huge price he paid!

The intense pain of Li Fire burning, if it were him, even if he knew he had the Dust Return Talent in his body, he would absolutely not want to try.

What's more, when Jiang Yun decided to refine the Will of Fire, he wasn't sure if he had already gained the Dust Return Talent.

In other words, Jiang Yun was truly risking his life by refining Li Fire and gaining the power of the earth.

After listening to Bai Ze's explanation, Jiang Yun finally understood.

However, he didn't know that the extra bit of hope he had when he entered the Earth Protection Realm in the future was something all Dao Spirit realm cultivators, like Jin Yifei for example, would be willing to exchange for with anything other than their lives.

Although he couldn't use the power of the earth yet, there was a faint connection between the power of the earth and his body, which made his body stronger.

That's enough!

As Jiang Yun killed a monster from the third level of the Blessed Land with one strike, the remaining monsters were too scared to move.

They were already frightened of Hun Tian's power, and now, after seeing Jiang Yun's strength, they didn't want to be enemies with him.

"Capture this person alive, and you'll be rewarded handsomely; those who hesitate to face the enemy will face death!"

However, Jin Yifei's command was issued again.

The monsters looked at each other, realizing that they had the advantage in numbers at least.

With over four hundred monsters facing a human, they should be able to handle it no matter what!

Unfortunately, they had no choice but to bravely charge towards Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun didn't continue towards the demons this time, instead, a cold light flashed in his eyes.

Above his head, Hun Tian Dao's body suddenly grew larger, quickly turning into a hundred feet in size, occupying half of the sky, with a dragon head raised up, letting out a thunderous roar that shook the earth and heavens.

The roar caused the wind to howl and the Boundary Sea to churn, causing the sky and earth to change color.

The entire Mountain-Sea World trembled under this roar!

More than four hundred demon race beings charging over, nearly half of them immediately kneeled down.

The other half, though not kneeling, were also trembling slightly, clearly resisting the urge to kneel.

If Snow Clan Grandfather only had a suspicion about Jiang Yun being a Demon Refiner before, now he was certain.

Despite only recently reaching the Blessed Land Realm, Jiang Yun, with his demonic body, managed to scare so many Blessed Land Demons.

Only a Demon Refiner could do this!

Grandfather actually overestimated Jiang Yun, the Demon Refiner's identity.

After all, as a Demon Refiner, Jiang Yun was just a beginner. The real deterrent to demons was still his Taoist body.

It was not an ordinary Taoist body, but a Taoist Demon's body!

The roar of the Taoist Demon!

It was not something that these mere ordinary demons could withstand.

Seeing his subordinates being so useless, Jin Yifei's face turned extremely ugly. He couldn't kill them all, so he looked at a man with horns.

The man suddenly laughed out loud and said, "Jiang Yun, oh Jiang Yun, you have some nerve. Even if your Seeking-Tao Sect master comes to my North Mountain, you should behave. You, a mere disciple, dare to oppose my Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

"Today, I will capture you and have your seniors come to my Ten Thousand Demons Cave to redeem you!"

With those words, the man suddenly moved and broke free from the encirclement of five experts from the Snow clan.

The five members of the Snow clan wanted to stop him, but they had just forcefully entered the Sky Reaching Realm with external help.

The situation was unstable, and they were one person short compared to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave. They had to fight desperately to barely hold on, and couldn't afford to stop the big man.

At the same time, Jiang Yun heard Bai Ze's warning in his mind, "Be careful, a spirit demon comparable to the Sky Reaching Realm is coming!"