The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 213

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Chapter 213: The Return of the Dan Disaster

Among everyone, only Xue Qing remained still, standing outside the formation where Jiang Yun was, with a cautious look on her cold face, constantly looking around.

Even though she didn't know what Jiang Yun was still doing inside the formation, she believed that everything Jiang Yun was doing was to help their group.

So, she had to stay here and not let anyone disturb him.

In the battlefield of nearly two thousand people, although Xue Qing and Jiang Yun's position was not prominent, Xue Qing's stillness and her unique blue eyes stood out.

So much so that the bewitching woman in black who was originally with Jin Yifei noticed Xue Qing at a glance, and was immediately shocked by Xue Qing's beauty.

But shock was quickly followed by jealousy!

The woman in black let out a coquettish laugh, swiftly turned into a black light, and rushed towards Xue Qing.

The voice arrived before the person did.

"Little sister from the Snow clan, you are so pretty, even big sister can't bear to harm you! But keeping you around will only bring trouble, so big sister will do the justice today and send you on your way!"

Upon hearing the other person's words, Xue Qing remained silent. She clenched her teeth tightly, raised her hand, and summoned a snow dragon, roaring as it charged towards the woman in black.

Although the woman in black's skills were not particularly high, unfortunately, Xue Qing's injuries had not yet healed. Even if she used all her strength in this attack, it wouldn't pose any threat to her opponent.

The woman in black raised her hand gracefully, releasing a black energy that easily dispersed the snow dragon and appeared in front of Xue Qing.

However, her gaze suddenly shifted to the barrier next to Xue Qing. She showed a look of realization and said, "I see, you are protecting this barrier. Could it be that your sweetheart is inside the barrier?"

As she spoke, the woman in black raised her hand suddenly, a black whip as swift as lightning striking towards the barrier.

Xue Qing's expression changed abruptly, and she turned into countless snowflakes, directly covering the barrier as if adding an extra layer of protection to it.


Naturally, this strike was like a harsh blow on her body.


With a mouthful of blood spraying out, Xue Qing transformed back into a human shape, stumbled, and sat down on the ground. Her already pale face blushed slightly.

She didn't have time to check her own injuries. Instead, she quickly turned her head to look at the barrier formation beside her, making sure the formation and Jiang Yun inside were unharmed. Only then did she breathe a sigh of relief.

"Oh! Little sister, protecting your sweetheart so desperately, my heart aches for you!"

At that moment, the mysterious woman's flirtatious voice echoed again, "You are still young and don't understand men. Men, none of them are good!"

"How about this, since you are so devoted, sister will show mercy. After you die, sister will take care of your sweetheart for you. I guarantee he will forget you in no time!"

Xue Qing was no match for the mysterious woman in arguing. Upon hearing the woman's vulgar words, she only managed to utter two words through clenched teeth, "Shameless!"

"Haha, now that's called shameless!" The mysterious woman giggled again, "Today, sister will show you what true shamelessness is!"


As the words fell, the mysterious woman raised her whip once again and fiercely struck the barrier formation!

But this time, even though Xue Qing wanted to protect, she couldn't muster the strength to even stand up.

She could only watch helplessly as the tip of the black whip was about to fall on the barrier.

Just then, a bolt of red lightning suddenly came down from the sky!


The sudden red lightning seemed like it was also meant to strike the barrier.

However, the black-clad woman's whip happened to block its path.

This caused the lightning to strike directly on the whip, flowing into the black-clad woman's body along the whip.


Accompanied by a piercing scream, the black-clad woman's body suddenly erupted with a dazzling light of lightning.

Next, the whip slipped from her hand and she flew out, crashing heavily to the ground ten feet away.

Her whole face turned black from the burn, and she stopped breathing as the red lightning struck her!

The thunderous roar of the lightning alerted the fighting Snow clan and Ten Thousand Demons Cave demons, causing them to pause temporarily.

Everyone stared in shock at the dark-clothed woman and the swirling snowflakes next to Xue Qing.

Before they could recover, another loud thunderclap rang out!

Everyone saw clearly as a red lightning bolt fell straight from a dark cloud in the sky, striking the formation and disappearing instantly into it.

It was then they noticed a disk-sized dark cloud above the sealed formation in the sky.

Actually, some people had seen this dark cloud before, but no one paid attention to it.

After all, there were over a thousand demons battling fiercely in the air, so they thought it was some kind of spell or magical tool released by someone.

And at this moment, they finally understood that the two red thunders had fallen from this dark cloud.

Seeing the dark cloud and thunders, all members of the Snow clan showed strange expressions after their faces changed slightly, including Xue Qing who was sitting on the ground.

They had seen this kind of thunder more than ten times in the past month, so they were not surprised anymore.

But the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave were puzzled, even whispering to each other to ask which companion released the dark cloud.

Only Jin Yifei, after a moment of confusion, had a look of realization on his face.

This dark cloud was not a magical tool or spell.

It was Dan Disaster!

This means that Jiang Yun, protected by the isolation formation, was actually refining pills inside at this moment, and he had already succeeded in making the pills, which caused the Dan Disaster.

After understanding this, Jin Yifei felt happy in his heart.

One of his tasks this time was to catch Yun Shan.

Before the Snow clan's protective formation was in place, he didn't know where Yun Shan was. After the formation disappeared, they got into a fierce battle and he didn't have the chance to search for the other party's whereabouts.

Now that he was sure Yun Shan was within the isolated formation, he wouldn't let him escape.

Jin Yifei pointed into the air, and a golden light turned into a giant hand, coming down from the sky to grab the formation below directly.

The Snow clan's grandfather who was fighting him wouldn't let him have his way.

Although he didn't know why Jiang Yun was making potions at this time, the power of the nearly thirty talismans he used before was clear to him.

Everything Jiang Yun did had a purpose and could help the Snow clan, so he also made a full effort. Snowflakes in the sky turned into a giant hand and met Jin Yifei's palm.

Blocked by the Snow clan's grandfather, the golden giant hand naturally exploded. At that moment, a third red thunderbolt also fell from the sky.

As the three thunderbolts ended, within the countless snowflakes flying around, Jiang Yun finally took a step forward.

Along with him came a pleasant scent.

Although not strong, the scent reached the noses of every demon present, instantly boosting their spirits.