The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: The Symbol of Thunder

Jiang Yun's words lifted the spirits of all Snow clan members, even Grandfather's expression improved significantly. However, he still pondered cautiously before speaking.

"As for time, I can maintain this formation for about another hour. As for items, it depends on what you need. Of course, as long as it's something the Snow clan possesses, it can be yours!"

Jiang Yun clearly had a plan in mind and immediately said, "I need offensive talismans, such as the Explosive Talisman that can cause widespread attacks."

"Of course, any magical artifacts with similar effects will do. In addition, we need elixirs, spiritual stones, the more, the better!"

Although Grandfather of the Snow clan was a bit puzzled by Jiang Yun's requests, at this moment, he had no time to consider other matters and could only follow Jiang Yun's orders.

"Qing'er, and the other five of you, immediately gather all the treasures accumulated by our clan over the years as instructed by our Taoist friend Yun!"

As for himself, he had the illusionary Dao Spirit sit cross-legged, hands cupped, and an equally illusionary Li Fire Snow Palace appeared in the palm of his hand.

Clearly, he was trying to buy some time for Jiang Yun!

Honestly, if Jiang Yun hadn't impressed the Snow clan with his strong power in the battle ten days ago, they might have doubted his current request.

Because all Jiang Yun is asking for are items used for cultivation.

It feels like Jiang Yun is trying to take advantage of the situation, openly taking away the treasures that the Snow clan has accumulated over the years when they are facing life and death, then finding an opportunity to escape.

After all, the Snow clan thinks that the demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave are dealing with their own group, not with Jiang Yun as an outsider, so as long as Jiang Yun wants to leave, he should be able to do so safely.

Fortunately, everyone in the clan is in awe of Jiang Yun, so after hearing grandfather's words, the six adult clan members, and even the children, all rushed out immediately.

After a dozen breaths, these people returned one by one, each holding several storage treasures, which they handed to Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun accepted them all without hesitation, then looked at grandfather again and said, "grandfather, I also need a hidden place, preferably with a formation to isolate it."

"No problem!"

Grandfather waved his hand, and under the fluttering snowflakes, a small isolation formation was formed, wrapping Jiang Yun up.

Don't look at this formation as rushed, even Grandfather himself can't figure out what Jiang Yun did in it.

Because he knows that Jiang Yun has too many secrets on him. Even though Jiang Yun promised to help the Snow clan, he doesn't want outsiders to know these secrets.

Under the protection of the formation, Jiang Yun's powerful sense finally came into play.

With just a glance of his sense, he knew exactly what was stored in the nearly hundred storage artifacts.

Despite the Snow clan's decline, their collection over thousands of years is quite substantial.

They have a variety of things like spiritual stones, talismans, pills, pill recipes, and artifacts.

The Snow clan already categorized and organized these items when collecting them, saving Jiang Yun a lot of time.

With a thought, a black stone disappeared from Jiang Yun's lower abdomen and appeared in front of him.

Quickly waving his fingers, a precise stream of spiritual energy shot into each storage artifact.

Suddenly, there were shiny magical stones and magic symbols flying out like they were alive, forming neat lines as they emerged.

When Jiang Yun's special sense scanned those magical stones, he couldn't help but feel happy, as he could clearly see a few teachings hidden within each of them.

As a result, he saved a lot of time once again.

"Let's start engraving!"

As Jiang Yun spoke, the magical stones exploded one by one, turning into water after absorbing enough wisdom. The black stones absorbed the teachings and transformed into water.

Each transformation resulted in a new magic symbol appearing in the water, which Jiang Yun then retrieved.

The process seemed complex, but Jiang Yun's movements were very skilled and fluid. Within moments, nearly thirty magic symbols were engraved.

Most of them were engraved in the third layer of water, making it unclear to Jiang Yun how powerful they had become.

The Snow clan people waiting outside the formation felt anxious but dared not speak up to rush him.

All they could do was watch the snowflakes dance and observe the protective formation above their heads, as well as Snow Clan Grandfather meditating with his eyes closed.

Suddenly, one by one, talismans flew out from the barrier formation surrounding Jiang Yun.

Following this, Jiang Yun's voice was heard, saying, "Dear Snow Clan friends, among these talismans are the Explosive Talisman, Fire Dragon Talisman, Ice Crack Talisman, Thunderous Talisman, and more. As for how to use them, I believe I don't need to teach you, right?"

Holding the talismans in their hands, everyone was a little puzzled, still not understanding Jiang Yun's intentions.

They recognized these talismans, but were puzzled if Jiang Yun planned to use them against the many demons in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

It is important to note that at this moment, there were thousands of demon race members gathered outside the protective formation, with even the weakest being at the Blessed Land Realm level.

These talismans were not of high rank to begin with, and might have some effect against those at the Meridians Unclogged Realm.

However, when facing opponents at the Blessed Land Realm, even if they were not defending themselves and allowed the talismans to hit them, the power of these talismans might just feel like a tickle at best.

Seeing the Snow Clan members standing still, each looking confused, Jiang Yun sighed helplessly, then swiftly walked out from the formation.

Jiang Yun reached out and took a Thunderous Talisman from Xue Qing's hand, asking, "Is there a way to attack them outside the formation with this Thunderous Talisman?"

Xue Qing looked confused too, but said, "Just throw it directly!"

The clan's protection formation only works from outside attacks, so attacking inside the formation is allowed.

"Watch closely everyone!"

Jiang Yun looked up, scanning the sky until he found a dense group of demons gathered together. As he was about to throw the Thunderous Talisman, he suddenly had an idea.

"The Thunderous Talisman creates thunder, what if I add my own golden thunder to it? Will it increase its power?"

"Let's give it a try!"

With that thought, golden thunder surrounded Jiang Yun's palm, then he shook his hand and the golden thunder wrapped around the Thunderous Talisman, turning into a golden light and piercing through the clan's protection formation above.

All the Snow clan members, even grandfather, opened their eyes and watched as the Thunderous Talisman crossed the protection formation and entered the group of demon race.


A thunderous explosion that shook the earth and sky was heard.

In the sky, the Thunderous Talisman exploded, turning into a golden sea of thunder at least thirty yards in diameter, instantly swallowing nearly thirty demon race creatures within its range.