The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 212

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Chapter 212: Disappearance of the Great Formation


Following that, shrill screams could be heard coming from the mouths of the thirty demon race creatures, each of them desperately trying to escape the sea of thunder.

Unfortunately, in the end, only six or seven figures managed to break free with all their might.

Even so, their bodies were still surrounded by golden thunder, continuously striking them.

This sudden change startled all the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, with no idea what was happening.

The people from the Snow clan in the valley were also shocked.

They watched in amazement as Jiang Yun shot out a Thunderous Talisman that quickly killed over twenty Blessed Land Realm creatures!

"If you understand, everyone, act quickly! Once they come to their senses, the talismans won't work as well," said Jiang Yun.

"Also, if we add corresponding magical power to the talismans, their power should increase significantly!"

Finally, Jiang Yun's voice woke them up.

They looked at each other excitedly and without hesitation, they quickly threw their talismans.

The talismans flew out like snowflakes and exploded in the area with the densest gathering of demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

In no time, the sky above the valley was filled with fire and hail!

Jiang Yun didn't even look at the outcome, he turned and walked back into the barrier array.

When the people from Snow clan had used up nearly thirty talismans, the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave felt like they were facing a deadly attack.

In just a short moment, at least almost three hundred demons were killed by the power of various talismans, and more than half of the demons were injured!

This outcome not only greatly exceeded the expectations of Snow clan and Ten Thousand Demons Cave, but also made Jin Yifei really angry.

The talismans flying together, with fire, sea, thunder, ice, and hail all appearing at once, shocked him so much that he didn't have time to help, resulting in this outcome.

He never imagined that they, who were clearly in the lead, would suffer such a big blow without even meeting the Snow clan in person.

A few deaths are nothing, but if this matter spreads, he would be really embarrassed!

"Snow clan, you forced me into this! Everyone, step back!"

As he said this, Jin Yifei suddenly stood up, and a golden aura appeared in his hand, forming a golden knife that he threw out.

The golden knife whistled through the air, growing bigger in an instant, and fiercely slashed towards the protective formation of the Snow clan.

The power of Dao Spirit's attack was so immense that it can only be described as earth-shattering!

If hit by this sword strike, everyone knew that the clan's protective formation would easily collapse like tofu.

Seeing this scene, the Snow clan people who were still enjoying the surprises brought by the talismans turned pale.

Even Xue Qing closed her eyes, too afraid to look anymore.

Luckily, at that moment, Snow clan's grandfather coldly exclaimed, "Jin Yifei, do you think you're the only Dao Spirit here!"

As he finished speaking, Snow clan's grandfather pointed with one finger, and the Li Fire Snow Palace he held in his arms immediately transformed into a mixed red and white light, breaking through the protective formation and heading towards the golden sword falling from the sky.


The clash between the two powerful Dao Spirit experts shook the heavens and earth.

The impact alone caused the nearby demon race to have their eardrums bleed, staggering away in panic.

The golden sword instantly shattered, and Li Fire Snow Palace also returned to grandfather's hands.

But at that moment, Jin Yifei smirked and said, "You're done for, old snow ghost!"

As he spoke, Snow clan grandfather's face suddenly changed.

Because he saw six demons hiding behind the golden sword, who had now arrived at the formation and launched an attack.

"Sky Reaching Realm!"

Grandfather clenched his teeth, raised his hand to point at the clan formation and said, "You five, quickly go back to your previous positions!"

The five Snow clan members in the ninth level of Blessed Land immediately flashed their figures and returned to their seats.

And in the next moment, the whole ground rumbled.

As for the clan formation above everyone's heads, under grandfather's command, it instantly turned into countless snowflake storms, sweeping towards the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave in the sky.

Also, almost a thousand Snow clan people fell out of the storm and landed in the valley.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Five loud noises in a row!

Looking down from above, the five Snow clan people of the nonth level of Blessed Land each created a flame-wrapped snow pillar beneath them.

Shaped like a pentagon, appearing unreal, they went straight into their bodies.

Clearly visible, red lines immediately covered their snow-white faces and bodies, intertwining and causing each of them to age rapidly.

However, the aura emanating from their bodies was also rapidly increasing at an astonishing speed.

"Heavenly Realm!"

At the same time, Jin Yifei's pupils slightly contracted, noticing faster than everyone else that the five Snow clan people of the nonth level of Blessed Land had instantly entered the Sky Reaching Realm!

"The power of the Snow clan's sacred land is strong indeed, but even so, it doesn't matter! Attack, destroy the Snow clan!"

Although five members of the Snow clan have reached the Sky Reaching Realm, the protective formation that the Snow clan relies on for survival and has persisted till now has completely disappeared.

This was also a decision made by the grandfather with no other choice.

Because he knew that if the six Sky Reaching Demons attacked the formation, even if the formation could hold, the Snow clan within would suffer great casualties.

Therefore, he had to remove the formation.

Luckily, at the last moment, he turned the defensive power of the formation into an offensive force.

Though rushed, the power was not to be underestimated.

Countless snowstorm attacks swept over more than three hundred demon races, even if not killing them, at least temporarily trapping them.

At this point, out of the nearly a thousand demon races from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, only around four hundred are still able to fight, and almost everyone is injured.

But the Snow clan was no different.

Nearly a thousand members of the Snow clan, though none had died, had sustained varying degrees of injuries as they fell from the large array they had previously merged into.

And now, awaiting all members of the Snow clan, was a close combat battle!

"Tribal members, attack!"

At that moment, without needing any more words, as Grandfather's voice fell, he took the lead, waving his sleeves. His illusory Dao Spirit surged directly towards Jin Yifei.

The five clan members who had just entered the Sky Reaching Realm followed closely behind, facing the six Sky Reaching Demons.

As for the other clan members, they were well aware of the current situation. It was time to fight with all their might. Therefore, one by one, without hesitation, they stood up, disregarding their own injuries, gritting their teeth as they charged towards the multitude of demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

The life-and-death battle of the Snow clan had finally begun!