The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 209

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Chapter 209: Still not awake?

Finally, the army from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave arrived above the Snow clan valley, and Jin Yifei reached out to dispel the Overcast surrounding everyone, revealing thousands of demons inside!

Looking down at the Snow clan valley still hidden firmly by countless snowflakes, Jin Yifei sneered disdainfully, "They are still huddled within the protective formation!"

"All demons, listen up! No matter what methods you have, within one day, break open this shell protecting the Snow clan!"

Upon hearing Jin Yifei's words, the demons burst into laughter because the metaphor of the shell being like a turtle shell was too vivid.

Immediately, the thousands of demons each used their own means and launched a fierce and frantic attack on the Snow clan's protective formation below.

The deafening sounds of booms were like rolling thunder, reverberating incessantly.

The colorful lights produced by the impact of spells and magical weapons on the protective formation illuminated almost half of the sky, causing the snow to fall heavily for miles around.

However, after the demons from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave completed the first round of attacks, they were shocked to find that the protective formation was completely unharmed, not even a crack appearing on it.

Except for Jin Yifei, the other demons all looked terrified. It was hard to imagine that the protective barrier of the Snow clan, which was now in decline, could be so powerful.

You should know that when thousands of demons at least at the Blessed Land Realm level attack at the same time, the power is huge enough to make the world change color and the sun and moon shake.

However, they couldn't break through the barrier.

Huo Duming frowned and looked at Jin Yifei, saying, "Elder Jin, isn't this barrier a bit too strong?"

Even though he was the son of a Demon Lord and had been through many battles, he rarely dealt with formations, especially since it was his first time visiting the Snow clan. Thus, he felt puzzled too.

Jin Yifei smiled and said, "Young master, you don't know that this is just a formation on the surface."

"In reality, because of the special nature of the Snow clan, anywhere there is snow, all the power of the snow, even the Snow clan itself, can be integrated into the formation, enhancing its defensive power."

After hearing Jin Yifei's explanation, although Huo Duming looked enlightened, he found it a bit hard to believe as he looked down at the ground.

Looking around, all he saw was snow that had accumulated for countless years. It was incredible that the Snow clan could use this snow power to enhance the formation's defense.

Jin Yifei smiled and said, "Although the Snow clan has declined, their ancestor Xue Mucheng, known as the First Demon, was truly a genius. He was not only incredibly powerful but also a master of battle formations! This formation was created by him!"

"This is why I am giving them a day to break through this formation!"

"Besides, if it were so easy to break through the Snow clan's formation, I wouldn't need to lead the team personally."

"But the young master doesn't need to worry. Based on my estimation, it may not take a whole day for this formation to completely disappear. And at that time, we can go all out in the attack!"

Although Jin Yifei was confident and full of assurance, the harsh reality turned his words into mere jokes.

After a whole day and night passed, the Snow clan's protective formation remained intact, showing no sign of crumbling.

It seemed like it could even endure for another ten days and nights without any issue.

This naturally made Jin Yifei's expression turn grim.

Although he knew it wouldn't be difficult to break the formation himself, as the commander and chief elder, he hesitated to act first without even seeing a single member of the Snow clan.

If this spreads, not only will my reputation be damaged, but the whole Ten Thousand Demons Cave will be in trouble too.

"It's strange, last time the Snow clan's protective array was strong, but not as powerful as it is now. Could it be that the Snow clan has gone all out, with all its people blending into the array?"

You know what, Jin Yifei really guessed correctly!

In the Snow clan valley now, only a few dozen Snow clan members can be seen!

Most of these few dozen people are children, with only seven adult clan members.

Apart from the grandfather and Xue Qing, who just woke up but is still injured, there are five Snow clan members who are at the ninth level of Blessed Land.

As for the other clan members, they have all followed the grandfather's orders and merged into the array, significantly increasing the defense power of the array.

However, this kind of merging poses great danger for the Snow clan members; there is even a possibility of falling.

Even if they can eventually survive, getting injured is inevitable.

After all, each attack's power in the formation will be dispersed and transmitted into the bodies of each Snow clan member.

If the power isn't strong, then it's okay.

But if the power is too strong, exceeding the limit that a Snow clan member's body can bear.

For instance, if Jin Yifei at the Dao Spirit stage were to take action personally, some Snow clan members would undoubtedly be directly killed.

Although knowing that this approach is very risky, Snow clan grandfather currently doesn't have a better option and can only use this to buy time as much as possible.

As time passed bit by bit, after a full two days had gone by, Snow clan grandfather's expression couldn't help but gradually become gloomy.

In contrast, Jin Yifei's ugly look was gradually returning to normal.

Because, cracks have finally appeared on the protective grand formation, evidently, its defense has reached its limit, and it won't be long before it completely collapses!

"Grandfather, we are ready!"

At that moment, in the valley, the five Snow clan people from the Blessed Land's ninth level all turned to look at their grandfather, each with a determined look on their faces.

"Wait a little longer..."

Before grandfather could finish speaking, a sturdy middle-aged man spoke up, interrupting, "Grandfather, we can't wait any longer! If we wait, when the big formation collapses, very few of us will survive!"

Another elder also anxiously added, "Yes, grandfather, we are all ready!"

Looking at the five clan members in front of him, grandfather's face showed a touch of sadness. He nodded softly and said, "Okay, each of you sit in the five positions I told you about earlier. I will use the power of the sacred land to help you break through to the Sky Reaching Realm, but this process is very painful, and..."

Pausing for a moment, grandfather continued, "And the price of your realm advancement is a significant reduction in your lifespan!"

The sturdy man chuckled, "Grandfather, we are well aware of the consequences, there is no need for you to say more."

"As for the reduction in lifespan, we are not concerned at all. Besides, our only request is to live long enough to see all the demon race be completely wiped out. That would satisfy us!"

Despite feeling reluctant in his heart, grandfather managed to force a smile and said, "Rest assured, you will definitely outlive them! Alright, go then!"

"Grandfather, take care of yourself. We can't stay by your side anymore. The people in our clan will trouble you in the future!"

Five people bowed to Grandfather, then stood up without hesitation and quickly sat down in five different positions.

If their eyes could see through the ground, they would discover that the five of them were sitting right at the top of the Snow clan's sacred place, Li Fire Snow Palace, as indicated by five points!

Li Fire Snow Palace is not square, but pentagonal!

Although they couldn't see through the ground, at that moment, the blurry figure at the top of Snow Palace looked up and sighed, saying, "Little one, are you still not awake?"