The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: The Approaching Army

Although Snow clan's grandfather had known that the Ten Thousand Demons Cave would definitely send a large army again, he had never expected that the enemy would come so quickly.

It had only been seven days since the last battle!

As a result, all of Snow clan's grandfather's previous plans and ideas were instantly disrupted.

"It must be that the Earth Demon, after facing setbacks, feared unforeseen accidents and therefore accelerated their attack on us!"

Fortunately, he remained calm in the face of danger. Since the enemy was approaching quickly, there was no use in thinking too much, only to engage with them at all costs.

After all, Snow clan also had its own strengths.

A group that has lasted for thousands of years and gave birth to the first demon in the Mountain-Sea World, even though they have declined, still have their own heritage.

But in the past, they didn't dare to use their heritage.

The Snow clan is different from the Seeking-Tao Sect. The Seeking-Tao Sect has five peaks, each with a strong heritage that can be used anytime, anywhere.

The Snow clan doesn't have much heritage, so the true purpose of their heritage is to intimidate!

As long as the heritage doesn't move, it will have some intimidation power on other groups, making them not dare to act rashly.

But now things are different. It's a moment that determines the life and death of the entire Snow clan, maybe even the final battle. If they don't use their heritage now, they may not have another chance.

In addition, Snow clan's grandfather has learned for sure that there is still a trace of divine thought left by the ancestor in the sacred ground. Even though it has no power, it belongs to the ancestor, to the divine thought of the first demon of the Mountain-Sea World!

It feels like the ancestor is still with them, giving him at least some confidence in his heart.

Besides the ancestor, there is also Jiang Yun in the sacred ground!

However, Jiang Yun is unlikely to leave the holy land so quickly. So now, the whole Snow clan's task is to stall the Ten Thousand Demons Cave as much as possible to delay time.

For the tribe, and also for Jiang Yun!

After a moment of contemplation, grandfather spoke up, "My fellow clan members, now, the Ten Thousand Demons Cave army is only a thousand miles away from us. It won't be long before they arrive, and this will be the most crucial and difficult battle for our clan since its inception!"

"Although our strength cannot compare with theirs, I don't need you to defeat them. I just need you to delay them for five days as much as possible!"

"After five days, I swear by the honor of our Snow clan that I will spare no effort to take you all away, no matter the cost!"

"Of course, casualties are inevitable in this battle, so, my fellow clan members, are you ready?"

Grandfather's voice echoed throughout the valley, reaching the ears of every clan member.

Although this news came as a bit of a surprise, they had already prepared themselves.

So, as grandfather finished speaking, every Snow clan member bowed to the snow house where grandfather was with clenched fists and said, "We are ready, please give the order, grandfather, to defend the tribe, we are prepared to sacrifice without regret!"


A powerful aura suddenly emanated from grandfather's body, forming into an illusionary figure standing in the air, bowing to all the clan members.

Standing up straight, grandfather began issuing one command after another.

"All children and clan members who have reached the ninth level of Blessed Land, come to me!"

"All clan members, divide into thirty-six groups, immediately go to the surroundings of the valley, transform into your true forms, merge into the protective clan formation from thirty-six positions!"

"Remember, defense only, no attacking!"


In the sky far away from the Snow clan valley, there was a huge dark cloud covering an area of about a thousand feet, rapidly approaching towards the Snow clan valley.

Although appearing as a dark cloud, inside it were figures standing or sitting densely.

Among them, there are both humanoid demon race and beast demons that retain their original form.

At the rear of the demon crowd, there are two luxury war chariots completely made of gold.

On one of the war chariots sits a middle-aged man in a golden robe, holding a charming woman in black clothes in his arms.

This man is none other than Jin Yifei, who recently learned about Snow clan's true power and Jiang Yun's identity through a hint of divine thought!

Ten Thousand Demons Cave is one of the five major sects in the entire Mountain-Sea World, with many skilled individuals inside.

Although Jin Yifei is not the Demon Lord of Ten Thousand Demons Cave, his status as the chief elder and his cultivation in the Dao Spirit realm are only second to the Demon Lord and a few Supreme Elders in terms of authority and significance.

Honestly, given his status and position, it was highly unlikely for him to personally join a major battle, so even he didn't expect the Supreme Elder to personally lead a team to exterminate Snow clan.

He felt that it was an exaggeration.

Even though Snow clan's grandfather is also in the Dao Spirit realm, he is already in a weakened state.

The whole Snow clan doesn't have any powerful cultivators. There are only about a hundred Blessed Land Realm cultivators among over a thousand clan members, so sending a few powerful demons could easily wipe them out.

However, he knew better than others that destroying the Snow clan was just a side goal of his visit this time. There are two other more important tasks at hand.

One is to bring back the sacred place of the Snow clan, Li Fire Snow Palace; the other is to bring back Yun Shan, who can actually use Taoist spells!

He is determined to accomplish these two tasks.

In order to wipe out the Snow clan within ten days, he not only borrowed the powerful artifact Overcast from the Demon Lord to speed up their march, but also selected a thousand demon race members above the Blessed Land Realm and six Sky Reaching Demons.

With such strong forces, destroying a small Snow clan of only a thousand people is no problem at all.

The only thing bothering him is the Snow clan's protective formation and the uncertain effectiveness of the Snow clan's sacred place.

However, he believes that in the face of the stark power difference, both the Snow clan's formation and the sacred place will surely be easily overcome.

He even thought about trying to force Yun Shan to reveal the secret of the Taoist spell before handing him over to the Supreme Elder.

Looking at the faces of every demon in front filled with bloodthirsty and madness, Jin Yifei nodded satisfactorily and thought to himself, "If I could master the Taoist spell, then even if the Mountain-Sea World is about to be destroyed, at least I can ensure my own survival."

"Elder Jin, can I have a chance to try?" Suddenly, a voice with a hint of respect reached Jin Yifei's ears.

Hearing this, Jin Yifei frowned slightly, but then smiled and looked at another golden war chariot beside him, where a young man was sitting.

This young man looked to be only in his twenties, with a handsome yet somewhat eerie appearance, especially his striking fiery red hair.

At this moment, a faint sense of humility appeared on his smiling face, giving the impression to others that he highly respected Jin Yifei.

Only Jin Yifei knew that this was just a facade.

Because this young man was the only son of the Demon Lord of the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, Huo Duming!

Despite being only at the fifth level of the Blessed Land realm, he was already the chosen successor for the next Demon Lord, with exceptional talent, truly a demon.

Originally, Huo Duming had no involvement in attacking the Snow clan, but coincidentally, he was there when Jin Yifei went to borrow the Overcast from the Demon Lord.

After knowing what happened, he volunteered to see Demon Lord.

Demon Lord always listened to his beloved son, and with Jin Yifei leading the team, there was no danger, so he agreed happily.

Jin Yifei was naturally unhappy about this.

Even though he was second only to Demon Lord in Ten Thousand Demons Cave, if anything happened to Huo Duming, Demon Lord would definitely not forgive him.

But he couldn't refuse, so he had to bring Huo Duming with him.

When Huo Duming asked, Jin Yifei smiled and said, "Don't worry, young master. Although the Snow clan is declining, there are still some young talents. If you feel like sparring with anyone, feel free to challenge them, I'll have your back!"

Huo Duming also smiled and nodded, saying, "Thank you, Elder Jin!"

After that, Huo Duming closed his eyes, and Jin Yifei turned serious, putting away his smile.

No one spoke as the army from Ten Thousand Demons Cave approached the Snow clan valley.